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Christian assisted living in Illinois is blessed with many really good options, like the five assisted living centers run by Christian Horizons, and others like Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center. It takes little more than a quick search to uncover many more as well that have their roots in most all of the Christian denominations, including Baptist, Methodist, Protestants and Presbyterians. Basically, there is something good on offer for every faithful senior looking for assisted living support in Illinois.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Illinois

Christian assisted living facilities in Illinois are slightly more expensive than the national average of $4,000 per month, but only by about $100.  In Chicago, where everything is a bit more expensive, the average rates jump to $4,700+. However, there are cities like Carbondale, IL, where the averages drop down to a more budget-friendly, $3,500 and there are individual homes where the prices drop even further. Note that these rates are for standard care and typically offer a studio apartment space. Larger apartments and specialized care plans will cost more, while semi-private living spaces will push the price even lower.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Illinois - Amenities

Devout Christians are focused on building a personal relationship with God, without being guided by a liturgical calendar, the way Catholics are. This creates a freer flowing form of faith but also one that requires a much deeper understanding and a much greater commitment to a faithful life. Seniors that have chosen this path need assistance and support, and that is why Christian assisted living facilities can be such blessing for them.

Christian Retirement Communities in Illinois - Religious Amenities

The commitment these assisted living centers make to the Christian faith begins with the pastor that provides religious services. They are the flock’s Shepherd and they set the tone for these Christian communities. The makes Christian assisted living facilities a lot like larger church communities throughout Illinois and the nation, where the pastor becomes God’s messenger. Seniors should get to know these pastors before settling into any Christian assisted living facility and be sure they will be happy following them on this path to a spiritual existence.

Every pastor and every flock need a place to call home. That is a church in most communities, but in Christian assisted living facilities, it is most often a chapel. Seniors should spend some time visiting these chapels to see how actively they are used. It is a great way to gauge the measure of faith in each of these living centers and to be sure these spaces are really used for the purpose they are intended for. It can’t be just another common area and still be effective as a center of faithful contemplation.

The staff play a critical role that goes beyond the obvious. It is more than just the care they provide. It is the way they deliver that care, and the extent to which their efforts are influenced by their Christian faith. This is highly personal care that must be offered with compassion and love, and that care must be delivered with complete discretion. Seniors should also take some time to get to know the care team and talk with some of the residents to gauge how well the team meets this challenge.

Christian assisted living facilities have community organizers that look beyond the typical arts and crafts activities, to find programs that will help seniors gain more from their faith. These will certainly include bible study programs and things like Prayer breakfasts. They will include invitations to guest speakers and preacher that add new perspectives in faith. They will include community outreach and opportunities for seniors to become involved in volunteerism. This make these members of the care team and the activities Christian assisted living centers offer, unique, compared to any secular assisted living center.

Christian Assisted Living in Illinois - Amenities

No one needs to get old. They will get older but that isn’t the same. Getting older is little more than counting. Getting old is a mental state that allows seniors to become far to focus on the challenges of aging, to the detriment of everything good that life sill has to offer. Those seniors that refuse to let the challenges get the best of them are those that get the most from assisted living facilities and those that have been too focused on those challenges can often find their way back to a fun and active life, when they have an assisted living care team helping them win these daily battles.

It all starts with personal hygiene, some of the most personal things we all need to do each day, and the first things seniors are often challenged with doing independently. Care teams in assisted living facilities will play an active role in helping with bathing, groom dressing, using the toilet and moving prom place to place around the home and throughout the day. They will also help with eating when unsteady hands make that too challenging and, they will help seniors manage their medications so they can enjoy the best medical outcomes possible. This is all known as ADL care (Assisted Daily living).

Beyond the ADL’s, assisted living facilities handle all of the housekeeping, including personal laundry and linen service. They also deal with all of the maintenance requirement around the home. These are tasks seniors no longer worry about when they settle into a care center.

Meals at Christian senior living communities are offered three times a day, and they are really great meals. This is just some flavorless cafeteria fare. These are varied menus, designed by culinary and dietary teams, that are delicious and healthy. They are served in grand dining rooms where seniors get to share fun times with their fellow seniors. In between these meals, there are snacks, normally available all day, that are also healthy and satisfying, especially for those seniors working to manage blood sugar and other metabolism related issues.

Some assisted living facilities are pet-friendly. For seniors that love their four-legged companions, this means they can remain together even after the move to an assisted living facility. It also offers every other senior in the assisted living centers to enjoy the benefits that comes with interacting with these loving pets. There aren’t many that offer this flexibility through, so seniors will have to look a bit harder if this is important for them.

Activities make each day in an assisted living facility enjoyable. Without them, boredom would set in and many seniors would risk becoming increasingly disconnected with the world around them. Community managers will design a variety of programs that make active living a reality for everyone, and most every interest.

Privacy is provided with individual apartments, including studio units, one-bedroom apartment and semi-private suites. In some cases, there are two-bedroom apartments as well that can be shared by a couple of family members or close companions.

Christian assisted living facilities in Illinois offer a wide range of options so seniors looking to live their faith will find a welcoming home in this state.

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