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When it comes to Christian assisted living Virginia may surprise some with the very small number of choices available in this state. In fact, it can be a bit tough to sort out those that are and those that aren’t Christian.

For example, St. Mary’s Woods, at least by its name would seem to be a Catholic assisted living facility, but dig a bit into their history and you’ll learn that this is a non-denominational Christian assisted living center that is run by the Catholic Diocese of Virginia. It is highly rated and for Christians, this is one that’s well worth exploring.

There are other Christian assisted living centers as well. Check out Lynn House of Potomac Valley and you’ll find a home run by Christian Science Nursing. Seniors in this center are cared for by Christian Science nurses, in an environment that actively promotes the power of prayer and the development of a personal relationship with God, as keys to living well, long into the future.

Finally, there is The Summit, where most every search suggests this is a Christian assisted living facility but is actually a secular home where the faithful are welcome, but with no direct support for their spiritual health.

So, as you can see, this is a real mixed bag that will take some effort to sort through.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Virginia

Virginia’s Christian assisted living centers are expensive when compared to the national monthly average of $4,000 for assisted living services. This include Christian assisted living centers, and all others, with an average rate of $4,800. The only city in the state that is less than the national average is Roanoke, VA, where the average drops to $3,800+ per month. Otherwise every other city is well above the $4,000 mark, with Winchester, VA, topping the list at $5,600 per month.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Virginia - Amenities

Truth be told, there are many faithful that are happy to attend weekly services, and nothing more. For these seniors, just about any assisted living facility will serve their needs. But for those that are committed to growing a meaningful and personal relationship with God, there is much more to do and more support is needed. For these seniors, Christian assisted living centers come into focus. They provide the connection and the support seniors need to follow the right path and achieve something really valuable in their faith.

Christian assisted living facilities provide this support in four unique ways.

Christian Retirement Communities in Virginia - Religious Amenities

  1. It all starts with the chapel, the beating heart of the faith in these Christian assisted living facilities. This is home to the weekly devotional services but it also provides a tranquil home for bible study and prayer, and a sanctuary whenever any member of the faith feels the need to sit with God and seek His help.
  2. The chaplain or pastor is the next unique amenity in these Christian assisted living centers. Whether full-time on call, they are there 24/7 to answer the call of the faithful as they determinedly meet the challenges of aging, while lovingly putting their trust on God’s power to grant them an eternity of love and joy. No one lives on this earth forever but we can all enjoy eternal life, With the help of these Pastors, seniors will find that promise, made real.
  3. The caregivers are the next key amenity on offer in these assisted living centers. Their commitment to the Christian faith leads to a level of compassionate care that is hard to match by anyone that has not found God and his teaching relating to love, compassion, respect, patience and dignity. This is important given the very personal nature for the care they will receive in the assisted living settings.
  4. The last of these four amenities revolves around religious activities. As we mentioned above, there is bible study to commit to and prayer sessions to faithfully attend. There are community outreach programs that all everyone to be connected in faith, and there are volunteer activities that help seniors live by God’s teachings about caring for others. These become part of daily life in Christian assisted living centers but are often missing from all others.

Christian Assisted Living Centers - General Amenities

From the day we are born, we are set out on a path that has only one possible ending, and for the faithful, that’s okay. What is important is the road we travel, the family we nurture and that nurtures us, how good a job we do taking care of the bodies we are blessed with, and of course, the commitment we make to leading a good life. This helps separate those that get “Old” and those that simply get older.

Helping seniors stay on the right path so they can age without losing their passion for life is what assisted living centers are all about. They provide ADL’S, or Assisted Daily Living assistance that helps seniors get older while still maintaining a young and healthy attitude. It is done with care that starts with help every senior remain as mobile as possible because getting around opens opportunities to stay active. Next, they provide daily assistance with personal hygiene that helps them launch into each new day with confidence. They will enjoy help with eating when required and medication management at all times to they can count of the best medical outcomes from their medical treatments. All of this, plus daily housekeeping and maintenance, make life in assisted living centers a wonderful alternative to living and battling alone.

When more serious illnesses, like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia take hold, assisted living facilities are prepared to offer an extra layer of care. This is Memory Care, and it is designed to help seniors reconnect with lost memories, using unique therapies like pet and music programs. This care is delivered in areas of these assisted living centers that are more secure, less distracting and far more organized as well.

Great meals are served 3 times each day and if seniors were expecting hospital cafeteria type food, they will be very pleasantly surprised. These are restaurant-quality meals, prepared by professional chefs, that include many all-time favorites and almost as many new dining experiences so seniors may always be able to add to their list of the foods they love.

Seniors will have a portion of these assisted living centers, in the form of apartments, that they can call their own, without the need to pay property taxes or worry about paying utility bills. They are normally set out as one- and two-bedroom apartments and studio suite. They may also include semi-private room as well.

Virginia will take a bit of work as seniors try to identify true Christian assisted living facilities. For those who want quick answers, give us a call and speak to a local senior living adviser.

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