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When it comes to Christian assisted living facilities in Rhode Island, there aren’t many options. What there are though are many Christian churches in the very same communities where seniors can find some really good secular assisted living choices. That means seniors may have to find an assisted living facility that is at least close to a Christian church and a care team that will be willing to help them attend that church and become involved with that community. It will still be possible to enjoy a spiritual life, even in a secular home, if seniors are prepared make the extra effort, and in the end, it could prove to be a great blessing.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Rhode Island

Compared to the national average rate of $4,000 per month, seniors who live in Rhode Island will have to be prepared to spend as much as $1,200 more to live in an assisted living facility. This can complicate life for those on limited budgets but be assured, there will be many assisted living centers that are much closer to the national average and thus, much easier on the budget.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Rhode Island - Amenities

Faithful seniors making the transition from independent to assisted living will already be members of a local church where their spirit is nourished through worship and community involvement. The move to a Christian assisted living center would hopefully allow them to transition their faithful activities as well, but what happens when there are no Christian centers available. Well, the next best thing would be to find an assisted living center that can offer great care while being close enough to a Christian church, they can find comfort in.

Christian Retirement Communities in Rhode Island - Religious Amenities

  1. Even an assisted living center that is secular, should have a chapel seniors can retreat to when they want to sit quietly and talk with God. It should be a dedicated space that is always open and welcoming because the need to be with God knows no schedule and God does not require an appointment. It should also be a space where groups of faithful seniors can organize group activities and even invite guest preachers to come in and offer services within the community.
  2. If the option at hand is to find a care center that allows easy access to a community church, the pastor in that church becomes a critical spiritual resource. It would be good if that pastor can be called upon to spend time in the assisted living center, helping to guide faithful Christians find their way to a personal relationship with God. They won’t be able to offer full time care but, in this case, just being on call should work wonders.
  3. Seniors need to actively pursue their faith in ways that go far beyond a weekly worship program. They need bible studies and prayer groups. They need community programs as well. They will want to become involved in the same kinds of volunteer programs they were or wished they could have been involved in when they were part of a larger Christian community. In a Christian assisted living facility, such programs would already be in place but, in secular assisted living centers, seniors will have to work with community managers and local parishes to help make these activities happen.
  4. It may not always be the case but, caregivers that are also faithful Christian will have been taught some basic tenets of faith when it comes to caring for others. These include compassion, respect, and patience and all of these are critically important when providing assisted living care to seniors. It doesn’t mean that those that follow a different faith or no faith at all, cannot live by these same tenets though, so seniors will do well to speak with care givers and residents to gauge how well these values are applied in each care center.

Christian Assisted Living in Rhode Island - General Amenities

Being old is a choice, and that choice has nothing to do with how many years have passed. It has everything to do with the spirit and the drive to live actively. That doesn’t mean seniors will have to ignore the reality of age’s challenges. That’s why they are considering an assisted living center and its care services. It just means that they will stubbornly refuse to accept a diminished life without a real fight and that fighting spirit is exactly the choice that differentiates aging adults from old folks.

To win this battle seniors need a solid team of caregivers and others that will help them face the realities of aging head on and work to limit the negative impact aging will have on them. This means, seniors get direct assistance with all of life’s basic daily requirements, those things that make all of us feel human and presentable. Bathing, grooming, dressing, staying mobile, being able to eat comfortably, and getting help to ensure medications are administered on time are all part of this care. Add to this, regular health monitoring that can identify health issues early, and seniors have more than a fighting chance to win this battle. And by the way, while they’re fighting this battle, housekeeping and maintenance teams are taking care of all the daily chores around the house so seniors don’t have to.

Memory care takes care to the next level, and is designed for seniors that are battling with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Assisted living facilities that offer this care, have unique sections of the center that are kept more secure, more organized and less distracting. This is also a space where therapies using things like music, sights, sounds, smells and tactile interactions help bring back some of the memories that have been lost, while helping seniors find fulfilling ways to enjoy their days, rather than getting lost in depression and frustration.

One more way to battle old age is to keeping active, doing those things that have always been cherished pastimes. Things like woodworking, gardening, crafting, needle work, music, and more, are brought together in a calendar of fun things to do that keep each day moving in a great direction. Add to this fitness programs, games and entertainment, and seniors quickly find great reasons to look forward to each new day in the assisted living centers.

Food is another great reason to look forward to each new day. Meals in assisted living communities are served three times a day, with snacks in between. Dishes are designed to include the favorites of all the senior residents so everyone gets a chance to enjoy what they love and maybe discover some new things they will come to love. Food is professionally prepared to be delicious and healthy, and dining rooms are designed to allow friends to gather around the dining table and enjoy these just as they would if they’d gone out to a find restaurant.

Privacy doesn’t disappear in assisted living centers, neither does a senior’s ability to decide how they will spend their time. Each senior has the choice of a private apartment or semi-private room. If a private apartment, these are either studio units or one-bedroom apartments. In some cases, there are two-bedroom apartments as well that companions or family members can share.

The choices for Christian assisted living centers in Rhode Island are thin at best, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good alternatives for those that are willing to bring a bit of flexibility to the selection process.

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