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In Arizona, there is an abundance of Christian assisted living facilities and that is exactly as it should be. Seniors can easily find an assisted living center that will treat both the physical and spiritual health.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Arizona

Christian assisted living facilities, in fact all assisted living facilities in Arizona offer monthly rates that average about $250 less than the national average of $4,000. Yuma is the most budget-friendly city in the state, with monthly rates averaging $3,450 per month and Prescott and Phoenix are close seconds at $3,500 per month. Tucson, AZ, is the least budget-friendly, with a monthly average of $4,700, but even here, there are assisted living facilities that will be much closer to the national average and maybe even the state average.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Arizona - Amenities

Being Christian means being committed to having an active and personal relationship with God. It is more than just attending mass once a week, or stopping on occasion to say thank you or ask for some extra blessing. Being Christian means living the faith everyday and in everything a person does. This is why Christian assisted living facilities are so important for the faithful. It provides a living environment where faith play a critically active role in the lives of both residents and caregivers.

Christian Assisted Living in Arizona - Religious Amenities

Living a Cristian life is far easier with a good Shepard leading the flock. This is the first amenity Christian assisted living facilities provide for the faithful. A pastor, who is dedicated to the care of all of the souls in the senior living center, is that Shepard, and it is with that person’s dedicated guidance that everyone has the opportunity to experience the real meaning of having a personal relationship with God.

A Shepard protects the flock when they are out in the pasture and he leads them all home safely. For Christians, that home in this life is the church or chapel, and that is the next important amenity Christian assisted living facilities provide. Seniors will come to the chapel to participate in the services and to join activities like bible studies and prayer sessions. This is also a space where each senior can quietly commune with God, without the interruption and distraction that are common in and group living environment.

Then of course is the staff, and as amenities go, they are often the most critical. It is their loving care and compassion that that make the care they provide truly effective, rather than intrusive or overbearing. There is also something quite comforting when seniors can actively share their faith with those they are depending on. It helps create bonds of love and respect that make everything else that happens in and around the home manageable.

Finally, Christian assisted living facilities provide a unique set of activities that enrich the lives of all those in their care, and for this reason, they form a key set of amenities enhance everything else the assisted living centers does for their residents. We’ve already mentioned bible study. There are also guest speakers and preacher, community outreach programs, and even some opportunities for seniors to get actively involved in volunteerism that helps give their lives true purpose.

Christian Retirement Communities in Arizona - Amenities

It has been said that no true Christian gets old. They age and with age they develop the typical challenges that comes with a tiring body, but they do not get “Old”. This is because faith helps to keep them young at heart and it gives them the ability to live without worrying about when their last day on this earth might be. For these seniors, all they really need is a bit of a helping hand, some oversight to keep them in the best physical shape possible, and a faithful environment that helps then continue to live a fearless life, one day at a time.

Christian Assisted living facilities accomplish this in three ways.

First, caregivers are there to provide direct assistance with those things that tired bodies often have the most trouble doing alone. That includes help with bathing, dressing and grooming. It includes incontinence care and medication management. It includes a steady arm to guide them safely from place to place, as each day unfolds.

Second, housekeeping and maintenance crews ensure all of the basic tasks around the home are taken care of. Seniors need not worry about any more than a bit of dusting around their private apartment. Even their personal laundry is taken care of for them, so when it comes to worry-free living, assisted living centers have it covered.

Finally, assisted living facilities in Arizona provide three meals a day and snacks throughout the day that are delicious and well-balanced. Meals are served in a dining room that has the look and feel of a fine restaurant, and seniors get to share these meals with their fellow residents in a fun community space.

These are the basics but they are not yet enough to keep life engaging. For that, there are a wide range of daily activities that meet the interests of all of the residents. They always include arts & crafts, fitness, games and more, but even that isn’t enough to keep it interesting day after day. For that, there are various educational programs like cooking classes, photography classes, woodworking shops, gardening programs, and all sorts of community outings that help all seniors reach beyond the confines of the assisted living center.

Some Christian assisted living centers in Arizona are pet-friendly or they offer pet therapy. Beyond faith, interacting with loving dogs and cats is remarkably therapeutic, but they do add a measure of complexity to caring for seniors and the center itself, that make this a rare offering. For seniors that have a loving pet they’d like to bring with them, it is possible but it will take a bit more work to find a home that is ready to accept both of you.

Apartments in Christian retirement communities in Arizona are the real home away from home. These are the private spaces where seniors can make their own space in the assisted living center. Units are normally offered in studio and one-bedroom suites, but can also include semi-private and two-bedroom apartment. The two-bedroom apartments are designed to share for a close companion or family member, where each has their own bedroom and then share a living room and kitchenette.

It’s isn’t hard to find a Christian Assisted living Center in Arizona and it doesn’t have to be expensive either so for the faithful, have no fear. This next stage in your life’s journey will be purposeful and enriching.

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