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In Massachusetts, there are Christian assisted living facilities like Providence House Assisted Living and Susan Bailis, where spiritual health is as important as physical and emotional health. Then there are others, like BaneCare, where there are chaplains and chapel in all of there assisted living centers but nothing that suggests they play an active role in supporting spiritual wellbeing. That creates an interesting mix of options for seniors to consider when evaluating assisted living care option in this state.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Massachusetts

The average cost for all assisted living facilities, including Christian assisted living facilities, in Massachusetts are high. While the national average rate is currently about $4,000 per month, similar residences in Massachusetts are much closer to $5,600 per month. This isn’t across the entire state though. There are places on the western border, like Pittsfield, MA, where the average monthly rate drops all the way down to $3,013 per month. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Boston, where average monthly rates skyrocket to more than $6,400 per month. So there are a few budget-friendly choices along with some extremely budget-challenging options.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Massachusetts - Amenities

In Christian assisted living facilities seniors have the benefit of a pastor to help guide them on the path to finding a personal relationship with God and while that guide isn’t absolutely necessary, it does make the journey easier. In secular or non-denominational homes, seniors can also find their path but it takes a greater personal commitment and their journey may prove to be a bit more challenging. Which is the better path? There are excellent arguments in favor of both but in the end, the result is all that really matters.

Christian Retirement Communities in Massachusetts - Religious Amenities

In a Christian assisted living facility, seniors have a pastor they can lean on for faithful guidance. They have a shepherd that is as committed to their spiritual health as they are in finding a personal relationship with God. This creates an incredibly important relationship, especially for seniors that are coming to terms with the fact that they now need a helping hand and can no longer live with confidence, independently. It is a tough transition that can challenge one’s faith and that is exactly why pastors are such an important amenity in a Christian assisted living facility.

The care team in Christian assisted living facilities are another critically important amenity. When seniors come into an assisted living facility, one of the most difficult transitions they will make is getting used to accepting the very personal care they will be receiving. These are personal hygiene tasks that require seniors to be exposed in ways they are probably very unused to and rather uncomfortable with. Care teams, especially those that share the Christian faith, can bring levels of compassion, love and patience to these efforts, that make them far easier to accept and appreciate.

Activities then add to the list of amenities by helping seniors become actively involved in their faith, through things like bible study and prayer sessions, along with guest programs, community outreach and opportunities to become active volunteers in various community programs. Together, these all add a level of spiritual care that enhances all of the other faithful activities that seniors will find in Christian assisted living facilities.

Among these amenities, the chapel is the only physical one. It plays a central role in the faithful lives of both residents and staff. It is home to religious services and a tranquil space senior can retreat to when they are in particular need or any time they just feel the need to stop and talk with God.

Christian Assisted Living in Massachusetts - Amenities

Intermediate care is that care seniors need when they really can’t continue to live independently, but are still strong enough and determined enough to want to keep control of their lives. This is exactly what assisted living facilities are designed to accomplish. They give seniors the keys to an active life, lived on their terms, but helped along with just what they need to get through each day comfortably.

This care is commonly known as Assisted Daily Living, (ADL’s), and it includes help with getting safely around the center while helping seniors use the toilet, bathe, groom and dress. This care also helps seniors eat when shaky hands makes that a problem and provides reminders about medications so seniors can continue to enjoy a healthy life.

One other important benefit for seniors is the ability to forget about most daily chores. Housekeeping and maintenance teams take care of all of that for seniors, and that even includes personal laundry service. All seniors may be left to do is clean up after their morning coffee, with the paper, in the privacy of their own apartment.

Speaking of apartments, seniors enjoy their own personal space in studio and one-bedroom apartments that offer them a true home, within the home. For those that are happy to share, there are semi-private suites as well that typically provide space for up to four seniors.

These assisted living centers provide meals three times a day and they are some really great meals. Menus are varied and constantly being updated. Dished are prepared by trained chefs in concert with skilled dieticians. They are served in great dining rooms where seniors gather and share these meals and some fun with their fellow seniors and their newest great friends.

Also shared with their fellow seniors are a whole series of interesting activities that are exciting, educational, physically challenging and mentally stimulating. They include things like arts and crafts, woodworking, cooking and baking classes, film and photography programs, games, movie nights, fitness programs, gardening and a whole lot more. There are outings too where seniors get the extend their world into the greater community and get involved is other activities that go beyond what the assisted living center can provide on their own.

Massachusetts has a good mix of Christian assisted living facilities and those that are less focused on faith but still very supportive. It’s just a matter of finding one that fits well with each senior’s needs. Give us a call to speak to a local senior living adviser. This service is free of charge.

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