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Christian assisted living facilities in Alabama, offer a vast selection, with most denominations represented. For instance, Methodist Homes offers Wesley Garden in Montgomery, AL. Cedar View, in Birmingham, is a part of the Church of Christ. Don’t be surprised though. As you look through the many presumably Christian Assisted Living centers, you will come across some where the name suggests a faith-based place to call home, like Angels for the Elderly. While all four of their facilities are well rated, these are secular facilities.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Alabama

Costs for these Christian assisted living facilities are fairly inexpensive at a monthly average cost of $3,250 per month or just about $107 per day. Nationally, the average rate is close to $4,000 per month, so finding an assisted living center in this state is a lot easier for those seniors working with a fixed income. There are places in the state that are even friendlier. Dothan, AL, as an example has a monthly rate of just about $2,600, or about $86 per day.

Amenities in Christian Assisted Living Communities in Alabama

Christian living is marked by a life of active worship and a personal relationship with God. Each individual prays in their own personal way so they can make that critically important, personal connection with God.

Christian Retirement Communities in Alabama - Religious Amenities

Even with this sense of finding one’s own path to God, the faithful still need a good Shepard to help light that path. These are the ministers or preachers that meet the congregation in each of these Christian assisted living residences, and help them gain a fuller understanding of what their faith means. Preachers help awaken their souls so they can make that connection with God. For this reason, the ministers that attend to the flock in each of these homes are the most important of all the spiritual  amenities that may be offered at Christian Assisted Living facilities in Alabama.

Next is the chapel. This is the spiritual center of the community and while talking with God can happen at any time and place, the Chapel in the Christian Living Facilities makes it easier to find focus, with no distractions. The chapel is also a place where the faithful can join together in worship, and it is that strength in numbers that often helps ignite a healing spark of joy in each member of the congregation.

Then it is the congregation itself, and to some extent, the folks that administer these Christian assisted living facilities have the least control over. The congregation, when knit into a tight community, becomes a living organism that helps elderly members of the community face the challenges of aging with a sense of hope, both for a fulling life in this world and a joyous life in the next.

Beyond the specific times of worship in each of these Christian assisted living centers helps seniors join in groups for bible study, they organize various guest speaker programs, and help facilitate various types of community outreach so seniors can continue to play and active and giving role in the larger church community. These activities are just one more critical amenity these Christian centers provide.

Finally, the staff in these Christian senior communities play a key role in helping the faithful keep a solid hold on their faith. By allowing the care they provide to be guided by God’s teachings of love and compassion, they are a reinforcing army that helps seniors stay focused on the good as they help them overcome the difficulties.

Christian Assisted Living Facilities in Alabama - Amenities

Seniors entering an assisted living facility do so because they need help with life’s daily activities. These are those things that we all take for granted each day, until age steps in and makes them increasingly painful endeavors. So, when bathing, grooming, dressing and just getting up and around becomes to challenging, caregivers in these assisted living centers offer direct hands-on assistance so these tasks become easy once again. If weak and unsteady hands make eating difficult, they are there to help eliminate the frustration. When failing memory makes taking medication on time and in the right dosage a challenge, caregivers are there to offer reminders and may even administer the required meds.

These are all known as ADL tasks (Assisted Daily Living), and when combined with housekeeping and maintenance, seniors are able to focus once again, on the good things in life rather than being weighed down by the challenges of aging.

Memory care is another key service most assisted living facilities offer, and this type of care is especially geared to helping seniors with various forms of dementia stay safe. Memory care centers also help senior residents remain connected to a life that would otherwise become a frustrating cloud of confusion. Safe spaces are set aside so the residents will not wander off and become lost. The surroundings are brightly colored but uncluttered, so these folks remain aware but not confused. Therapies, like music and pet programs help them reconnect with past memories and form new and lasting ones. Even menus are adjusted to keep food easily recognizable and quick to prepare.

Everyone enjoys three meals a day, drawn from diverse menus that are guided by trained dietician, and prepared by professional cooks that make it all wonderfully delicious and perfectly presented. Meals are a shared restaurant-style experience, so seniors get to share each meal with the new friends and extended family.

Most Assisted Living Communities offer all-day snacks fill the gaps between meals so everyone can easily maintain a healthy metabolism and keep things like diabetes and high blood pressure in check.

Activities fill each day with fun and a bit of adventure, and these programs are in addition to the faith-based activities we talked about earlier. Recreational activities like arts & crafts, woodworking, gardening and more. There are games, fitness programs, educational seminars and various outings as well that add that bit of adventure to daily life. These are all designed and managed by dedicated community managers in each of these assisted living facilities.

Finally, seniors get the opportunity to enjoy some privacy in their own apartments, with floor plans that include studios and one-bedroom suites. Some assisted living facilities also provide semi-private suites that are typically shared by two seniors and two-bedroom apartments, where two family members or close friends can each have a private bedroom that is attached to a common living space.

Christian living facilities in Alabama are rich in choices, and very well rated, while also being reasonably price-friendly.

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