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Christian assisted living facilities in Alaska, offer a wide and deep pool of choices, from Anchorage to Wasilla. In fact, there are more than 400 assisted living centers in the state and while not all are faith-based, many are proudly Christian and they seek to care for the whole person, including the  spiritual health. This is a good sign for seniors that need care that will support both their physical and faithful needs.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Alaska

Assisted living facilities costs in Alaska are not cheap and that’s not surprising, given the overall cost of living in this state. The good news though is that the Alaska Permanent Fund will more than offset these higher costs. The national average sits at about $4,000 per month while the average in Christian assisted living facility in Alaska tips the scale at $6,000 per month, and in places like Anchorage, that monthly rate jumps to over $8,000 per month. That’s a hefty premium but there are less expensive options as well, that are still well respected.

Amenities in Christian Assisted Living Communities in Alaska

Living a faithful life as a Christian isn’t just about going to church on Sunday morning. It is an active and daily way of living where the faithful seek to build a personal relationship with God that they can draw upon at any time in their daily lives. Even if it’s just to stop and offer a quiet prayer of thanks or to ask for help with some immediate need, Christians know God is there are watching over them. They know he will be there for them as long as they actively seek His guidance. Christian living facilities live by this faith in God and help their senior residents keep that connection alive and well.

Christian Assisted Living Facilities in Alaska - Religious Amenities

Every Christian, no matter their age, needs a good Shepard to help guide them on the path to redemption, and God’s promise of paradise in the next life. In the Christian world, these are the pastors that preach, and offer guidance, and for a Christian assisted living facility to be truly excellent, they must have an outstanding pastor guiding the flock. For people of faith this is the most important amenity any Christian assisted living center can offer their residents.

The chapel is the next amenity that is key to creating a Christian assisted living center. This is where the church services are offered and often where most other religious programs will be held, but it is more than that. These are islands of tranquility, in otherwise busy communities, where seniors can focus on their relationship with God and spend time in meaningful conversation with their Savior.

The staff is the next most important amenity these Christian assisted living facilities offer. When the caregivers and management team share their faith, and their deep love of God, the care they deliver takes on a measure of love and compassion that would be tough to match in a secular setting. This added depth of compassion is critically important, especially when they care they provide is often so potentially intrusive.

Activities also form a key layer of amenities in these Christian assisted living residences. It is more than just a daily or weekly service for the faithful that fills their spiritual needs. It is bible study and community participation that helps them live a truly faithful life in the company of God. So, these senior living centers will help seniors organize study groups, prayer meeting, community outreach programs, and opportunities to perform volunteer work, that help fill their faithful hearts.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Alaska - Amenities

No one decides to give up an independent life, in favor of an assisted living facility, unless they are facing challenges in their daily lives that they are unable to conquer without a bit of help. When daily tasks are no longer as simple as they once were, it may be time to consider assisted living.

Assisted living facilities in Alaska provide two basic layers of service, as standard. The first is designed to deal with daily chores like housekeeping and maintenance. Seniors in these senior living residences no longer need to worry about any more than maybe a bit of dusting in their apartment each day. The second layer is designed to provide personal assistance with moving around the residence, bathing, dressing grooming and even eating. This layer also includes reminders that help with medications and that addresses problems with incontinence.

Beyond the basic care are things like physical therapy and memory care. These are particularly important for seniors recovering from various critical illnesses or that are being impaired by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Memory care in particular, requires some very special attention that not all assisted living facilities will be able to offer, like enhanced security features and specially trained memory care staff.

All assisted living facilities will be expected to offer residents three meals a day, but the best of these care facilities take great pride in making every meal a real dining experience. Menus are varied. They are guided by trained dietician, and they are prepared by experienced culinary teams that know how to make food much more than just the nourishment each meal provides. Dining facilities are part of the overall ambiance at meal time, with setting that rival most great restaurants.

In between meals, these assisted living facilities typically provide healthy snacks, whenever a senior feels the need get a bit of an energy boost or to balance their blood sugar.

Days in assisted living facilities are never boring. There are a wide range of activities offered to meet the interests of every senior that call the center home. Some of the basics include painting, cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, and even some woodworking. There will be educational programs, entertainment, games and many social activities that make each day fun and maybe even a bit adventurous.

Apartments in Christian Assisted Living centers provide private spaces for each resident, and are varied to meet the comfort and budgetary needs of each senior. They will often include semi-private suites, studio units and one-bed-room apartments. Some will even offer two-0bedroom or companion apartments for those seniors that would like to share with a family member or close friend.

Christian living facilities in Alaska are a bit rich in price, but also very rich in choices.

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