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Georgia, with its Christian tradition of faith, offers seniors a wide range of Catholic assisted living facilities, in sizes ranging from small (6 +/- seniors), to large Catholic retirement communities that accommodate 100+ seniors, and they are spread across the state, from the southern coast to the northwest mountains. In short, this state offers plenty of options for Catholics in need of assisted living services.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Georgia

Catholic assisted living facilities in Georgia have an average monthly cost that is very close to the US average of $4,000. In Georgia, the average is $4,051 but seniors can find Catholic assisted living facilities as affordable as $3,600 in Warner Robins, GA. Brunswick, GA, is at the opposite end of the price scale, at $6,000 per month. Atlanta, with the highest concentration of Catholic assisted living centers, averages $3,750 per month, so even here, prices are comparatively inexpensive.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Georgia - Amenities

Seniors that take comfort in their faith could hardly imagine settling into an assisted living center where their faith will not be nurtured. It is for these seniors that Catholic assisted living facilities were created. In these care facilities, faith plays a critical role in the daily life of residents that takes care services to an entirely different level. These facilities pay equal attention to both the body and the soul, so care here is a truly holistic experience.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Georgia - Religious Amenities

It starts from the moment you walk through the front door, step up to the front desk, and see the Cross prominently displayed. As seniors tour these Catholic assisted living facilities, they’ll quickly realize many other differences as well. For example, it would not be at all unusual to see seniors joined in praying the Rosary studying the Bible. Depending on the Catholic assisted living facilities, seniors may even find a community of Nuns that are leading the care these facilities offer.

Catholic assisted living facilities will have a chapel where mass is offered, or they will be in easy reach of a local parish where seniors can attend mass as often as they wish. For those that are unable to get to the mass, it will also be common for priests and lay ministers to visit seniors and offer communion, confession and more, that help these seniors remain true to their faith.

Catholic assisted living facilities help seniors reach deeper into their faith with various educational programs that dig deeply into the Bible and offer guidance and strategies that help individuals derive more from their faith. It could be as simple as a group of resident seniors sitting a reading the bible together, or it could be a series of guest lecture programs that more deeply explore the teachings of the bible and the value of prayer. While much else in a Catholic assisted living facility will be common to all good care facilities, these activities will leave no doubt as to the true importance given to faith.

Separation anxiety among seniors that are new to any assisted living facility isn’t all that unusual. It can be more acute for seniors that are also being separated by distance, from their parish community. When possible, Catholic assisted living facilities will make the effort to help these seniors stay connected to their parishes through regular excursions and various form of outreach.

Catholic Senior Living in Georgia - Amenities

Every senior entering an assisted living facility needs to measure of direct assistance with personal care. It could be due to nothing more than the normal aches and pains that come with aging, or it could be the result of illnesses and injuries that have impaired their ability to do what used to be normal and easy. These same seniors may also crave the comfort of a community that counters the boredom of living alone. Catholic assisted living facilities answer these needs and more but it all start with the basics.

The basics are simple. Staff does all of the housekeeping and maintenance so seniors no longer need to worry about dusting, vacuuming and washing up or making repairs. Seniors then get to enjoy 3 great meals a day, that are well prepared, well presented, delicious and healthy. Senior residents of assisted living facilities enjoy snacks throughout the day as well because everyone needs a little something in between that help keep energy level up. Then, and this is where the rubber really hits the road, seniors get direct assistance with things like bathing, grooming, dressing, and using the toilet, while also enjoying a helping hand getting up and around the center as the activities of each day unfold.

Assisted living facilities are a mix of common spaces and private residences. The common spaces will include dining and recreational spaces, as well as function rooms, gardens, patios and even walking paths. The private residences will include a mix of shared rooms, one-bedroom apartments and studio suites. In some assisted living facilities, seniors will also find two-bedroom apartments that can be shared with a companion.

Beyond the religious activities we talked about earlier, there are many other things to do, each and every day. They can include outdoor fitness and gardening programs, along with indoor arts & crafts, ceramics and woodworking. There will be games, movies, social events, and more that also help keep things upbeat and interesting. Whether Catholic of not, life in an assisted living facility is never boring.

By the way, for pet lovers, there are some assisted living facilities that welcome small dogs and cats to join their human partners, so for seniors that have a support pet, there are places ready to welcome both of you.

Of all the Catholic assisted living facilities in Georgia, there are some truly outstanding 5-star centers worth taking a closer look at. One of these is St. George Village of Roswell, with nearly 70 reviews and a very solid 4.7-star rating. The Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta also offers a number of affiliated Catholic assisted living and medical facilities that score equally high ratings. Also, worth considering, is the nearly perfect (4.9-stars), Mann House of Sandy Springs, with its considerable focus on caring for Alzheimer’s patients. There are many more with considering but have a look at these as a yard stick for measuring all of the other Catholic assisted living facilities. 

Catholic assisted living facilities in Georgia offer something great for every faithful senior looking for a home that will help care for their bodies while nurturing their souls.

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