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Christian seniors have several assisted living options in the State of Arkansas. For example, Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, where faith does play a key role. And, there is Springhouse Village which is a new assisted living community in Fayetteville, where faith also plays an important role throughout the retirement community. We would love to help you find an assisted living facility in Arkansas that is ready to care for both body and soul.  

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Arkansas

Monthly rates for Christian assisted living facilities in the state are a real mixed bag but, at most every corner of Arkansas, they are at or below the month averages across the US. While the national average is $4,000, rates in places like Pine Bluffs average just $2,600 per month. Even in big cities like Fayetteville, the rates come in at an average of $4,000. So overall, rate for assisted living in Arkansas range from fair to very budget-friendly.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Arkansas - Amenities

Being a faithful Christian requires commitment and dedications. It is not a faith that simply gives without asking anything of the faithful that truly wish to enjoy all of God’s promised gifts. Each member of the faith is tasked with finding their own personal relationship with God and requires a deep understanding of the faith and heartfelt worship. The problem is that with age and the challenges and aging body creates, it can be tough to stay committed. That is where Christian assisted living facilities have something very unique to offer.

Christian Retirement Communities in Arkansas - Religious Amenities

It starts with their minister, that person that leads the flock to a greater understanding of God’s grand plan for each individual, even as they are being tested by a tiring body, poor vision, limited hearing and a slowing mind. Ministers can help their flock look past these challenges and find the very reals blessing each new day offers. In short, they can help seniors keep a positive outlook that is based on an unfailing faith in God and the life to come. So, the minister is the first and most important amenity these Christian assisted living centers have to offer.

The next amenity to consider is the chapel. It is faith’s anchor, in an otherwise hectic and busy world. Chapels provide a respite where quiet contemplation and prayer can happen. This makes the chapel far more than just a place where Sunday services are offered. I once heard a chapel described as a place where you can be wrapped in a warm blanket, on a cold winter night. That seems like a very good way to describe the importance of this space for those that share the Christian faith.

People are next on the list of amenities Christian assisted living facilities have to offer, that makes them unique. When caregivers and management share the Christian faith as deeply as those they are caring for, it adds a level of compassion and understanding that secular homes will find very hard to match. This is especially true when you consider the highly personal care these teams are tasked with delivering. Faith make it much easier to accomplish and it make the staff an amenity well worth considering as seniors search for the right Christian assisted living facility.

The last item on our list of amenities are the activities community managers design for their senior residents. In a Christian senior living facility, these activities take on a much more important role as they work to deepen each senior’s understanding of and commitment to the Christian faith. They will always include bible studies and prayer groups. They will also very often include guest speaker and preacher, community outings, and even opportunities for seniors to continue providing charitable works that might have enriched their lives in the past.

Christian Senior Living Facilities in Arkansas - Amenities

Every senior needs to answer one simple question. Are you 80 years young or 75 years old. If seniors offer the first response, and mean it, they are attacking their old age with gusto and will find many opportunities to enjoy life’s many pleasures, including the pleasures of faithful living. If the answer is 75 years old, then an adjustment is needed. In either case, Christian assisted living facilities are the place to be, but this might be even more important for those that are caught up in the “I’m too old” frame of mind.

Christian Assisted living facilities provide care in ways that help seniors deal with the challenges of an aging body that’s helps seniors take their mind off the discomforts of stiff joints, sore muscles and failing memories.

They start by eliminating any need to worry about daily chores, like cleaning house and fixing stuff around the house. Housekeeping and maintenance teams take care of all of that. Then they provide direct assistance with things like bathing, dressing and grooming so seniors can get their days off to the right kind of start. If they are needed, they will even provide feeding assistance so meals can be enjoyed without the frustration that comes with unsteady hands.

Thy help seniors avoid debilitating accidents by lending a helping hand as they move from place to place throughout the day. They also provide medication management so seniors never miss a dose of prescribed drugs, and that means a much better treatment outcome that helps them stay strong.

Meal times are also important and special in assisted living facilities. Meals at Christian assisted living centers in Arkansas are served three times a day, by culinary experts and trained dieticians, so they are both delicious and healthy. They are also shared with friends, in fine dining rooms, that are often filled with a joyful noise as everyone joins and enjoys.

For those seniors that are experiencing issues with dementia, many senior living homes offer specialized memory care, where these seniors find a unique environment, that is safer and more secure. In these spaces, seniors will receive special therapies that are designed to help them recall and retain memories that can enrich their lives. Various memory therapies can even help slow the progress of these diseases so seniors can enjoy more of life for a longer period of time.

In addition to the various faith-based activities we’ve already mentioned, there are many others that help fill each day with fun and excitement. They most often include arts & crafts, fitness programs, various forms of education, games and social activities. And of course, there’s plenty of entertainment and opportunities for lots of good old-fashioned social activities.

Assisted living facilities offer seniors various private living spaces where they can create their own home within the center. These are most commonly set up as studio suites and one-bedroom apartments. They will likely include semi-private rooms as well and may offer companion apartments that have two bedrooms that are joined by a common living room and kitchenette.

It may not be easy to find Christian living facilities in Arkansas but when you do, you will be pleased with just how welcoming they are.

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