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Florida has always been a retirement destination so it isn’t surprising that there would be many Christian assisted living facilities. Many senior living facilities in Florida are actually set in full communities where seniors will find a mix of both independent and assisted living facilities, with a true community faith center, rather than a small and dedicated chapel in the residence. That makes the pursuit of a faithful life much more interesting since these faith centers will feel just as they did for seniors when they were living and worshiping independently. Advent Christian Village is a great example of this community approach where Christian assisted living is part of the whole community.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Florida

Christian assisted living facilities in Florida are about $500 less expensive at $3,500 per month, than the average cost across the US, so beside offering a lot of choices, those choices are reasonably budget friendly. They can be even friendlier in places like Sebring, FL, for example, where the average rate drops to $2,836. As always, there are cases where the prices are much higher too, like in Tallahassee, FL, where they jump to $4,774 per month. One of the most popular retirement destinations in Florida is Port St. Lucie, FL, and rates here are exactly the same as the statewide rate of $3,500 per month.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Florida - Amenities

Being a good Christian takes work. It requires a commitment to worship. It requires an unwavering belief that God has our backs, always, if we just take the time to talk to him, thank him and ask for His help and guidance. That may not sound so hard until you consider that seniors are dealing with health issues that make it increasingly more difficult to focus on anything other than the challenges age is forcing on them. This is where Christian assisted living facilities come into the picture. They are designed to help seniors deal with the distraction of aging so they can focus on the healing power of the Lord.

Christian Retirement Communities in Florida - Religious Amenities

The most important way they do this is by providing a good Shepherd (pastor or minister), that can guide this flock and open their eyes to Gods promise, and just like in community churches all across the state, these pastors set the tone for the entire congregation. If that tone is uplifting the congregation will rise with that message. This is how it must be so as seniors search for the best Christian assisted living facility thy first need to get to know the pastor and some of the flock.

In these Florida senior living communities, Christian assisted living is often just one part of a larger seniors’ community, with a committed church at its center. This has some very real benefits for seniors over the typical in-house chapel since it keeps them connected to a larger community of the faithful. That connection allows them to be much more actively involved in all that is happening in that community and not just church services.

In Christian assisted living facilities, activities take on a much more significant meaning, with bible studies and other religious activities and would be missing from secular assisted living centers. These programs compliment the pastor’s teaching while also affording the congregation the opportunity to serve, to join the choir and do other things that make Christian life a truly rich experience.

The last piece of the of the amenities puzzle in these Christian assisted living facilities is filled by the staff. The care they offer is highly personal and the seniors they are caring for may already feel as if they’ve become a burden to those around them. If caregivers can bring their faith to this service and deliver assistance with compassion and patience, they will help these seniors much more completely. The physical care is obviously important, but even secular assisted living centers can deliver professional services. Truly compassionate services are much more than that and fellow Christians are often the best sources for this kind of care.

Christian Assisted Living in Florida - Amenities

If seniors got out of bed each morning feeling more like they were 50 and less like 65+, they would be considering an assisted living facility. Why would they look for care when they are perfectly able to care for themselves? The fact is, they don’t feel like 50 anymore and the things they used to take for granted are now real challenges. Conquering those challenges without a helping hand might be possible but assisted living facilities make it unnecessary to fight that battle alone.

Assisted Daily Living or ADL’s are the order of daily business in these assisted daily living centers and that means, caregivers are at the ready to help seniors get around safely, bathe comfortably, dress and groom easily and eat without the frustrations that comes with weak and unsteady limbs.  They will help manage medications too, so seniors have a far better chance of staying on top of their illnesses while avoiding new and more challenging health issues.

These care teams in Assisted Living Centers also provide regular housekeeping, laundry and linen service and the laundry service normally includes personal items on a weekly basis. This means seniors need not worry about much more than a bit if dusting and maybe washing up after their morning coffee.

Alzheimer’s disease presents an additional set of challenges for caregivers that go well beyond the basic care all other seniors require. For these residents, safety is the first order of business. They have a tendency to wander off and get lost so assisted living centers need to layer on additional security features that help prevent that from happening. They then provide unique memory care, which is a set of therapies that help seniors bring back lost memories, through things like music, and help them form and retain new memories that make each new day a richer experience. This care can even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s so these seniors can enjoy more of life.

Most assisted living centers are quite proud of the culinary excellence. In fact, the way some of them go on about their food, seniors might wonder if they should be getting Micheline Stars for food excellence. All kidding aside though, they work hard to bring seniors three great meals every day that are really enjoyable while also being healthy. They are enjoyed in stylish dining rooms and often shared with the many new friends that seniors will make in these group settings.

Activities help keep idle minds from focusing on problems and instead keeps them focused on enjoying life, one activity at a time and one day at a time. Combined with religious activities, these work wonder for the spirit of each senior and the assisted living center as a whole. They can include fitness programs, educational opportunities, fun and games, entertainment, arts & crafts, woodworking and more. No one needs to be bored in these settings.

Christian assisted living in Florida is plentiful, it is often community based, and it is fairly priced, so seniors should have no problem finding a great new place to call home. Give us a call to find Christian Assisted Living community nearby.

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