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Christian Assisted Living in Nevada may not be easy to locate. Get more specific and search for Methodist, Protestant, Baptist or Presbyterian Assisted Living Facilities and the exact same results are presented. What more, many of the best rated assisted living facilities in Nevada do not list chapels among their amenities. This means faithful adults are going to be significantly challenged unless they can find something good that is in close proximity to a Christian church community.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Nevada

While there may be a limited number of Christian assisted living facilities available in NV, secular assisted living facility rates are actually a good deal less expensive, compared to the national monthly average of $4,000, by about $600 per month. Las Vegas and Carson City are both a bit more expensive, with average monthly rates that are closer to $3,600, but that still means a discount of more than 7%, compared to the national average. There is an even cheaper alternative in Reno, where rates drop below $3,300 per month, so seniors can find some very nice assisted living centers that are budget-friendly.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Nevada - Amenities

There are Sunday church services, prayer breakfasts, fish fries and much more that help bring Christian together as a real community. This community provides strength and support. It is part of the fabric of life for anyone who is truly committed to a life of faith, and it is this community holds people close. For seniors considering a transition to assisted living, a Christian assisted living facility would help ease the transition, since many of the same values they live with today, will carry forward.

So how will seniors make the transition when there is no Christian assisted living center that can meet their needs? With the right secular assisted living center, the answer is actually pretty simple. Find an assisted living facility, set in a Christian community, that is close enough to get too. It could even be the community seniors are currently active in.

Christian Assisted Living Facilities in Nevada - Religious Amenities

  1. So, assuming this will not be a Christian assisted living facility, it will have to be close to a Christian church, and the center will have to be willing to help seniors actively participate in the services and activities that the community will be offering. If seniors can easily get to church, then they have the opportunity to stay true to their faith in much the same way they did when they lived independently.
  2. Caregivers in a Christian assisted living center will almost certainly share the same faith as those they care for. That creates a common bond between the two that can be critical, given the nature of the care that may be needed. It is likely to be uncomfortable at best, unless that care is delivered with compassion and patience, two very important tenants of the Christian faith.
  3. None of the assisted living center we explored have the kind of dedicated chapel and chaplain that would be found in a Christian assisted living facility. However, our God is everywhere so even when there is no chapel in the home, God hears us and blesses us, as long as we continue to believe in Him and consistently strive to live by His word. So, seniors will have to take a look at secular assisted living facilities and determine if there is any appropriate space where they can gather with other residents and truly focus on their spiritual needs. There will almost certainly be something that can effectively fill this gap. 
  4. A day in a life of a faithful Christian is often graced by bible studies, prayer meetings, choir practices, community events and many opportunities to do good through volunteerism. These things should not be missed just because a senior has transitioned to an assisted living facility, and it certainly wouldn’t if it was a Christian Assisted living facility. In secular assisted living center seniors will need to band together and work with the center’s community activity planners to ensure all of this is include, when monthly programs are prepared.

Christian Retirement Communities in Nevada - General Amenities

We all get older but not everyone gets “Old”. The first is just a count of the years that have passed. They may be marked by increasing physical challenges, failing vision and hearing, and memories that seem to leave people blank at times, but none of that constitutes being old. Old happens when seniors give in to the challenges and become accepting of their increasing limitations. But for those that are focused on fighting back and keeping a positive attitude, old is simply not an option. Both can benefit greatly for an assisted living environment.

To maintain a positive outlook or get back to one, takes a bit of personal care that deals directly with the limitations of age and that often means getting some help with daily tasks like bathing, using the bathroom, getting dressed and grooming. These caregivers will also work to ensure medications are taken on time and they will consistently monitor health so any issues that may come up can be dealt with quickly and more effectively.

With the personal tasks covered, the next step is to eliminate chores, so housekeeping and maintenance teams step up and get that all done for their residents. The only thing that may be left for seniors to worry about may be a bit of dusting in their apartments and some clean up if they decide to prepare their own meals once in a while.

Seniors don’t really have to worry about meals either. Assisted living centers provide three meals a day, and these are really well done. Menus are diverse so there are dishes for every taste. Meals at assisted living centers are professionally prepared and presented. They are enjoyed in the company of friends, in really comfortable dining rooms. In short, each meal is more like a trip to a favorite restaurant where folks gather to enjoy good food and good company.

Privacy is enjoyed as well, in the comfort or private apartments. Seniors in assisted living facilities can choose from semi-private rooms, studio suites, and one-and two-bedroom units. The semi-private rooms typically accommodate 2 or 4 seniors. The two-bedroom apartments are designed to be shared by family members or close companions.

For residents battling with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, there is memory care. This includes special therapies that employ things like music and pets, to help bring back lost memories, that help calm negative emotions and that help seniors reconnect with family members that are often lost in the clouds this illness creates. The assisted living centers that offer this care also have sections of the center that are specially prepared to be safer and more secure, so no one wanders off and gets lost.

No one will be able to maintain a positive outlook in the face of long and boring days. In well-run assisted living facilities, that isn’t a problem. Assisted living community activity planners get to know their residents so they can build all sorts of programs that seniors will look forward to getting caught up in. They typically include classes where there are new skills to learn, arts & crafts that keep creative minds working, games and entertainment that serve up healthy doses of fun, fitness programs that help improve physical health and stamina, and regular outings so seniors can enjoy a breadth of fresh air and a change in scenery.

Christian assisted living facilities in Nevada may be few in numbers, but seniors can get the care they need while still staying close to God. Give us a call to learn about your senior living options in the state of Nevada.

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