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Search Nebraska for Christian assisted living facilities and something wonderful happens. A long list of well rated care centers comes back and that means faithful seniors are going to have a wealth of choices to consider, as they contemplate life in a faithful assisted living environment. For example, Cambridge Court, in Kearney, NE, along with Hickory Villa in Omaha are part of the highly regarded and faith-0based Bethesda Senior Living Community group of assisted living centers. For seniors in Lincoln, NE, there are three Christian assisted living centers that are part of the Waterford Communities group and are also well-regarded care centers. Add to these many independent Christian assisted living centers that dot this state, and seniors will quickly come to realize their dream of finding the perfect Christian home to settle into.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Nebraska

The average monthly rate for Christian assisted living in Nebraska is about $4,200, which makes them just a bit cheaper than the national average of $4,000. Grand Island, NE, offers average rates that drop below $4,000 while Lincoln, NE, jumps to nearly $5,900 per month. Omaha sit right at the national average which means even here, there are assisted living options that will save seniors nicely over the long run.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Nebraska - Amenities

Faithful seniors are typically proud members of their local Christian community. They know the pastor well, and the pastor knows them. Many in the community know them too as they actively participate in the services and many of the church functions that help make Christian life so fulfilling. It is a cherished blessing that they are most worried about losing when they transition into an assisted living center. But when that move is into a Christian assisted living community it is a much easier transition to get comfortable with. Seniors just need to weigh 4 amenities in order to find a Christian assisted living facility that will best suit their faithful pursuits.

Christian Retirement Communities in Nebraska - Religious Amenities

  1. The first and most important amenity is the pastor who cares for these communities. Seniors will understand the important role these shepherds play and they will instinctively know when they meet a pastor they can happily follow. They need to take the time to find one that will help them constantly strengthen their personal relationship with God.
  2. Caregivers are critically important as well and when they are serving seniors in a Christian assisted living environment, seniors can be certain that they will be guided by some very important tenants of the faith. Serve with a loving heart and a large serving of compassion. Treat everyone with dignity. When offering such potentially personal and intrusive care, these qualities become critically important so seniors can accept what’s being offered without hesitation or embarrassment.
  3. The chapel is to a Christian assisted living facility, what the church is to any faithful Christian community beyond these centers. They are the center of most faithful pursuits. They are a sanctuary when things get tough, and they are that quite space we all need when we fervently need to speak with God. These can’t be casual and shared spaces and still meet needs of the faithful community so senior need to make sure this space will always be there for them.
  4. Lastly, seniors who are committed to developing a truly personal relationship with God, need to invest time and effort in learning more about the faith. This requires a commitment to bible study and that should be a priority on the list of faith-based activities, in any truly Christian assisted living facility. Seniors should also find choir programs, guest speaker sessions, community outreach opportunities and an ability to join in volunteer programs both in the home and out in the surrounding communities.

Christian Assisted Living in Nebraska - General Amenities

Very little that is good and healthy comes from a negative attitude. These attitudes are actually physically damaging to the health of seniors and must be aggressively countered if life is to continue to be a meaningful adventure. For those seniors that understand this and refuse to give in to negative emotions, assisted living facilities provide a positive environment that helps keep them on the right track. For those that are feeling negative already, assisted living facilities in the way they can help turn those negative emotions into a stream of positive consciousness that can feel like a complete rebirth.

Assisted living facilities and their care teams accomplish this in a number of ways and the first is by providing direct care with many of the basic things that make life livable. Mostly, these all deal with personal hygiene tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming, using the toilet and staying safely mobile. This also include medication management so doses are taken on schedule and that help ensure better treatment outcomes and fewer complications.

Then these assisted living facilities put their housekeeping and maintenance teams to work so seniors never have to worry again about cleaning house, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or pulling out a ladder to change a lightbulb. They can leave all those annoyances in the past and stay focused on all of the good things in life.

Seniors don’t lose privacy when they transition into an assisted living facility. They just downsize into an apartment, where they can still relax in comfort. It is like a home within these homes. They are nicely furnished studio and one-bedroom apartments for the most part, though some centers do have two-bedroom or companion suite as well. For those seniors that are happy to share and want to help their budget stretch a bit further, there are semi-private rooms as well.

In most of the better assisted living facilities, meals are worth celebrating. Foodies especially will appreciate these fine culinary creations, drawn from diverse menus, and guided by dietician that ensure they are also healthy. Seniors love sharing these meals with both old and new friends in finely appointed dining rooms, 3 times a day. And for those times in between meals when seniors feel a bit low on energy, there are healthy snacks they can bite into too.

Alzheimer’s patients get special treatment in these assisted living facilities. First, they are given a section of the center that is more secure, better organized, and less distracting. Then they get special therapies that help them regain some of their lost memories, while helping them form new and meaningful ones. These special services do come at some additional cost though so seniors and their loved ones will have to explore these options carefully.

Activities creating opportunities to live fun and meaningful living in these assisted living center. By learning about the interests of the residents, senior living community activity managers are able to craft programs that keep everyone looking forward to what comes next. It could be a new craft program or maybe a new cooking or baking class.  Maybe it’s learning about wines or discovering a new author. It could just be a fun set of indoor and outdoor games that get the blood flowing and add a spark of healthy competition to the day. Whatever it is, these activities are sure to make each day a great new adventure in living positively.

Nebraska is fairly priced and there are more than a few really good Christian assisted living facilities for seniors to consider. All that’s left then is to find that one home that each senior will be happy to settle into. Call us to speak to a senior living adviser in your area and learn about all the options.

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