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Georgia has a rich tradition of providing Christian assisted living services to aging adults, and there’s a deep pool of Christian assisted living facilities seniors can choose from. Christian retirement communities in Georgia are dotted all across the state and represent just about every Christian denomination seniors might be hoping to find. These faith-based senior living centers are also varied in style, from centers that self-contained to those that are part of a larger seniors’ community. It makes the option in this state especially rich and for those seniors that want to stay close and true to their faith, this will be one of the very best places to settle into.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Georgia

Christian assisted living facilities in in the state of Georgia are precisely inline with the national average of $4,000 per month but there are some pretty wide swings in the pricing as seniors search various cities in this state. For example, average monthly rates drop to $3,600 in Warner Robins, Georgia while Brunswick, GA, jumps to $6,000 per month. Atlanta, where the majority of Christian assisted living facilities are based is also reasonable inexpensive, at $3,750 per month, so overall, Georgia is a budget-friendly destination.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Georgia - Amenities

Christian life is an active life, and by active we mean, it is a life where faith plays a consistently important role in every aspect of life. It is prayerful. It is thankful.  It is helpful. And, it is evangelical, which means faithful Christians active work to spread the good news of the Lord. Seniors that are committed to this life of faith need an environment that supports their efforts and nurtures their faith, and that is what Christian assisted living facilities strive to day all day, every day.

Christian Retirement Communities in Georgia - Religious Amenities

The effort is led by the minister, who sets the religious tone for the community. These preachers take seniors under their wings and help them soar to ever greater heights in faith and love. They are the key to helping seniors face the challenges of aging with the knowledge that God is there and for them. That no matter how tough things may get, they are loved and blessed by the Lord. They help bring the faith to life in very tangible ways that resonate with the seniors.

As mentioned earlier, some of the Christian living facilities in Georgia are self-contained, with a dedicated chapel, while others are part of a larger senior community, where the is a main worship center the entire community gets to enjoy. There are benefit to both of these but in the end, both are critically important amenities in the lives of all faithful seniors. No Christian assisted living facility can be complete without these centers of faith.

In Christian assisted living facilities, activities take on a far more important role, compared to the common activities these and all other assisted living centers will offer. Religious activities, like prayer breakfasts and bible studies help seniors deepen their faith while helping them maintain mentally alert and socially active.

The nature of the care offered to seniors in these assisted living facilities is highly personal and can seem intrusive if this is not accompanied by a strong measure of patience, love and compassions. In Christian assisted living facilities, where the staff share the faith, seniors will enjoy healthy measures of all of these, so care can be accepted with minimal embarrassment and real gratitude. Secular homes could accomplish this as well but it just seems easier for faithful caregivers to connect with their seniors on this deeper level.

Christian Assisted Living in Georgia - Amenities

If seniors are looking for an assisted living facility it will be because they need some measure of help getting through the basics of each day. The secret though is to keep a positive outlook and to find a care team that makes their care a supportive part of daily life, rather than an intrusive and annoying set of daily tasks.

This care is commonly called Assisted Daily Living – ADL’s for short – and they give seniors the basic personal care they came to the assisted living center for. It includes help bathing, using the toilet, dressing, grooming, eating and moving about from meal to activity and more, during each day.

In addition, assisted living facilities have housekeeping and maintenance teams that take care of all of the daily chores that seniors used to be burdened with. Laundry is done. Linens are changed. The home is maintained and seniors have little more than a bit of cleanup to worry about as they sit and enjoy a morning coffee or afternoon tea in their private apartments.

For those elderly, suffering with various forms of dementia, there is memory care and specially secured living spaces that keep these seniors protected and thriving. This is called memory care and it includes special therapies, employing things like music, smell and taste, to bring back lost memories and other methods that help create new memories. In the best of cases, they can help slow the progress of these diseases, but at the very least, they help seniors get the most from life in their diminished state.

Culinary excellence is one of the hallmarks of top assisted living facilities, where professional chefs and dieticians work together to create interesting menus of delicious food, that is fun while promoting good nutritional health. They are commonly served in a community dining room, together with friends that seniors will become close to, so each meal becomes far more than just another meal. It becomes a fun activity.

In addition to religious activities, there will be a host of other things that can help keep seniors excitedly active and connected with their community. These activities often include arts and crafts, various skills classes, like cooking and gardening, woodworking shops, fitness and yoga activities, games, entertainment and more. Life is anything but boring in the assisted living centers and that is a very good thing for seniors that are committed to enjoying life to the fullest.

Christian assisted living in Georgia is rich in tradition and deep in choices. It’s also a place where limited budgets can still find a great place to call home. Check out Georgia and settle into a great retirement.

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