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New Jersey offers a rich bounty of Christian assisted living centers for faithful seniors to explore. They are dotted across the entire state but the largest concentrations are in central and southern New Jersey towns and cities. These are a mix of stand-alone assisted living centers, like the 10 centers that are part of the Christian Health Care Center group of communities, and entire communities, complete with their own church and a mix of seniors at all stages of senior care. Wiley Christian Retirement Community is a well-regarded example of this type of community. So, there is lots for seniors to explore when they are ready to consider as they work through the transition to assisted living.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in New Jersey

When it comes to Christian assisted living facilities, New Jersey rates are well above the national average of $4,000 per month, but for those that live there, that won’t come as any real surprise. Seniors should expect to pay an average of $6,400 per month. However, as seniors explore rates in various cities, there are good options come a lot closer to the national average. Two great examples are Ocean City and Vineland, where the rates come down to $4,600 per month. Trenton and Princeton, NJ, are the most expensive cities in the state with prices that top $6,700 per month.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in New Jersey - Amenities

What defines a Christian community? Is it the church that acts as a beacon for the faithful or is it the pastor who brings the faith to life? Maybe it’s the people that make up the community and their passion for helping as they worship. Whatever that magic sauce is, there can be no doubt that these communities provide seniors with a zest for life that keeps them enthusiastically and actively connected.

Christian assisted living facilities must be able to achieve the same thing, albeit on a smaller scale, in order to help senior comfortably transition from the faith community they love, to a new community they will need to grow into.

Christian Retirement Communities in New Jersey - Religious Amenities

  1. In New Jersey, there are two types of Christian Assisted living communities that seniors may settle into. In stand-alone setting, they will have a dedicated chapel that will serve the staff and residents exclusively. In broader community settings, it will be a full church, that will be shared by seniors enjoying some level of care and those that are living independently, but again, the church will serve the community in all of the ways any other church does. So, in terms of choice, the only real difference will be the size of the faithful community.
  2. Christian communities are guided by the pastor. They are the shepherd that helps guide the flock so each member can find their uniquely personal relationship with God. They will preside over the mass but their role goes much deeper than that. They are the rock seniors will lean on when they are feeling down. They are the person seniors will study with as they work to deepen their understanding of their Christian faith. They are the magnet that draws the community together and the glue that holds them together.
  3. Caregivers in a Christian assisted living center are often active members in the faith community and this can be especially important in an assisted living environment. Understanding the very personal nature of the care they will offer and delivering that care with great compassion, love and patience, is critically important. It will help seniors grow comfortable with the care they receive and when that happens, outcomes are dramatically improved.
  4. As a member of any Christian community, seniors know the value of community activities that enrich lives and keep things interesting. These activities are just as important in an assisted living environment, maybe even more important as seniors are facing the challenges of aging. At the very least, these include bible studies, the opportunity to sing with the choir, and opportunities to actively participate in ministry. They should also include things like prayer meetings, community gatherings and opportunities to participate in various types of volunteerism.

Christian Assisted Living Facilities in New Jersey - General Amenities

It is said that getting older is inevitable while getting old is a choice. No one has to get old unless they allow the aging process to shadow their positive outlook on life. The aging process will certainly create many opportunities to stray from the positive. Even the idea that living independently is no longer a smart option can cast a long shadow. But, with the right assisted living facility and the right care team, seniors can choose to stay positive and continue to enjoy a rich life that is full of great choices.

The first things assisted living centers and the caregivers do is to help seniors address the challenges of daily personal care. They will help them with bathing, and grooming. They will help with toileting and dressing. They will provide a steady hand so seniors can remain mobile and active. They will help with eating when impaired manual dexterity makes that frustrating. They will also help ensure seniors get the meds they need and they will actively monitor health so physicians can get seniors the medical attention they need.

The assisted living centers also deal with all of the housekeeping and maintenance around the home so seniors never have to worry about mopping floors, changing the drapes, changing linens, moving lawns or shoveling snow. They won’t even need to worry about something as simple as changing a lightbulb. Others will be there to do that all for them.

Assisted living centers provide three meals a day and in most assisted living centers, these are real treats. Chefs will get to know the members of the community and learn about what their favorite meals are. Then they design menus that are full of favorites. And when seniors placed their orders, they work their magic and create some really memorable dishes. While there are options for in-room dining, the best way to enjoy these meals is in the company of friends sitting around a table in a wonderfully welcoming dining room.

Beyond the faith-related activities these assisted living facilities will offer, there are lots more that help make every day fun, interesting and exciting. Many assisted living centers in New Jersey offer educational classes, hands-on learning opportunities, fitness programs, including strength and stamina training, there are games, entertainment, movie nights, opportunities to spend time in a salon or barber shop being pampered, and a whole lot more. Life is never boring in these care centers.

For personal space, seniors enjoy apartments that become their home within these homes. They generally include semi-private rooms, studio suites, one-bedroom apartments. There are also companion suites with two bedrooms and a common living room and kitchenette that can be share by a couple of family members or close friends.

Alzheimer’s patients are more challenging but most assisted living facilities are ready to offer these residents specialized memory care. It starts by creating a more secure space that is less cluttered and less confusing. Then they provide therapies with things like music, art and even pets, that can help bring back lost memories and allow seniors to become reconnected with their loved ones.  These memory care specialists will also focus on managing negative emotions like frustration, anxiety, confusion and depression that often accompany this disease, and can lead to emotional and sometimes dangerous outbursts.

Christian assisted living in New Jersey has a lot to offer, in a wide range of sizes and styles, so seniors can find a great new home while still holding tightly onto their faith.

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