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When it comes to Christian assisted living facilities in South Dakota, this state has seniors very well covered. With a mix of individual assisted living centers that are locally managed, and region senior care companies with numerous locations across the state, there are all sorts of choices to be considered.

Consider these examples of Christian Assisted Living Communities in South Dakota:

Edgewood Healthcare offers 7 homes, dotted across the state and each has rating that are at or near a perfect 5 stars. They are not specifically Christian assisted living centers, but they do all have chapel and regular worship services.

Primrose Retirement Community is another highly rated care center with three care centers in South Dakota but, in the case, they are very specifically Christian. Their chapel is dedicated to weekly masses and daily devotional services, with many other faith related activities that help seniors stay focused on their faith in God.

Trail Ridge Senior Living Community is another top-rated care center with a single facility in Sioux Falls and they are very proud to announce that they are a Christian Assisted Living Community and a member of the American Baptist Homes of the Midwest.

There are several others that have similar qualities and are similarly well rated, so seniors can begin this search for a Christian assisted living center with confidence and great expectations.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in South Dakota

While the national average rate for Christian assisted living facilities on a national level is right about $4,000 per month, assisted living centers in South Dakota come in at $3,500, and never top the national average. Rates don’t vary very much either. Sioux Falls is the most economical destination in the state with an average rate of $3,300+. Rapid City is the least economical, at $3,900+ per month. So again, rates are in a very tight band that allows seniors to worry less about prices and focus more on the Christian values and the quality of the care these Christian assisted living centers have to offer.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in South Dakota - Amenities

A Christian assisted living center is a microcosm of the larger Christian communities that form the fabric of this state and many other sections of the country. They are beacons of light, where faith in God and goodwill toward others in the community influence just about every aspect of daily life. So, whether in a community of thousands or a care center for dozens, God’s presence if felt.

Christian Retirement Communities in South Dakota - Religious Amenities

  1. In the larger community, there are churches that bring the faithful together and help others find their faith. In a Christian assisted living facility, the chapel provide this critical faith and community building role. It is home to religious services, bible studies and prayer meeting. It is a source of peace and strength in tough time and a place to celebrate great blessings. And, it is always there and welcoming whenever anyone in the center feels the need to sit and talk with God.
  2. As God watches over his flock, so do local pastors. They are the rock upon which seniors can lean. They are the teachers that help seniors grow in faith. They lift spirits and comfort the weary. Like the chapel, they are always available because needing God knows no specific times and certainly isn’t limited to any contrived calendar.
  3. The faithful have to do their part as well and that is much more than just attending a weekly devotional service. It is a commitment to learn more, and to believe more deeply. Faith has its foundation in learning more about God, about Jesus, and about the many life lessons given to the flock. And, it is a journey toward building a stronger and more personal relationship with God. In Christian assisted living centers, this is supported by many planned activities, including bible study, prayer services, community outreach programs and various opportunities to serve the community at-large through volunteerism.
  4. Caregivers are professionals, and as professionals, they have been trained to deliver care with compassion, respect and patience. While these can be taught in schools and practiced in the real world, they can still lack something. A caregiver that is committed to the Christian faith, will have had these qualitied instilled in them right from the start. They will be second nature to them. They will not have to be taught to bring these qualities to the care they provide. They will be part of their very nature. That has the potential to make the care teams in Christian assisted living centers much more effective.

Christian Assisted Living Facilities - General Amenities

If getting from one place to another becomes a risky business of trying to avoid tripping and falling, help is needed. If the idea of trying to enjoy a bowl of soup, with hands that refuse to remain steady, is a nightmare, having a bit of help is something to be considered. While all of these things are challenging and could lead to serious doubts about one’s mortality, they can also be eased with a bit of a helping hand so life can continue to be active and fulfilling.

This is what daily assisted living care, (ADL’s), is all about. Caregivers provide direct assistance with daily hygiene (bathing, grooming dressing), and a steady had so seniors can remain confidently mobile. And, soup can return to the menu with a helping hand to eat. Medications are managed and that helps improve medical outcomes. Health is also monitored so issues can be caught and addressed early. With these simple bits of help, seniors can stop worrying about the challenges and get back to focusing on enjoying life.

Memory care, for those suffering with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, is layer on top of the ADL’s and is designed to help these seniors get back to some measure or normalcy. This starts with providing them with a living space that is safer and more secure. These spaces are also better organized and less distracting. In these spaces, therapies that can help recover lost memories can be delivered effectively and seniors can get back to feeling connected to the world and their loved ones.

Living actively benefits everyone and that requires some creative thinking on the part of community managers. These folks get to know their residents. They learn what they like and don’t like. They learn about the things they’ve always loved doing and about things they’ve always dreamed of trying. Then they create activities that touch all of this, so seniors have something great to look forward to each and every day. These activities often include hands-on classes, craft programs, workshops for woodworking, opportunities to garden, time for entertainment and games, lots of different types of entertainment and plenty of opportunities to just sit in social groups and enjoy stimulating conversations and a few good laughs.

Food is about more than just sustenance. Meals should be an enjoyable experience, that is shared with family and friends. It should be full of great tastes and help stimulate great memories. This is what happens three times a day, every day, in these assisted living facilities, where professional chefs bring great food to the table, to be enjoyed.

When seniors transition into an assisted living facility, they will also be downsizing their living space, but that doesn’t mean they are going to give up privacy. They will be able to choose from a group of private apartments, they can add their own personal touches to, so they become their new home within the assisted living centers. Apartments in assisted living centers normally include studio and one-bedroom suites. They may also offer two-bedroom apartments that can be shared by two family member or friends.

South Dakota has a wonderful set of Christian assisted living facilities to choose from and prices that are reasonably budget friendly so every senior should find the care they need and the spiritual fulfillment they desire.

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