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Catholic assisted living facilities in Virginia are plentiful, and they are in just about every city in the state, so whether you prefer the beach, the mountain or somewhere in between, seniors will find a Catholic senior living center they will be very happy to settle into. For example, St. Mary’s Woods is in Richmond, along with Our Lady of Hope. Head to Charlottesville and seniors will find Our Lady of Peace. Head to the coast and Virginia Beach and seniors can explore Marian Manor and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and these are just a few of the many options.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Virginia

In terms of monthly rates, Catholic assisted living facilities average $4,800 for typical assisted living services. That is about $800 more than the national average but, there are less expensive options that are still well rated. For example, assisted living in Roanoke, VA, is just a touch more than $3,800 per month and Staunton, VA, it right at the $4,000 mark. There are exceptions of course. Charlottesville prices just to nearly $5,800 per month, on average, so seniors will have to consider their budget carefully as they settle on a community they can comfortably enjoy.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Virginia - Amenities

Virginia’s Catholic assisted living centers are a mix of centers run by the church and related religious communities, and others that are privately owned and operated. In either case though, they are truly Catholic, with all of the amenities Catholics would expect to find in a home that is dedicated to treating both their physical and spiritual health.

Life in a Catholic assisted living facility begins in prayer, with the Holy Mass marking the start of each day. This is a Eucharistic mass that held in the chapel and is often broadcast to all of the apartments as well so even those seniors that can’t get to the chapel can enjoy the service. For those seniors that wish, they can receive communion in their apartments as well so no one is left wanting.

Prayer is an important part of each day as well, so seniors can expect to have times where groups will gather to pray the Rosary, while also pausing for the prayers of Devine Mercy and the Angelus, at 3 and 6 PM each day.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Virginia - Religious Amenities

In a Catholic assisted living facility, the chapel is its heart and soul. This consecrated space is where the mass is offered but also, this is where confessions are heard and where spiritual counselling is offered, it is where local community groups, within the center will meet, and this is often the space where guest speakers will come in and meet with the resident seniors. Faithful activities are not limited to this space, but faithful life certainly takes root here.

The staff is a critically important amenity in Catholic assisted living center as well. The care they provide is guided by their shared faith in God, and that means there is a spirit of compassion that makes their care just a bit more meaningful, when compared to other care centers. For those that call Catholic assisted living centers home, that different may be nearly undetectable but for those that have experience in other facilities, the difference is unmistakable.

Then there are the programs and activities that fill each day in meaningful ways. They are a mix of in-house activities and outings to local parishes and other Catholic destinations. These are typically structured around pilgrimage, volunteerism, and bible study.

Catholic Assisted Living in Virginia - General Amenities

How old someone is, has nothing to do with how many years they’ve lived, and everything to do with their mental attitude. Seniors are old when they allow the challenges of age to get the best of them. When they refuse to give in and actually fight back, they change the entire paradigm of aging on its head. This is where assisted living facilities come into the picture.

Together with their senior residents, assisted living facilities work to alleviate the impact off aging by providing direct assistance with those things that are often most immediately impacted. For example, seniors will find a helping hand to get out of bed and into the bathroom in the morning. Assisted living residents have direct assistance with showering and bathing when needed. Residents will get direct help with grooming and dressing. When they need a sure hand so they can eat enjoyably, that help will be there as well. Plus, they get help managing meds so everything they need to do to stay healthy is taken care of.

Happy seniors are healthier seniors and active seniors are definitely happier, so assisted living facilities design a series of activities that help seniors stay active. They include many things but the staples include arts & crafts, gardening, cooking, needle work, games and various types of entertainment. They also include educational opportunities that help keep minds active too. Throw in fitness programs and various types of outings and days are indeed full of great things to keep body, mind and spirit in great shape.

These assisted living centers provide three meals a day that are both enjoyable and healthy. They are typically served in community dining rooms that look and feel like excellent restaurants. They are guided by dieticians and typically executed by professional chefs. And in between meals, there are healthy all-day snacks that keep energy levels right where they need to be.

For seniors suffering with dementia (Alzheimer’s), there is memory care. Assisted living facilities that provide this care will have special areas set aside for these patients that are more secure, less confusing and generally much more ridged in their schedule since consistency helps these seniors stay connected to the world around them.

For private spaces, seniors can choose from semi-private suites, studio units and one- or two-bedroom apartments. The two-bedroom apartments are typically referred to as companion suites that can be shared with a family member of close friend.

Virginia has a lot to offer the faithful in terms of Catholic assisted living facilities. Seniors just need to decide where, in this state, they would like to settle and they’ll find something worth serious consideration.

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