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There are states in the US where finding a Catholic assisted living facility is like trying to find a needle in a haystack and Wyoming is certainly one of them. In fact, finding any faith-based assisted living facility in the state seems like a significant challenge. Everything in the state appears to be secular but there is some good news. Most of these senior living homes have a dedicated chapel where various religious services can be offered and, there are several that are in close proximity to parish churches, where the faithful can find comfort.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Wyoming

All assisted living including Catholic assisted living in Wyoming are a bit less expensive, compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. In Wyoming the monthly rates will be closer to $3,800. This is true in most every city in this state, with the exception of Casper and Cheyenne. In these cities the rates top the national average by about $500 per month. These rates will be higher, based on the type and size apartment selected and for additional care related to issues like Alzheimer’s memory care.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Wyoming - Amenities

Aging seniors are defined by more than just the mounting number of physical challenges they are faced with. They are spiritual as well, and as those physical challenges mount so do the emotional and spiritual challenges they will be dealing with. Catholic assisted living facilities, or any faith-based assisted living facility for that matter, will take a holistic approach to care, that treats the whole person, in equal measure, because they understand how interconnected these things are.

In a secular assisted living facility this is still possible but it is certainly more of a challenge. If the assisted living center is close to a Catholic or Christian community, they can reach out to them for support. They can make televised broadcasts of the Catholic mass available to everyone in the home as well. They can encourage seniors to form their own faith-related groups as well, that complement the activities these assisted living centers will already be offering.

Not having a Catholic assisted living facility available is not the end of the world. The right secular assisted living center will ensure that is true. It will just require a bit more dedication to the faith to God in these residences.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Wyoming - Religious Amenities

Even in secular assisted living centers, the chapel is a quiet space of peace and spiritual contemplation and those of faith understand that as long as they are there and praying, God will be there too. They can come to know God as he lives within them. So, while the church helps to provide a unique place in which to focus on God, even these simple chapels can help seniors find a faithful connection with Christ.

These chapels are also typically available for various types of religious services, like the Eucharistic Mass, or non-denominational prayer services. The management team, together with senior residents, can reach out to local churches and synagogues, and invite priests, ministers and rabbis to come in and join together in worship.

Seniors in the assisted living centers can also form their own groups and develop their own gospel reading programs and bible studies activities. This is actually part of what God call all faithful Catholics to do; He calls them to evangelize and spread the faith. Catholic assisted living facilities will have these programs already built into their daily activities. In secular assisted living centers, the management team should be happy to help, but seniors will have to vocalize their needs when it comes to faith so the management team will know what they need to do.

In a Catholic assisted living facility, there are times of each day that are marked by prayer. In secular assisted living facilities these times of day will be unremarkable. This means seniors will either need reminders or will have to set up their own reminders so they can pause for the 3:00 PM prayer of Divine Mercy and the 6:00 Angelus. Again, seniors can talk with the care team and expect help so they can remain connected to their faith at each of these key times.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Wyoming - General Amenities

Aging adults who look in the mirror in wonder at the face that stares back at them, there is a good chance they are living a happier and healthier life than most others. That is because the face that is staring back at them appears much older than they feel, even in the face of mounting aches and pains. They simply do not feel their age they way many others do. They are committed to a positive attitude that refuses to give in and give up. They truly believe that each day is a blessing to be celebrated rather than just another day of suffering. It is these active seniors that really thrive in assisted living facilities.

Assisted living facilities in Wyoming provide these adults (actually all aging adults), with direct assistance that helps them meet the challenges of age. For example, when getting out of bed in the morning is a symphony of grunts and groans, there is a helping hand there to help them get up on their feet. When bathing requires seniors to juggle between the soap and the grab bars that help them stay on their feet, caregivers are there to help them get things done safely. Dressing and grooming with tired muscles and arthritic joints can be frustrating beyond words but, with caregivers lending a hand, it all gets easy again. These are the keys to basic care that all assisted living facilities are focused on delivering.

Senior living facilities also focus on keeping seniors happily active because active seniors are healthier seniors. As the saying goes, idle hands are the devil’s playground. For seniors, idle hands and minds are an invitation to fall into despair, and to begin feeling their age. Programs like arts and crafts, cooking and baking classes, gardening, woodworking, fitness activities, educational opportunities and more, all work to keep those devilish thoughts well beyond reach.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are equally great daily activities, seniors can enjoy in the company of others. These meals come from varied menus, that are guided by dieticians, professionally prepared, and that often rival those you would find is the best local restaurants. Even the dining rooms make it feels like a trip out for a fine meal.

For seniors with debilitating illnesses like Alzheimer’s, there are special section of these assisted living facilities where they can live in comfortable safety, while receiving specialized memory care. This care helps them recover past memories, develop new ones and keep negative emotions in check. And, by helping to better manage feeling of anxiety, confusion, frustration and depression, this care also helps minimize the number of and the severity of emotional outburst they will suffer.

For privacy, seniors enjoy their own apartment. Floorplans typically include studios suites, and one-bedroom apartments. For those that may have budgetary constraints, they can also settle into a semi-private suite where they may share with one other senior. And, for those seniors that would like to share with a family member or close friend, there are companion suites, with a common living space and two separate bedrooms.

Wyoming may not have many Catholic assisted living facilities but it does have some excellent secular assisted living facilities where faith can still be a focus of daily life. Seniors will just have to take the bull by the horns in these centers to create their own faithful environment.

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