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The state of North Carolina is home to dozens of Christian assisted living facilities, and in these senior care centers, everything they do is based on that Christian faith.   can be found all across the state, in cities large and small and most are part of a larger Christian community so they have a great depth of spiritual support as they help seniors follow a loving path to a personal relationship with God. Consider as an example, Carmel Hills, in Charlotte, NC, or maybe Pittsboro Christian Village as good examples of Christian assisted living centers where faith is in the very fabric of these care centers.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in North Carolina

Average monthly rates for Christian assisted living facilities in North Carolina are right at $4,000, putting them exactly on the mark, compared to the national average for this care. That’s pretty good news but it doesn’t stop there. Cities like Burlington, NC, offer average rates that are just $2,600 and in Goldsboro, NC, it is even less than that, at $2,500. Raleigh, NC, Breaks the mold with rates that top $5,300 but all other cities in this state are within the range of $3,500 and $4,500 per month.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in North Carolina - Amenities

When seniors are searching for a Christian assisted living facility to transition into, there are four key amenities they should pay very close attention to. It is these four that will help make the transition smooth, in terms of keeping them fully connected to their faith, while helping ensure the quality of the care they receive is guided by faith.

Christian Retirement Communities in NC - Religious Amenities

  1. Faithful Christians understand that important role their house of worships plays in helping them live their faith. It is far more than just Sunday services. This is the center of the faithful community with people gather to support each other as every member of the church works to build their own personal relationship with God. This is also where a real sense of community is developed. The activities that bring people together, before and after services extend God’s reach. The chapel in a Christian assisted living center plays this same critical role. It must be a dedicated space, always available to residents in need and always ready to welcome the community in faithful activities.
  2. Pastors are another key to building a faithful and tightknit community. They actively guide, teach and support members of the community on their journey in faith. This is a fulltime role, especially in an assisted living environment where challenges of aging bring pressure on faith, and can sow doubt. The right minister can help each member of their flock face these challenges in strength. Seniors should get to know these ministers before deciding on any one Christian assisted living facility.
  3. One of the key elements of the care seniors receive in a Christian assisted living facility addresses personal hygiene, one of the most intimate areas of care possible. Caregivers that share the Christian faith and abide by its tenets of love, compassion, and respect will make this care far easier to accept so seniors can go from embarrassed to truly appreciative.
  4. Faith is an active endeavor. It involves study, prayer and an active effort to constantly help others. These endeavors become a calendar of activities that enhance the spiritual health of each senior that make the commitment to work on their relationship with God. These activities and well worth studying before seniors reach a decision on a Christian assisted living facility.

Christian Assisted Living in North Carolina - General Amenities

Getting old could be depressing but it doesn’t have to be. It can be limiting but even there, seniors can fight back on hold onto a life that’s is rich with activities. It isn’t easy, and there can come a time when the fight requires reinforcements. There comes a time when the battle can no longer be fought independently. That doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. It means the time has come to transition from independent living to assisted living, where seniors will find a team of caregiver that are ready to back them up in this fight to stay young.

The caregivers in an assisted living facility use Assisted Daily Living care (ADL’s) as their tool kit in this battle and it includes active assistance with personal care. That care includes help with bathing, grooming, dressing and using the toilet. It involves helping seniors remain confidently mobile. It also provides direct assistance with eating for those with manual dexterity issues. Finally, medications are managed and health s monitored so treatment outcomes can be improved and developing health issues can be addressed early and more effectively.

In addition to personal care, assisted living facilities have housekeeping and maintenance teams that take care of daily chore and repairs around the home so seniors no longer need to worry about these things. This include laundry and linen service, as well as light daily cleaning and heavier weekly cleaning.

In many assisted living facilities, bringing great food to the table, three times a day is a passion. These are not just some thrown-together dishes, you’d likely find on some all-you-can-eat buffet. These are well prepared meals that deliver some great favorites and maybe some new dishes that will become favorites. They are served in fine dining rooms that are great gathering places for friends to sit and share these meals over some pleasant conversation.

An active life is far more interesting than one that is devoid of interesting things that can fill each day. Life never needs to become dull and won’t in a well-run assisted living facility. Community coordinators make sure of that by coordinating many different types of programs that draw senior in and help them stay physically and mentally fit. These activities often include fitness programs, craft sessions, baking and cooking classes, educational classes and seniors, games and entertainment, and a whole host of social activities that keep everyone excited about each new day.

Seniors do not give up privacy when they transition into an assisted living facility. They just downsize from a big house that was hardly used, into a very comfortable apartment that provides exactly the space they need to live comfortably. Apartment configurations typically include studio units and one- or two-bedroom suites. The two-bedroom suites allow 2 family members or companions to share some space, while still enjoying their own bedroom, and by doing so, they each save a bit over the cost of having 2 separate one-bedroom apartments.

Christian assisted living facilities on North Carolina offer a wide range of choices seniors will appreciate as they search for a great new place to call home.

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