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Utah is predominantly Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), so finding a Catholic assisted living facility is a bit tough, but not impossible. St. Joseph’s Apartments and St. Joseph’s Villas are two good examples of Catholic homes that are focused on the faith. The reality though, is that faithful Catholics may have to settle on an assisted living facility that isn’t based on faith and then participate in the mass via the daily broadcasts offered by the Catholic Archdioceses of Salt Lake City.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Utah

The average monthly cost for Catholic assisted living facilities and those that are Mormon and nonaffiliated, are a bit less expensive when compared to the national average. Statewide, the average rate is $3,400 per month, with the least expensive city, Logan, UT, offering average rates that are in at $3,100. Even the most expensive city, Salt Lake City, UT, still comes in under the national average, at $3,835 per month. Assisted Living prices are reasonably friendly in Utah.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Utah - Amenities

For many Catholics, the most important part of each day is the Eucharistic mass and unfortunately, our searches find no Catholic assisted living facilities in Utah where the mass is part of the daily activities. This means seniors are going to need alternative ways to live their faith that are not unlike what they would have done if they were living outside of the assisted living residence.

The first, and possibly best way to do this, is to find an assisted living facility that is close to a parish church, where the staff will commit to helping seniors make the short trip so they can attend the mass. This will allow seniors to become active members of that parish community even while living in a non-Catholic assisted living residence.

The next best way is to find an assisted living facility that will have access to EWTN (Eternal World Television Network), which broadcasts the daily mass and many other programs that help seniors gain a deeper understanding of their faith and a greater love of God. Access can take the form of broadcasting on the in-house cable TV connection or providing internet access so it can be access on a computer, tablet or cell phone.

Whether it is a Catholic assisted living facility, a Mormon center or a secular residence, there should be a quiet, chapel-like space set aside for all of the faithful, regardless of their beliefs, that will provide a respite from daily life and a place where prayer and contemplation can offer spiritual solace.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Utah - Religious Amenities

When an assisted living facility is Catholic, seniors will find many of the most important elements of daily life are sewn into the fabric of these residences, starting with the heart of the home, its Chapel. But even in homes where the Catholic faith doesn’t play a role, seniors can join together to create opportunities to live their faith. In some ways, it could actually be a blessing in disguise, as these seniors will be forced to become far more proactive in the faith, as they will have fewer resources to depend on. Of course, they will need an assisted living facility that will be happy to help them in that endeavor, but for any assisted living facility that is worth that name, they will be happy to accommodate these faithful members into their communities.

When mass doesn’t come to them and they can’t get to the mass, seniors will still need to receive the holy sacraments. If this is a Catholic assisted living facility that won’t be a problem at all. The mass provider will make sure this happens for all that wish it. In residences that are not Catholic, priests and lay ministers will have to be invited in at least once a week, so seniors can receive the sacraments. Seniors should check with the assisted living center’s management team to be sure this will be done regularly.

As a group, and with the support of various on-line resources, seniors can lead their own bible study groups when they are unable to find a space in a Catholic assisted living center. Even if that senior is the only member of the Catholic faith, there are on-line communities that are dedicated to helping everyone become better Christians. So once again, seniors can take the reins and drive their own faithful endeavors, as long as the assisted living center they will call home, is prepared to support those efforts.

Optimally, faithful seniors will find a comfortable place in a Catholic assisted living facility in Utah that is equally committed to helping then grow their spiritual health while looking after their Physical health. But, if they can’t they can still have a deep and meaningful relationship with God if they are just willing to work at it a bit harder.

Catholic Assisted Living Facilities in Utah - General Amenities

Aging adults are often left with little doubt that the years are marching on, as daily tasks such as getting out of bed, using a toilet and even remembering to take the medication may become difficult to accomplish. These are all signs that seniors need a bit of a helping hand and that’s exactly what assisted living facilities provide.

Assisted living facilities are intermediate care centers for seniors that can’t quite manage on their own but certainly don’t need full-time nursing care. They just need a bit of help with things like bathing, dressing, grooming and getting up and about during the day. They may need some help remembering medications too. And, they definitely need the companionship of fellow seniors who are in the same boat and still working to enjoy life.

When these things are covered, active seniors can enjoy a remarkably more active life then they would have been enjoying when they were left to fend for themselves, and part of the way that happens is with the many activities assisted living facilities organize for them. They have arts & crafts, cooking, gardening, woodworking, fitness, games, entertainment, educational opportunities and more that make each day a bit of an adventure seniors will be looking forward too.

Meals are also an important part of each day, and most assisted living facilities take great pride in bringing 3 great meals to the table each day, all drawn from a varied menu, and all professional prepared and presented. Dieticians are consulted to ensure these meals and the all-day snacks are healthy too. The meals are severed in a well-appointed dining room that make each meal feel more like a trip to a really nice restaurant and when they are shared with fellow seniors, they become great fun as well.

Some assisted living facilities are pet-friendly or offer pet therapy so for seniors that love the interaction with dogs and cats, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits these pets offer seniors.

Some seniors will need a different and more focused level of care that deals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. For these residents, Memory care centers provide enhanced security structures that help keep them safe, and memory care that helps restore some past memories, retain new ones, and stay connected to life so they can actually look forward to the days to come. Memory care also works to offset the negative emotional impact these diseases have, most specifically in the areas of anxiety, frustration, confusion and depression. Managing these negative emotions are key to keeping emotional outbursts under control so both the resident and the care givers are kept safe.

Many assisted living facilities offer special care for seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. For them, there is a more secure setting that they can enjoy without worry of wandering off and getting into trouble. They also benefit from a special set of therapies, called memory care, that help them recover part memories and retain new ones. By doing so, they are less prone to suffer emotionally with anxiety, and depressions and they are less like to descend into physical outbursts that can be dangerous for them and all those around them.

Finally, living in an assisted living facility provides a healthy measure of privacy, with a mix of individual and shared apartments where they can retreat and relax. They are typically configured as semi-private rooms, studio suites, and one- or two-bedroom units.

In Utah, Catholic assisted living facilities may be challenging to locate but that doesn’t mean faithful seniors can’t enjoy a faithful life. It may just take a bit more work to find the right residence and a bit more flexibility when it comes to the type of senior living community they can get comfortable with. Give us a call to speak to a local senior living adviser. This service is free of charge and can save you a lot of time and energy as you are looking for the most suitable Catholic assisted living in the state of Utah.

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