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New Hampshire is a really easy place to find Christian assisted living facilities and they cover just about every city in the state. Havenwood Heritage Heights is a great place to start. This senior living center was launched by Reverend Dr. Everett R. Barrows, specifically to care for both physical and spiritual health. Vernon Homes, a member of Advent Christian Retirement Communities is another well-rated example of what seniors can look forward to. There are many others as well so seniors will have their work cut out for them trying to decide which will best suit their needs.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in New Hampshire

While New Hampshire has a lot to offer, it certainly isn’t one of the most budget-friendly places for Christian assisted living facilities. In fact, all types of assisted living in this state are fairly expensive. While the national average for assisted living runs at about $4,000, the average in New Hampshire tops $7,000 per month and some cities, like Manchester, NH, are even higher than that. For seniors that love that know and love this state, these rates probably won’t be too surprising. For anyone that may be considering relocating here, these costs may raise a few eyebrows.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in New Hampshire - Amenities

There are Sunday church services, prayer breakfasts, fish fries and much more that help bring Christian together as a real community. While the events may vary, this same sense of community envelops Christian assisted living facilities. That is important for seniors that may be worried about transitioning from the life they know as part of their church community, to a new faith community in a new home.

Seniors should consider four key amenities that differentiate a Christian assisted living facility from all others.

Christian Retirement Communities in New Hampshire - Religious Amenities

  1. The pastor is the first of these amenities. Their approach to ministry defines the communities they care for. Their approach sets direction and helps build the bonds that make these communities the best that they can be. Seniors should look for a pastor that happily plays an active role in daily community life. They should look for someone that is approachable and someone they will be comfortable confiding in. When they find a good pastor, they can be reasonably certain that most everything else about this Christian assisted living center will be good too.
  2. Caregivers in a Christian assisted living center will actively share the faith and be guided by some of its key tenants as they offer care. These tenants include compassion, patience and a commitment to treating everyone with dignity. This is especially important given the incredibly personal type of care they provide for residents.
  3. In a Christian assisted living center, the chapel is at the center of all faithful endeavors. It is a tranquil space where seniors can focus exclusively on building their personal relationship with God. Services are held there. Prayer meeting are set here too. There will be choir practice and bible study too. In short, most everything that happens in the community church, also happens in the chapel.  
  4. The activities that are focused on faith are another key amenity. These should include all of the things that happen in the chapel, plus community outreach programs, guest speaker programs, services with guest preachers, and various opportunities for seniors to be involved with volunteer programs. These are all essential elements of faithful life that help feed the soul and keep seniors living meaningfully.

Christian Assisted Living in New Hampshire - General Amenities

Anyone who says getting old is inevitable is missing the point. Getting older is inevitable but getting old is avoidable. It just requires determination and an unyielding grip on a positive attitude. Yes, there will be aches and pains that challenge that grip. There will be lapse of memory that create doubts and work to sap resolve. There may even be more serious problems resulting from illnesses or accidents that challenge. It’s at these times that assisted living facilities play such an important role.

These seniors need some really basic personal care, starting with daily activities like bathing, grooming and dressing. There may be some need to help seniors use the bathroom, especially when they have limited mobility. In these cases, they will also need a shoulder to lean on so they can get around the center confidently. They may also need help eating motor control is impaired. And, just about every resident will benefit from medication management are health monitoring that keeps health outcomes positive and that help detect other problem early, when they are more easily treated.

With the care side covered, assisted living facilities can then focus on eliminating the need to worry about chores like housekeeping and making repairs, or shoveling snow, or cutting grass. They have teams that take care of all of that so seniors can stay focused on all of the fun things they should be doing.

Meals are one of those fun things, with breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily, in the comfort of a fine dining room and in the company of good friends. These aren’t some mediocre hospital or cafeteria type food either. Assisted living facilities offer culinary treats, selected from diverse menus and professionally prepared. They will be nutritionally balanced as well, but first and foremost, these will be meals seniors will truly look forward to.

Staying on with fun things to do, there are all sorts of activities seniors love to dig into. An assisted living center will have a community activities organizer who gets to know all of the residents and learns about the things they most enjoy doing. Then they design activities that tap into all of those interests so everyone can have a great time.

Apartments in assisted living communities help seniors enjoy privacy in a personal space that is typically fairly spacious and very nicely furnished. Senior are then able to add their own personal touches so these become a real home they can relax in. Sizes of units vary but most assisted living centers offer studio units and one-bedroom apartments. Both have kitchens so seniors can prepare their own meals when they wish, or just prepare a morning coffee they can sip while reading the paper.

Alzheimer’s patients are more challenging but most assisted living facilities are ready to offer these residents specialized memory care. It starts by creating a more secure space that is less cluttered and less confusing. Then they provide therapies with things like music, art and even pets, that can help bring back lost memories and allow seniors to become reconnected with their loved ones.  These memory care specialists will also focus on managing negative emotions like frustration, anxiety, confusion and depression that often accompany this disease, and can lead to emotional and sometimes dangerous outbursts.

With so many great Christian assisted living centers to choose from in New Hampshire, seniors are sure to find one they will really come to love. Give us a call to speak to a local senior living adviser and learn about assisted living options nearby.

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