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There are Christian assisted living centers in Colorado that are standing ready to meet both their physical and spiritual needs of the seniors who live in the state. The largest number of Catholic retirement communities are clustered around Boulder and Aurora and they branch out from there, heading south and west.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Colorado

Monthly rates for Christian assisted living facilities in Colorado are a touch higher, at $4,095 per month, compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. Assisted living centers in Boulder are much higher at $4,850 while Fort Collins is the least expensive, at average $3,848 per month. These rates cover all of the basic care most seniors will want from an assisted living facility, so unless there are special needs, seniors can budget around these numbers.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Colorado - Amenities

Being a faithful Christian requires commitment. In fact, it requires an active commitment if seniors are to nurture a personal relationship with God. Christian assisted living facilities understand what this requires and are designed to help seniors achieve a level of faith that is truly fulfilling. They are built on the faith and that shows in everything they do as they care for aging adults with various levels of need.

Christian Retirement Communities in Colorado - Religious Amenities

This starts with the most important amenity of all, the selection of the pastor that will guide their flock. Pastors set the tone. They inspire active participation. They create that sense of community that is the hallmark of every spiritually rich church community. Pastors are God’s Shepherds, following in the footsteps of Christ, as they lead the flock to God’s abundance. When living independently, seniors will like have encountered pastors that inspired them and others that bored them to tears. They were always free to move to a different church if they wanted. That isn’t so easy when they are living in a Christian assisted living facility so finding one with a pastor that will keep them inspired means a lot.

Every pastor needs a church. It doesn’t have to be some grand palace, but they need somewhere to gather the flock. In Christian assisted living centers, this is the chapel, where worship services are offered, prayer meetings happen, bible study can take place and religious counseling can be offered. It is the faithful core of these residences, and while faith isn’t limited to those four walls, it does provide a measure of focus and a greater sense of continuity for seniors accustomed to attending daily or weekly services.

Care teams are the next critical amenity in any Christian assisted living facility. It can be argued that they are the most important amenity in any assisted living center, whether Christian or not, since they are the frontline caregivers. The extent to which they bring love, patience and compassion to their work, determines how truly effective they are in lifting the spirits of seniors. When they really share the faith, there is no doubt that these qualities will shine through in them.

The final pillar that makes a Christian assisted living facility Christian are the activities that help make each day meaningful. They always include bible studies and prayer sessions. They will likely include guest speaker and preachers too. And, they often provide seniors with opportunities to get involved in volunteer programs where they can feel more connected to the community at large.

Christian Assisted Living Facilities in Colorado - Amenities

If seniors feel old then they are old and that is a downward spiral no one wants to be on. The problem is, aches and pains, poor vision, diminished hearing, problems with balance and a failing memory, make it really tough not to feel old. That is, unless they can get a helping hand that helps deal with these challenges so they can get back to focusing on all of the good stuff each new day has to offer. This is what assisted living facilities, and especially Christian assisted living facilities are designed to do.

Assisted living facilities provide care that is commonly referred to as ADL’s or Assisted Daily Living tasks. These are things caregivers can help with in a very direct and personal way. They include personal care, like bathing, toileting, dressing and grooming. Caregivers also include help with eating, medication reminders, incontinence therapies and a secure hand to help seniors get up and about throughout the day.

Basic assisted living services also include general housekeeping, laundry and linen service, and maintenance, so seniors are relieved from having to worry about these daily chores.

Senior residents can also stop worrying about what they are going to each and what they’ll need to prepare. Assisted living facilities take great pride in bringing three great meals to the table every day, drawn from tasty and delicious menus that are nutritionally balanced. These meals are served in dining rooms that look and feel like fine restaurants and they’re typically share with fellow seniors so they become fun gathering times too.

Most Christian assisted living centers make snacks available throughout the day. This can be especially important for seniors with blood sugar issues and those they are working to maintain their energy levels.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s require a special level of care, also known as Memory Care that goes above and beyond the basics. This starts with an area of the assisted living center that is more secure so they can remain safe and secure. Memory Care centers provide special therapies as well, that are designed to bring back lost memories and imprint new ones. This is done in a number of ways, using things like music, scent and emotional triggering with pets and the like. Together, this also helps manage negative emotions that are commonly associated with dementia, like frustration, confusion, paranoia, and anxiety.

For all seniors, activities are a key to staying active and staying active is the key to staying healthy. So, assisted living facilities work to develop a long list of activities that offer something for every senior to enjoy, each and every day. There is no room for boredom in a good assisted living facility, and this is all in addition to the religious activities we’ve talked about earlier.

Living spaces, where seniors can enjoy some privacy, include studio suites, one- and two-bedroom apartments and semi-private rooms that are shared by 2 to 4 seniors. The two-bedroom apartments are designed for sharing with a close companion or family member so each can save a bit compared to renting individual one-bedroom apartments.

Christian assisted living in Colorado is something seniors will have to search for, but it isn’t all that tough to find some really excellent options.

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