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It isn’t easy to find a Christian Assisted Living facility in Pennsylvania but it certainly isn’t impossible, and those seniors do find and most often really well rated senior care centers. For example, there are 2 Mennonite homes in Pennsylvania, both rated at 4.4-stars, and both based in Lancaster, PA, that have a real focus on faith, along with the look and feel of a great country resort. Then, there is Calvary Homes, also located in Lancaster, with a 4.5-star rating, in a setting that looks and fine much more like a fine home. These are just a few of the choice seniors will find in Pennsylvania that can help them find spiritual fulfillment while providing the basic care they need.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Pennsylvania

With a national average of $4,000 per month for assisted living care, Pennsylvania is a bit lower, with a savings of about $85 per month. That’s not really much of a difference, but over the years, it definitely adds up. Head to Pittsburg, PA, and it gets better, with average rates that are less than $3,300, or head north to Scranton and seniors can find rates on average are just a bit higher than $2,500 per month. Philadelphia has the highest average monthly rate and $4,900+, so while there are plenty of budget-friendly destinations, they aren’t all as inviting. Bottom lines though; there is something for pretty much every budget, so no seniors need to go without the care they require.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Pennsylvania - Amenities

When seniors consider what it takes to live a truly faithful life, they inherently understand that it is more than just attending a worship service once a week. It is more than remembering to say Grace before each meal. And, it’s certainly more than just remembering God in the tough times. It is an active journey that requires commitment and even hard work. But, the end result, the result that comes from growing a truly personal relationship with God, is well worth that effort. This is where a Christian assisted living facility come in and the best of them are built on the following four amenities.

Christian Retirement Communities in Pennsylvania - Religious Amenities

  1. The chapel is the physical representation of faith and the light that shines on the faithful path to God. This is home to worship, to learning, and to giving back to the community. This is the calm port in the storm where seniors can find solace in tough times. This is a joyful center of life, where God is praised for all the blessing he is showering upon the community. In miniature, this is the church these same faithful seniors called upon in life when they were still able to live independently.
  2. Pastors add a human touch to faith, as guides that lead their flock to a richer spiritual existence. They are the centering force in the faithful lives of their congregation and the rock that congregation leans on when times get tough. In a Christian assisted living center, where seniors face a seemingly endless series of challenges that are related to aging, they are also the encouraging force that helps seniors stay focused on all of the good things in their lives, rather than drowning in doubt and depression.
  3. Faithful activities, beyond the weekly mass, help seniors gain greater fulfillment through bible studies, prayer meetings, community outreach and other opportunities to help in their faithful community. These activities help them gain a deeper appreciation for both God and their faith, while helping ease the way to building that personal relationship with God that is central to their spiritual wellbeing.
  4. There are a couple of basic tenets in the Christian faith that are especially important in Christian assisted living centers, especially as the staff provides care. These tenets are related to love, compassion, patience, dignity and understanding, and caregiver that apply these tenets, provide a level of care that is unparalleled.

Christian Assisted Living in Pennsylvania - General Amenities

Old is not an inevitable stage in life. It is a choice. It is a what happens when the challenges of aging drive a person into retreat. But, for those that face those same challenges with a determination that says, not me. No matter how old I get, I will not be “Old”. I will not retreat. I will not just fade away. I have fought throughout my life to enjoy the freedom of being retired and I am not going to let a few annoying aches and pains steal that away. These are the seniors that get the most from assisted living facilities but even those that has fallen into the pitfalls of being old can be brought back.

A helping hand to get around, or bathing, grooming and dressing, may be all that seniors need. An extra hand when dexterity becomes an issue, will do the trick so they can eat their meals in comfort rather than embarrassment. Someone that will help them remember to take their medications on time and keep a watchful eye on their health will work wonders for them. It doesn’t take all that much to help seniors age comfortably, without getting old.

Alzheimer’s patients need more than just these basics. They need memory care that recognizes them as valuable members of society, that still want and deserve a life that is dignified and fulfilling. This starts with creating an environment that is better secured so they won’t wander of and get lost. Then, they need a space that is better organized to combat confusions and memory debilitating distractions. They need therapies that help spark reminiscences and that lead to the development of new memories they can look back on with a smile. This is what memory care is all about.

Activities for all patients are another key way assisted living facilities help seniors avoid the trap of getting “Old”. By having lots of fun and interesting things to be occupied with, seniors are far less likely to get lost in the despair that can come with each new ache and each new wrinkle. Community organizers take time to learn what each resident enjoys most and they develop activities that are built around those things. So, for those that like working with their hands, it might be crafting, or knitting. It could be woodworking or maybe some gardening. Maybe it’s learning new skills or improving old ones or maybe it’s just a bunch of games seniors can share a laugh over. Whatever it is, these activities make each day worth getting out of bed for.

Another thing that’s worth getting up for are the three great meals these assisted living centers serve each day. They are delicious, nutritious, drawn for great favorites and shared with friends, both new and old. That makes each of these meals for of a fun event, not just a way to fill bellies.

There are choices when it comes to privacy. Assisted living centers are geared to helping seniors live as independent a life as possible and one of the key ways they do that is to ensure every senior has a private place to call home. These can be in studio / efficiency apartments or one-and two-bedroom suites, that are nicely furnished, spacious and uniquely home to each senior that settles into them.

The choices for Christian assisted living centers in Pennsylvania may not be easy to uncover, but once they are, there are some really good options for the faithful to settle into. Give us a call to learn about Christian Assisted Living options in your area.

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