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Christian assisted living in Idaho may be challenging to find. What many seniors will find though are secular assisted living centers that profess an abundance of faith and care that is guided by that faith. So, in assisted living facilities like Salmon Creek, Morning Star, and Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, all that may be missing is the minister. Still, Christian seniors will have to step up to the challenge of creating their own faithful activities that will help them create a deeper, more personal relationship with God.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Idaho

Whether it’s a Christian assisted living facility, a Catholic assisted living facility or a secular assisted living facility, the average monthly rates in Idaho are generally less that the national average of $4,000. Statewide, the rate is closer to $3,750 per month and in cities like Idaho falls it can drop to as low as $3,350 per month. To be sure, there are more expensive cities too, like Lewiston, where the rate jump to just shy of $5,000 per month. For the most part though, all of Idaho’s cities are right around or under that national average.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Idaho - Amenities

The focus of Christians is to develop a personal relationship with God and that requires a very active commitment to worship and learning. It isn’t an idle or an on-again-off-again endeavor. This is why devout seniors are so concerned about finding a Christian assisted living facility that can support their effort – that will stand with them and help them stay on track. In the absence of such an assisted living center, they need to consider the way each care team approaches their mission and how they can take a more direct role in finding that all important path to God’s loving embrace.

Christian Retirement Communities in Idaho - Religious Amenities

One of the things seniors may consider is finding a comfortable place in a Catholic assisted living facility. Both worship the same god and share version of the bible that have significant overlaps. To be sure, it isn’t quite the same, but just being in an environment where faith is front and center could be a great alternative to no focus at all.

Even secular assisted living centers can bring a strong commitment to faith, to the care they deliver and the programs and activities they make available. In these assisted living centers, the faith of the staff becomes an important factor, and that doesn’t mean that the staff must be Christian. It does mean they have to have faith though and that faith should actively influence the way they approach caring.

When faithful seniors settle into a secular home, it must be with the understanding that they will be driving their own personal effort to live their faith. They can and should expect support from the center’s management but they won’t have a fulltime chaplain or minster they can lean on. So, they can set their own worship schedule, use various online resources to join religious services, and of course, make sure they are spending time with their bible every day.

This all gets easier when seniors have others they can worship with. It doesn’t have to be a Christian assisted living center to have other seniors that are equally interested in practicing their faith. They can join together in prayer and bible study groups, that create their own activities, in coordination with the community directors that are charged with finding activities that meet everyone’s needs.

If seniors are truly committed to a faithful existence, they don’t have to have a Christian assisted living facility to call home. They just need to commit, to find others to share their passion, and to identify management teams that are ready to step up and support their efforts. In some way, it could actually be a blessing in disguise as seniors are forced to make an even greater commitment to their faith and their personal relationship with God.

Christian Assisted Living in Idaho - Amenities

If a senior looks at age as an annoyance and spends their time complaining about the difficulties of living as an aging adult, they are unlikely to do well. If instead, they look at these evolving conditions as a challenge they can fight through, they will undoubtedly live a full and active life, even in the face of aching muscles, arthritic joints, diminished hearing and vision, and everything else life throws at them. Ageing isn’t a disability for those that refuse to be disabled, and it is these seniors assisted that assisted living facilities are designed to help.

The things that often are impacted first, and can be the most annoying, are the daily personal care / personal hygiene tasks, that we all take for granted. Assisted Daily Living care (ADL’s), address these issues by providing hands-on assistance with everything from bathing to using the toilet, as well as dressing and grooming.       This care provides assistance with eating and with getting from place to place in the center as the events of each day unfold. They also include medication management so seniors can get the best result from the medical advice their doctors have provided.

Beyond the ADL’s, housekeeping keeps things clean, they take care of the laundry and they handle the linen service. There are maintenance teams in Assisted Living Centers that will deal with repairs and improvements to the property, so seniors no longer need to worry about pulling out tools and ladders and dealing with the risks.

Meals at Assisted Living Facilities are served 3 times each day, become an important part of each day, and that is not just because they provide sustenance. These are opportunities to enjoy great food, with friends, in a find dining room that is often filled with the sounds of laughter and friendly conversations. The menus seniors select from are commonly designed by trained dieticians and then executed by professional chefs. In between meals, there are snacks, often available all day, that help seniors maintain a healthy metabolism while controlling blood sugar.

When Alzheimer’s disease is an issue, these assisted living facilities offer memory care and increased security features that help seniors remain safe, while improving their connection to the world around them. Memory care helps elderly people recover memories that help them rediscover the family ties that have become clouded or completely unrecognized. Basically, this care helps reverse some of the effects of dementia while slowing the progress of this illness.

Spend time in any decent assisted living facility and you will discover an active and happy home, where seniors are engaged in all sorts of activities. These are designed by trained community managers that take to time to learn about the interests of their residents, so they can create activities that tap into those interests. This is one way that religious activities can be brought into secular assisted living facilities and how broader educational opportunities are offered. There is a long list of things that are commonly included but in the end, the idea is that no one should suffer boredom for lack of fun things to get involved with.

Christian assisted living facilities are a rare breed in Idaho, but determined seniors still have some great options for getting the care they need while nurturing their personal relationship with God.

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