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Delaware has quite a few Christian assisted living facilities to choose from, but they aren’t always easy to identify. There are plenty of good Christian senior living communities in Delaware for seniors to consider.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Delaware

Delaware is an expensive state for Christian assisted living facilities. In fact, it’s an expensive state for any type of assisted living facility. The average monthly rate tops $6,100, making this state more that 33% more expensive when compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. The costs are also fairly consistent across the state so whether it’s Wilmington or Dover, the rates won’t vary very much, if at all.  These rates cover all of the basic care seniors will need and a studio apartment setting.  For seniors on a tight budget, there are less expensive options, like semi-private residences that are still set in Christian assisted living facilities.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Delaware - Amenities

Living a faithful life is an active endeavor. It is a commitment to a life of worship that is guided by a personal relationship with God. Christian life isn’t liturgical (guided by a set calendar), as it is in the Catholic faith, which means seniors have to work harder to maintain their faith. They must have a deeper understanding of what life as a faithful Christian really means and this is exactly why a Christian assisted living facility of so important.

Christian retirement communities in Delaware - Religious Amenities

The first way these Christian assisted living facilities help seniors is by providing a minister that will be their guide. This will be God’s Shepherd, guiding the faithful in ways that are spiritually enriching. This make them one of the most important members of the care team, for when they do God’s work well, seniors are better able to enjoy all of the other aspects of their lives in these assisted living centers.

The chapel is next on the list. It is a quite space where the hustle and bustle of the Christian assisted living center is rendered silent. Peace pervades and seniors are able to focus on their time with God. It must be a committed space though. It can’t be a shared space with other non-related activities and still play the role it was intended for. Faith knows no time. Prayer isn’t offered on an inflexible schedule. God doesn’t work on a fixed set of hours. The chapel must be there whenever any resident feels the need to be close to God.

Staff, especially caregivers, are the next in this group of key amenities. They must be guided by the Christian faith if they are to bring a real measure of compassion, discretion and patience to their efforts to assist seniors. This can’t be taken lightly given the highly personal nature of the care they will be called upon to provide and when they let faith guide them, what could be embarrassing becomes bearable, and instead of feeling like burdens, seniors feel loved.

Activities round out the key amenities that are unique in Christian assisted living facilities. Beyond the normal programs secular assisted living centers offer, Christian homes add things like bible studies, community outreach programs, guest preacher and more that help seniors gain a deeper understanding of their faith and helps them build a more resilient relationship with God.

Christian Assisted Living in Delaware - Amenities

Seniors that are considering a move to an assisted living facility do so because they are no longer comfortable doing some basic things without a bit of help. Arthritic joins, weak muscles, unsteady hands and poor stamina make normal daily activities just a touch more than they can deal with confidently.

Assisted living facilities, Christian or otherwise, address these concerns with direct and hands-on assistance that include help at bath time, assistance using the toilet, help grooming and dressing, and help eating and getting around the center as each day blossoms. These are known as ADL’s or Assisted Daily Living activities, and together with regular housekeeping and maintenance, seniors have the opportunity to live a reasonably carefree life.

Seniors living with Alzheimer’s have unique needs that go well beyond basic assisted living care. Memory Care Centers in Delaware are equipped to provide seniors with memory diseases with the appropriate level of care. They are dealing with a degenerative illness that requires special therapies to help minimize the devastation caused by a brain that is being ravaged. They also require increased protection within the home, an environment that is more organized, and activities that minimize distractions. Memory care is designed to deal with all of these issues so seniors can live richer lives.

Pet-friendly homes are the exception, rather than the rule, but in Delaware, with its three Brookdale homes, that is turned upside down. Pets are welcome to move in with the human partners so there is no need to leave them behind with family or put them up for adoption.

Meals are a time to gather as a community, in a find dining room, and enjoy three great meals each day that are prepared by professional chefs. The menus are influenced by dieticians so they are nutritionally balanced, but the real focus is on making every meal a culinary delight, seniors will absolutely adore. And when they aren’t sitting for one of these great meals, they can enjoy nonstop snacks that will keep them satisfied.

Active is good. Physically active is better. Mentally and spiritually active is even better than that. This is what the activity calendar in these assisted living facilities work to accomplish for every resident. Their goal is to help seniors stay healthy and active for years to come and a busy calendar of interesting and entertaining activities is a great way to accomplish that goal. Typically, these include arts & crafts, various types of classes, fitness programs, social times, games, and entertainment. They will also include community outings that help expand the range of activities seniors can get excited about.

Christian assisted living in Delaware isn’t cheap, and it isn’t always easy to identify, but it is really well respected so for those that love this state and want to stay connected to their faith, there are options. Give us a call to quickly find the right assisted living for yourself or for your loved ones in the state of Delaware.

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