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In the state of Montana there are several well-rated secular assisted living facilities, most of which include a chapel, and various non-denominational religious services. So, for faithful seniors, this may be as good as it gets in Montana, and with the will to build a personal relationship with God, that could be enough. It will just take a bit more work to get there.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Montana

The cost for all assisted living facilities including Christian or faith-based centers, are pretty much equal to the national average of $4,000 per month. Great Falls, MT, is the most budget-friendly with a monthly average rate of $3,800. Missoula, MT, holds the opposite distinction with a rate that surpasses $4,900 per month. Billing, with the highest concentration of assisted living facilities is more reasonable at $4,300+ per month, but that’s still higher than the national average. So, in addition to having no exclusively Christian assisted living facilities, what is offered is a bit on the expensive side.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Montana - Amenities

A Christian community is centered around the church and Sunday services, but what happens when your community has no church? How do you reach out in faith and find others that share your passion for living actively in faithful service to God? It is certainly possible but is means thinking outside of the box and looking for an assisted living facility, close to a church community, seniors can easily access. Fortunately, Montana has many such communities so the process of choosing the best assisted living center will be only a touch different than it would be if the assisted living center was in fact Christian.

Christian Retirement Communities in Montana - Religious Amenities

  1. The most obvious place to start in in the church community where seniors are already active. In many ways, this could be a blessing as the transition from independent to assisted living will be much less traumatic. If that isn’t an option, then seniors should first take the time to become familiar with the local church community that is closest to the assisted living centers they are considering. Start by getting to know the pastor and gaining a feel for the community’s personality. See how comfortable you feel with the pastor and in the community.
  2. Caregivers are critically important as well and in a Christian assisted living, where they can be expected to share the Christian faith, they can also be expected to deliver care that is guided by the Christian tenants of love and compassion for others. So, as seniors explore neighboring Christian communities, they can also ask about any members of the church that work as caregivers in an assisted living residence and explore those first.
  3. In the secular assisted living facilities we have explored, they do have a chapel and a chaplain to help care for the spiritual wellbeing of their residents. What is not completely clear is whether these spaces are dedicated centers of faith, or if they serve unrelated purposes as well. It is important to know since the need for prayer is dictated by a clock or a schedule. They happen as life happens, and that chapel will be the very best place to turn to when that need arises.
  4. As you explore these assisted living facilities, seniors need to talk with the community coordinator and resident seniors about any faith-based activities that may be available. Most important will be the inclusion of bible studies that help seniors focus on the right path to finding God. If they don’t already exist, explore the possibility of creating a sponsored club within the center that will meet this need.

Christian Assisted Living in Montana - General Amenities

With each passing birthday, we are aging adults and with each passing birthday, the aches and pains, together with the increasing number of wrinkles, make it clear that we are not going to be getting any younger. However, none of that means we are old. Age it a simple count while “Old” is a destructive attitude. If seniors let the power of positive thinking slip away, they will become old. If they hold tightly to a positive outlook on life, they will still age, but they will never become old.

It is these seniors that get the most benefit from an assisted living center. Even those that have lost some of that positive attitude can get that back with the care afforded by assisted living care teams. With the delivery of Assisted Daily Living care, they address the aches and pains. They help reverse the effects of weakening muscles and diminished stamina. They help ensure active seniors remain capable, even in the face of the limitations age challenges them with. Seniors can once again, confidently bathe, groom, dress, use the toilet, and eat without embarrassment.  They are reminded to take meds n time. They are helped around the center so mobility never becomes a seriously limiting factor. ADL’s keep getting old far off in the distance.

As an added benefit, assisted living facilities have housekeeping and maintenance crews that deal with daily chores so senior don’t have too. Instead, they can remain focused on living a full and enriching life, in retirement.

Seniors also enjoy privacy, even while living in an assisted living facility that is share by many other seniors. This is accomplished with private apartments that become their home within the home. They are set up as studio suites and one- or two-bedroom apartments. For those that prefer to share, or are stretching a limited budget, there are semi-private rooms that are shared with one or two other seniors.

Meals are served three times a day, and in most of these assisted living facilities these are a far cry from hospital or cafeteria meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by trained chefs, guided by skilled dieticians, and made to be truly enjoyed. These are nothing short of a trip to a favorite restaurant, with good friends, sharing fun times and great food.

Alzheimer’s is devastating both for those suffering with the disease and the loved ones that are watching them fade into darkness. Memory care helps bring them back, at least in part, so they can be reconnected to their past and reintroduced to those that love them most. Therapies that simulate the senses are applied to reawaken memories and to help these seniors form strong links to new memories so life becomes enjoyable again.

Activities are another key element to life in an assisted living center. There is something for everyone that tap into their interests while helping them experience new things they may come to love doing. Some of the staples include arts & crafts, various skills classes, woodworking shop, gardening, games, both indoors and outdoors, fitness programs, social activities, movie nights, entertainment, and all sorts of guest speakers and educational seminars. It’s never boring in a well-run assisted living center.

Even without specific Christian assisted living centers, Montana has plenty to offer faithful seniors. It may just take a bit more effort to stay focused on God and all the blessing He has provided. Give us a call to learn about senior living options in Montana – at no charge.

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