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Florida has a wealth of assisted living facilities, both faith based and secular, as this state has always been a destination for seniors looking for a good weather destination to retire to. Catholic retirement communities in Florida offer their residents an environment where seniors can get the help they need in a senior living facility that cares for both body and soul.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Florida

Catholic assisted living facilities in Florida average a bit less per month than others in the US at an average cost of $3,500, but within the state the prices vary significantly. Assisted living facilities in Sebring, FL, for example, average just $2,836, while assisted living facilities in Tallahassee, FL, jump to $4,774 per month. In Port St. Lucie, FL, one of the most popular destinations for retiring seniors, comes in right at the statewide average of $3,500.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Florida - Amenities

Catholic assisted living facilities and secular assisted living centers are, in many ways, exactly the same. It’s the differences though that have a significant impact on how seniors will feel about the assisted living center they settle into. These are places where the public display of faith will be welcomed and shared happily by all of the center’s residents, and these are places where just about every service the staff provides is, in some way, influenced by their shared faith in God.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Florida - Religious Amenities

Walk through the front door of a secular assisted living center and a Catholic assisted living facility and the differences will be obvious. In a secular home, there will likely be a nice welcome sign behind the front desk and maybe a painting of some tranquil landscape. In a Catholic assisted living facility, it will be the Cross and maybe a Patron Saint that welcomes seniors and their visitors. So, right from the start everyone knows that this is a place where God plays an important role in the lives of all who come through that front door.

The next obvious difference between Catholic faith-based and non-faith-based assisted living home will be reflected by prayer. Praying in a Catholic assisted living facility is something that happens often, publicly, and naturally. It could be as simple as hearing someone say “God Bless You” as someone sneezes or witnessing the entire home stop and pause for the 6:00 PM Angeles prayers. It will be the crowded chapel when mass is offered or the many prayer groups and sessions that attract regular participation. In Catholic assisted living facilities, faith is practiced through prayer, unabashedly.

Catholic retirement communities in Florida help seniors and can deepen their faith through various educational programs. Bible study, guest speakers, and even pilgrimages help seniors build a stronger relationship with God and with their fellow man. In Catholic assisted living facilities faith isn’t passive. It is an active part of daily life for both staff and residents.

Parish life is nurtured as well. Seniors coming into a Catholic assisted living facility will have a very strong like to their parish church and parish priest. For many, these are their homes away from home. Catholic assisted living facilities will recognize the importance of this bond and do their best to help maintain that bond through various types of outreach programs that bring members of the parish in and help residents make regular trips to the church.

Catholic Senior Living in Florida - Amenities

For most seniors, entering an assisted living facility isn’t something they’ve been looking forward too. This move marks a change from living independently, to recognizing the need for some basic assistance so they can get through the basics of each day. All of the amenities in an assisted living facility are designed to address these needs while providing an environment that brings comradery that helps turn the focus from negative to positive.

At Assisted Daily Living (ADL) qualified staff is available to help senior residents bathe, groom, dress, use the toilet, and get up and around throughout the day. This is also where help eating is offered when motor control becomes a challenge. In this category, seniors are also reminded to take their medications, and for those dealing with incontinence, reminders to use the bathroom will happen too. This is also where basic housekeeping and laundry services are covered.

Seniors don’t give up privacy when they make the move to an assisted living facility. They will have the options to settle into a studio suite or one-bedroom apartment so they can enjoy a space that is especially theirs. For those that are happy to share, most assisted living facilities also offer shared rooms for as many as four seniors.

Meals are a special time of day in assisted living facilities. Three times a day, well prepared dishes are served that seniors will love sharing, in a community dining room. Of course, in a Catholic assisted living facility that meal will start with a prayer but following that, it’s all about enjoying good food and good company. In between these meals, there will be snacks that help maintain energy and sugar levels, while minimizing salt and fats.

Activities, whether religious or not, help make each day productive and fun, two key ingredients in creating a life that is fulfilling. Assisted living facilities are equipped with entertainment directors that help ensure there are great things to do that tap into the real interests of all of their residents. Seniors will find arts and crafts, music, dance, games, movies, picnics and more that fill this important requirement. Of course, this is in addition to the faith-based programs that feed the soul.

There are some great examples of Catholic assisted living facilities to consider but start with a few benchmarks. Bon Secours is one of these. They have 3 locations, two in the Hampton Roads area and another in Ft. Lauderdale that offer a full range of care options, along with an immersive Catholic living environment that is highly rated. Catholic Health Services offer 2 more great examples, one in Miami and the other in Ft. Lauderdale that are also well rated and offer a full range of care services. Even if these areas don’t excite, seniors will do well to look at all of these as a measure against which to measure all other Catholic assisted living facilities.

For faithful Catholics looking for a Catholic assisted living facility, Florida offers a lot to choose from, so pick a destination and start exploring the Catholic retirement communities in your area of choice.

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