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Wisconsin offer a mix of non-denominational Christian assisted living centers, and others that are specifically Lutheran. They are all similar in size and style, with centers that look and feel more like resorts that “old age homes”. Many are part of a larger group of homes, while others other are single centers that are locally owned and managed. Together, they offer seniors a wide range of choices for Christian assisted living that certain to hit the spot for every faithful senior.

Consider Pine Haven Christian Communities, with 3 campuses to choose from. Two are based in Sheboygan Falls and the other is set in Oostburg, WI. The Giddings Avenue campus offers room for 51 seniors while the others are a bit smaller with 30 or 31 senior apartments. What makes these Christian assisted living facilities most interesting is their commitment to families, who are welcome and even encouraged to spend time with their loved ones so this home always feels like a real home.

Another great choice may be SSH Health Christian Home, where a combination of assisted living and rehabilitation care are offered. For seniors that may be on the mend, this could be really interesting as it allows them to remain in place even after their rehab is completed.

So, Wisconsin has some interesting choices for faithful seniors to consider.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Wisconsin

Compare Wisconsin to the national average for assisted living centers assisted living and seniors will find monthly rates that are about $500 more expensive, compared to the national average of $4,000. At the same time though, there are some really inexpensive alternatives, like those offered La Crosse, WI, where the average rate is closer to $2,600 per month. Oshkosh, WI, goes pretty dramatically in the opposite direction, with averages that are a lot closer to $5,500 each month. All of this is against a national average for Christian assisted living that is $4,000 per month.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Wisconsin - Amenities

Christian communities have a few key things in common, and this is more the case with Christian assisted living facilities. These are basic things every faithful senior should expect to find and if any are missing, it ought to give seniors pause as they weigh their options. After all, the assisted living center they choose will be their new home and if that home doesn’t give them what they need to remain spiritually healthy, nothing else these centers do will be as effective.

Christian Retirement Communities in Wisconsin - Religious Amenities

  1. It all start with the church in a Christian community and the chapel in a Christian assisted living center. These are the beating hearts of these communities where seniors can follow a journey that leads to a stronger and more enriching personal relationship with God. These chapels are indeed sanctuaries, that are always there and accessible when the need arises. They are not temporary of shared spaces that might have a prayer meeting in the morning and host an arts and crafts activity in the afternoon, so be sure this chapel is really there to serve the faithful.
  2. Next on our list is the pastor or chaplain that guides the faithful in these homes. They set the tone. They provide the support. Thy guide their flock and they ensure that flock is never forgotten or left behind. They are also the link seniors need to the community at-large, so seniors can become recognized members of these larger congregations
  3. That leads to the next amenity, the religious activities these that will help fill the days and work to keep seniors on their own unique path to a personal and enriching personal relationship with God. These activities will always include bible study, and prayer meetings. They will very likely include community outreach programs and various volunteerism programs. They will keep seniors connected to the Christian communities beyond the doors of these Christian assisted living facilities and they will actively seek to bring members of that community into the home so all can share their faith.
  4. In the Christian faith, there are a few important tenets that should influence the way care is delivered. This is especially important given the highly personal nature of this care. It can become exposing and even embarrassing and if not delivered with healthy measures of love, compassions, respect, and patience, the effort will have been wasted. Christian assisted living facilities will instinctively understand this and ensure their teams are true to the Christian faith in everything they do.

Christian Assisted Living in Wisconsin - General Amenities

Assisted living facilities in Wisconsin are designed for seniors that need a bit of assistance with daily activities but are still able to live a fairly independent like, that they still have control over. They just need help with some basic tasks, like bathing, dressing and grooming. They might need a helping hand eating and there is a good chance they will need some help staying confidently mobile. These are all elements of Assisted Daily Living care, often referred to as ADL’s, and they offer just enough to hit the mark for these determined seniors.

Seniors transitioning from independent living to assisted living can find it all a bit jarring. In a few cases, and especially for pet lovers, there are pet friendly assisted living centers that are as happy to welcome Mrs. B as they are her pet dog Fido, and that make the transition far easier.

There are seniors for whom, ADL’s are simply not enough. This is particularly true for those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and other form of dementia. For these seniors, there is memory care, a suite of services that provide a more secure and safer setting, along with innovative therapies that use the sense to reengage memories that had been lost. They also help seniors build new memories that help tamp down anxiety and depression.

Seniors will find some really great meals being served in most of the better assisted living facilities. In fact, these are dishes they would be very happy to have friends and family share with them on special occasions. These are typically prepared by seasoned chefs and served in grand dining rooms, and that makes each and every meal, served 3 times a day, great fun, as friendships are nurtured in equal portion the bellies.

Studio apartment, one- bedroom units and two-bedroom suites in assisted living centers offer seniors a space they can call their own and where they can enjoy their privacy. In some cases, and when budgets are tight, seniors can still enjoy all the benefits of these assisted living centers from the comfort of a semi-private suite.

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