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Catholic assisted living facilities in Alabama, sometimes referred to as faith based assisted living facilities, offer seniors of faith a community that share a common set of core values and that understand the power of prayer in their daily lives. For elderly adults who worry about becoming disconnected from their faith, these faith-based retirement communities offer a solution that may not be addressed by other assisted living facilities that are either secular or agnostic.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Alabama

Costs for Catholic assisted living facilities are really no different from any other assisted living community in the state where the average cost averages $3,250 per month or approximately $107 per day. On a national basis, where the average rate is closer to $4,000, these prices can help stretch tight budgets, and there are cities within the state of Alabama that can save even more. For example, in Dothan, AL the average monthly rate drops to $2,535, or about $86 per day.

Amenities in Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Alabama

There are both common amenities and then faith centered amenities seniors should expect from faith-based assisted living facilities. Let’s break those down into separate groups so we can better define what is common and what is exclusive to Catholic assisted living centers.

Alabama Catholic Assisted Living Facilities - Religious Amenities

Religious amenities in Catholic retirement communities will vary with each senior home but seniors will most commonly find a dedicated chapel in the home where mass will be offered or they will have transportation available to join the mass at the nearest church.

Catholic assisted living homes may offer regular calls to prayer during the day as well, normally joined by staff, and in larger homes, these will be broadcast throughout the home so seniors and staff, no matter where they are and what they are doing, can stop to worship for a moment.

Seniors will also find specific faith related activities like bible studies, prayer meetings and seminars that help strengthen the faith of each assisted living resident.

Seniors can also expect the care staff and management at these faith-based Catholic assisted living facilities to share their values of faith and to apply that to the way they care for each of the seniors in their charge. It will not be surprising to see them stop to say a quick prayer as they help an elderly adult get dress and ready for each new day.

Finally, entertainment will keep true to the faith so seniors can expect programs, movies and more that will remain true to the Catholic faith.

Alabama Catholic Retirement Communities - Amenities

Catholic assisted living facilities will offer seniors direct assistance, commonly known as ADL’s (assisted Daily Living) that directly supports them as the move around the home, bath, groom and dress. This will also include help eating when weak and unsteady hands make that too much of a challenge.

For seniors with dementia issues, Catholic assisted living facilities offer memory care in an environment where security has been enhanced and distractions have been minimized. Each senior will have direct assistance that helps keep them mentally stimulated and connected by a well-defined set of daily activities. The goal is to improve retention, slow the progression of the disease, and create a living environment that keeps these seniors safe.

Faith based senior living homes typically offer residential units in their flavors; shared rooms (normally with 2 to 4 seniors), studio suites with a sleeping and sitting area, and one-bedroom apartments that often include a kitchenette.

General amenities in Catholic retirement communities offer 3 meals a day, that are normally guided by a trained dietician and either home-cooked or prepared by a professional chef in a professional kitchen. Menus will be varied to ensure everyone will find something they like. They’ll also be changed regularly so there is always great variety being offered.

In between meals, nutritional snacks will commonly be offered throughout the day. These are designed to help maintain proper sugar and metabolism levels, so energy levels are optimized.

Seniors will also find a wide variety of activities that aren’t specifically faith based, such as arts and crafts programs, games, music, fitness and social engagements that help keep each day interesting and that help build a stronger sense of community.

Some of these Catholic assisted living facilities will either be pet-friendly or will offer pet therapy, and while these facilities are rare, they add a very interesting dynamic to an assisted living facility that pet lover will immediately recognize. Pets inspire a certain playfulness that help relieve anxiety, reduce blood pressure and encourage a totally natural form of exercise that help build both stamina and flexibility.

Methodist Homes, with facilities in both Birmingham and Montgomery, are also highly respected and they too offer both ADL’s and memory care. But what makes these homes most interesting is their published calendars of activities. Seniors can quickly see how important a role faith plays in the daily lives of both seniors and the care teams they count on. It is chock full of worship programs, bible studies and outreach opportunities, plus a really nice mix of secular activities that help round things out, like salon and spa days, because we all need to be pampered now and then.

Assisted living facilities in Alabama are diverse and not all will help faithful seniors live their faith. Catholic assisted living homes do and with many across the state to choose from, there is a great place for every elderly Catholic to settle into. Just be aware that these facilities are very popular so it could be a bit tough to find an available opening. Make sure you have a few to considered so if your first choice is full your second or third on the list might not be.

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