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For Christian seniors looking for a Christian assisted living facility, New York doesn’t make it easy, and it can be especially tough in New York City, where there are many secular assisted living centers but only one or two Christian centers. Norwegian Christian Homes is one of the few examples. The good news though is, there are many secular homes in Christian communities, where the local church community can provide the spiritual care seniors long for.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in New York

It should not be at all surprising that all assisted living centers, including the Christian assisted living centers that dot the state, are expensive, especially when compared against the national average of $4,000 per month. In New York that average jumps to over $7,000. Head out of the city, to places like Utica and Syracuse, NY and rates drop down quite a bit, but they are still a bit higher than the national average. It’s not all bad news though for budget conscious seniors. Especially in the upstate regions of the state, there are some very decent locations where seniors can find rates that drop even lower that the US average.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in New York - Amenities

When seniors compare secular assisted living centers and Christian assisted living facilities, they will find that much of what these care centers offer is exactly the same. The quality of the care will vary but the nature of the care being offered is fairly equal. However, there are some stark differences that that clearly define the benefits of a Christian assisted living residence for those seniors that are committed to a spiritual life, lived in God’s good graces.

Think of these assisted living centers as communities on a small scale, and like the neighborhoods and towns across the state, their character is defined by the people that call these places home. Then consider the types of residents that will be drawn to a Christian assisted living facility and seniors will begin to see how the stark difference define the uniqueness of these care centers.

Here are those key differences:

Christian Retirement Communities in New York - Religious Amenities

  1. A Christian community is built around it’s house of worship and this is a true today as it was in the pioneer’s days. The same is true in a Christian assisted living facility. This will be the heart and the soul of these communities, where services are offered and where seniors will gravitate to, as they each travel their own path to a personal relationship with God. Secular homes will often have chapel too but they are not always dedicated spaces for spiritual endeavors and they may not always be available when someone finds themselves in immediate need of God’s guidance. So, this is the real difference.
  2. Pastors are God’s shepherds, that are charged with the task of guiding and protecting God’s flock as they travel through life, and its myriad of trails and tribulations. In any true Christian assisted living facility, they will be dedicated to serving the community. In secular assisted living centers, there may be no pastor or there may be a part time chaplain, that will fill this role. The problem tough is pretty basic. Faithfulness is not a part time way of living. It is a fulltime commitment that would be best served by a fulltime minister.
  3. Any well-respected assisted living center will care for seniors with kindness, compassion and patience. This is critically important given the very personal care that will be provided. For Christians though, these are more that just part of a caregivers professional training. These are important tenets of the Christian faith and as such, the caregivers in a Christian assisted living center might be expected to do a better job of caring for their patients. For faithful seniors, this may be more perception than actual fact, but in this case, perception matters.
  4. It has been said that the best things in life are free and there can be nothing better in life than to receive God’s blessings each day. The truth though is, to live in God’s favor takes work. It requires commitment. It is certainly not free. This is where faithful activities help, and this is another key difference in a Christian assisted living center. There will be various programs, like bible study and prayer meeting, community activities and faith-based outreach programs. These will be the tools seniors will use to deepen their faith and earn God’s blessing.

Christian Assisted Living in New York - General Amenities

Assisted daily living is a set of care services that lend a helping hand so seniors can confidently continue to get through the daily basics, like remaining mobile, getting dressed and undressed, grooming, bathing and using the bathroom. If manual dexterity becomes challenged, these caregivers will help with eating as well. Seniors will benefit from mediation management and various types of fitness programs designed to improve strength and stamina, while improving balance and coordination. Together, these care services are known as ADL’s.

While it doesn’t really have much to do with care, seniors in assisted living centers also have the advantage of not having to worry about most household chores. There are housekeeping and maintenance teams that will handle cleaning, laundry, linen changes and any repairs that may be needed around the center, including in the private apartments where seniors will be settling into.

Some impacts of ageing are more complicated and require an additional level of service. This is especially true for dementia / Alzheimer’s patients. Memory care is designed to help them deal with the emotional impact of losing connection with loved ones. This includes the frustration, anxiety, confusion and depression that can often lead these seniors to lash out violently. With specialized therapies, care teams can help seniors reconnect with some of what has been lost, reconnect with loved ones and stay connected to them.

There are three meals a day that are far more like what can be enjoyed in a gourmet restaurant, or at least a great neighborhood establishment. Menus are designed to offer something for every taste, they are designed to be nutritionally balanced, and they are prepared by professional culinary staff that know how to make food well worth sharing around a table with friends.

Days in an assisted living center are active. There is almost always something happening that seniors can join and enjoy, no matter what their interests may be. Educational programs are big, with all sorts of hands-on classes and extended learning programs that keep minds sharp and hands in motion. There’s lots of fun and games to, plus entertainment that helps keep things lively.

Privacy in assisted living communities takes the form of apartments where seniors can make a comfortable home for themselves. There are comfortable studio units and one- and two-bedroom apartments they can choose from and for the two-bedroom apartments, there is room to share with a family member or companion. For seniors that need to stretch their budgets a bit, there are also semi-private suites that can be shared with 2 to 4 seniors while still providing comfort and a fair measure of privacy.

Finding a Christian assisted living facility is New York isn’t exactly easy, but it isn’t impossible either. It will just take a bit more work and maybe a bit of flexibility.

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