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All across the state of California, there are some excellent Christian assisted living facilities for faithful seniors to settle into when they need a bit of a helping hand. And, Christian retirement communities are easy to find in CA. Just a simple search will turn up dozens of possibilities, most of which are privately held senior living centers of physical and spiritual care. So, seniors in California should have no problem finding a Christian assisted living center they will be very happy to call home.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in California

For about $500 more per month, over the national average of $4,000, Californian can find some very good Christian assisted living residences that will be reasonably kind to their budgets. For example, Merced, CA, offer average monthly rates that a bit less than $3,200 per month and Riverside, CA, where the rates are still under the national average, at $3,525. There are more expensive destinations as well, like St. Luis Obispo where the average monthly rate tops $5,500. So basically, there is an option for just about any budget.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in California - Amenities

When it comes to faith, it is either an all or nothing commitment. For those seniors that understand the level of commitment Christ requires of us, there can be no better choice than a Christian assisted living facility. These are centers of care where everything is, in one way or another, guided by a shared faith in the love God has for each of his faithful followers. These are environments where each individual is encouraged and supported on their journey to developing a personal relationship with God.

Christian Retirement Communities in California - Religious Amenities

The first and most important amenity in a Christian assisted living facility is the pastor or preacher. They set the tone of the ministry in Christian assisted living facility in the same way they set the pastoral tone in any other Christian community. Whether it’s a ministry centered on avoiding God’s wrath, one that preaches God’s forgiveness, or some combination of these and other bible teaching, these preachers create their own unique atmosphere. It will either resonate with their flock or not, so they become the most important factor in a Christian assisted living facility, where there will be few, if any, alternatives.

Then there is the chapel, that provides the faithful heart of a Christian assisted living facility. The chapel actually plays the same important role in the residences, as it does in any church community that is served by a Christian church. No Christian assisted living center is complete without one, and no chapel can be completely effective if it is completely focused on the faith. This isn’t a shared space that sometime is and sometimes isn’t a center of faith any more than being faithful is something that can be turned on and off.

The care team and the management team in these Christian assisted living centers are the next really important amenity these residences offer. When their care is guided by a shared faith in God, it shows. It comes with a level of compassion, understanding and patience that accompanies their efforts. This is especially important when you consider the very personal, and sometimes embarrassing assistance they are called on to deliver. When faith in God is guiding them, these concerns evaporate and seniors are left feeling loved, rather than feeling like they are little more than an annoying burden that pay their bills.

Activities round out the unique amenities Christian assisted living facilities provide their seniors. Living a faithful life is a learning experience, marked by bible study and other educational activities. These activities deepen both the understanding and the commitment to the faith and are therefore, a cornerstone of activities in faithful senior living communities.

Christian Assisted Living Facilities in California - Amenities

First, the faithful understand that God never gives us challenges that we cannot overcome. He does not hope for our failure but rather, our conquest, in faith, of every challenge we are faced with. That doesn’t mean though that seniors have to face these challenges alone. It is perfectly okay to seek a helping hand. There is nothing wrong with leaning on someone else as seniors face these battles and fight to live a fulfilling and abundant life. That is what assisted living facilities are meant to do for the faithful, especially Christian assisted living facilities.

Christian Assisted living facilities provide very personal and direct care for seniors as they work through the normal daily activities that mark a well-lived day. It starts with a helping hand, or maybe a shoulder to lean on as seniors get out of bed and start their day, and it continues as they make their way from one activity to the next, throughout the day. Residents of Catholic Assisted Living Communities in California will find a helping hand with bathing, toileting, grooming and dressing too. When eating becomes a frustrating battle with weak limbs and shaking hands, they will be there to help. When it is time to take medications, they will be right there with reminders. If incontinence is an issue, they’ll be ready to help deal with that as well.

Then assisted living centers in CA eliminate the need to be concerned with daily chores. Laundry is done, the linens are changed, cleaning is handled and maintenance of the facilities are completely under someone else’s control. All seniors need to worry about may be a bit of dusting or washing up a bit after relaxing with a morning cup of coffee and the daily paper, in the privacy of their own apartment. 

Residents of assisted living centers in California also no longer need to worry about preparing meals, and they certainly can and should expect better that basic cafeteria fare. Most of the better homes take great pride in making every meal a culinary delight, that is healthy too. With help from a professional culinary staff and trained dieticians, they have all the tools they will need to make some very memorable dining experiences.

Seniors can also expect snacks all day, that are both healthy and well balanced to deal with metabolism and blood sugar issues.

For Alzheimer’s patients, most assisted living centers provide memory care that is designed to help these seniors remain safe, while helping then recover memories and retain new ones. This is done with a set of innovative therapies like music and pet therapy, that stimulates both mental and positive emotional responses.

Activities, beyond those faith-based programs we’ve talked about, help make each day entertaining, educational, and meaningful. They can be a simple as arts and crafts or as challenging as learning a new language. They can be a simple as a game of cards with friends, or as fulfilling as working on a volunteer programs that provides some form of assistance to those that are underprivileged. Essentially, there are activities that make every day, for every senior, a whole lot of fun and maybe a bit adventurous.

Apartment living is the standard in assisted living facilities, and the floor plans always include a mix of studio suites and one-bedroom apartments. They can also include companion suites where a shared living room and kitchenette are connected by two bedrooms, that close friends or family members can share. These may also be some number of semi-private suites that can be shared by 2 or 4 seniors.

This is Christian assisted living in California and there is a whole lot for seniors to love in this crop of choices.

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