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Mississippi has an abundance of Christian assisted living facilities to offer faithful seniors. A great example is the Methodist Senior Services assisted living centers, with a dozen option worth considering There are so many in fact, it could actually get a bit confusing, trying to identify which will offer the best and most supportive environment for both physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Mississippi

So, the first thing to consider may be the average cost of Christian assisted living facilities across Mississippi. For a benchmark, compare rate in Mississippi with the national average of $4,000 per month. The local average is $3,500 so without looking any further, seniors can expect savings of about $500. Both Hattiesburg and Gulf Port come in right around this state average. Jackson, MS. is not the most budget-friendly city in the state but even their average rates aren’t wildly out of like. Compared to the national average, Christian assisted living center here will add about $163 to the monthly bill for assisted living care. You can find even less expensive options in the northern end of the state, in cities like Lewisburg, where averages drop to $3,000 or so per month.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Mississippi - Amenities

Faithful Christians find strength in their church, their pastor and their faith community. Faithful seniors are no different, except that their support will most often come from within the Christian assisted living facility they call home. This makes the selection of a Christian assisted living facility all the more important. So, start be examining the quality of the following 4 amenities.

Christian Retirement Communities in Mississippi - Religious Amenities

  1. Start with the minister. As a faithful Christian, you know how important their role is in your community church. You understand how they set the tone and draw the faithful into a real community of faith and mutual support. The role is no different and no less important when the flock they minister to is part of a Christian assisted living facility. So, talk to the minister. Talk to some of the residents too. Get a good feel for how they approach ministry and how comfortable you may be with that approach.
  2. Learn about the caregivers in the Christian assisted living facilities. It can be reasonably argued that those with as strong a commitment to the faith as the seniors they serve, will render the most effective service. Keep in mind, care in an assisted living center can get very personal, even embarrassing if offered by a caregiver that lack compassion and discretion. When care is administered in faith, the risks are greatly diminished. Again, talk to the staff and residents and you should get a balanced and honest assessment.
  3. The chapel is the next thing to consider. First, is it a dedicated space, with 24/7 access. True faith doesn’t operate on a schedule. The need to commune with our Lord could come during a restless night and easily as it can after enjoying a morning coffee. If the chapel isn’t open and ready to welcome anyone in need, then it will have failed the seniors it is there to support.
  4. Finally, learn about the faithful activities these Christian assisted living centers sponsor or support. At the very least, you would expect them to include bible study, either lead by the center’s minister or invited preachers and educators. You should also expect to see programs that encourage seniors to participate in things like the choir, to participate in ministry and to become active faith-based volunteerism. No matter what the center offers, be sure you will find a level of satisfaction that will help you on your unique journey to building a personal relationship with God.

Christian Assisted Living in Mississippi - Amenities

On this journey called life, there are numerous stops along the way that mark important milestones. For seniors, one of the most important is that point in life where living life independently is no longer a healthy choice. The aches and pains are making even the most basic personal hygiene tasks a bit too challenging. Add to that failing memory, diminished vision and hearing, and decreased strength and stamina and it becomes obvious that help is needed. This is the milestone where seniors are presented with a fork in the road. They can try to stay the course and face the risks, or they can take the path to assisted living and get back up to speed with life.

Whether Christian or not, assisted living facilities offer the tools seniors need to deal with this milestone. Their care teams provide direct assistance with daily personal hygiene and more so seniors can feel good about themselves; confident in themselves, so they can get on with all that’s is and will continue to be good in life. This care is represented by three letters – ADL, which stand for assisted daily living, and this includes help bathing, using the toilet, grooming, dressing, staying mobile, eating, and getting the medication needed to ensure great treatment outcomes, no matter what problems they are facing.

Seniors are also able to forget about most daily household chores and all maintenance around the home. There are teams of dedicated housekeeper and maintenance workers who make sure all of this is covered.

A concern among seniors who are considering an assisted living environment is the loss of privacy. They need not worry. They will enjoy some form of private apartment space that will help them feel at ease. Floor plans always include some form of studio / efficiency units, and one-bedroom apartments. Most Christian assisted living centers also offer semi-private suite that will be shared with 2 or 4 seniors. Some also offer companion suites. These are two-bedroom apartments with a shared kitchen and dining room and two separate bedrooms. These are intended to be shared by family members or close friends that want to comfort of a private bedroom at a cost that is a bit less than an individual one-bedroom apartment.

All of these assisted living facilities provide seniors with 3 meals a day, and in many cases, they are very proud of the dishes they can offer. With varied menus, and meals that are prepared by profession culinary teams, this is anything but mass-produced cafeteria or hospital food. These are meals seniors will be thrilled to sit down for and to share with old and new friends alike.

For seniors afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of brain illnesses, there is memory care. Assisted living facilities that are prepared to offer this type of care, with have specialized caregivers, that work in parts of the center that are more secure and much more rigidly organized. This is all designed to keep seniors safe while minimizing confusion and unsettling distractions. The primary goal of memory care is to help seniors reconnect with their past while helping them build new memories so they can more actively enjoy life.

In addition to faith-based activities, there are several other programs seniors will have the opportunity to enjoy. These include fitness programs, various types of hands-on training, arts & crafts, woodworking, gardening, indoor and outdoor games, and all sorts of clubs, covering a wide range of interests. This helps seniors find enriching activities to fill their days with

So, there you have it. These are the key things seniors will want to consider as the work through the abundant Christian assisted living facility choice in Mississippi. Give us a call to speak to a local senior living adviser and learn about all the options at no charge.

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