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Like their neighbors to the north, South Dakota make it easier to find Christian faith-based assisted living as opposed Catholic assisted living facilities. There are certainly some Catholic retirement communities available, like Avera St. Benedict Assisted Living. Unfortunately, almost all of the other assisted living centers offer no focus on faith at all so faithful seniors will have to find their own path to spiritual health.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in South Dakota

The one Catholic assisted living facility we have Identifies, along with all of the other assisted living facilities in South Dakota are fairly inexpensive, with average monthly rates that hover around $3,500 per month. Compared to the national average, that’s a savings of about $500 per month. In Sioux Falls, the rate drops to a bit more than $3,300 while Rapid City is only about $50 less than the national average.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in South Dakota - Amenities

Seniors that really want a Catholic assisted living facility in South Dakota have very few choices and will most likely have to consider other faith-based residences as an alternative. Still, even in assisted living centers with no clear focus on faith, there are ways seniors can enjoy a spiritual like in the company of other like-minded seniors. It just requires a bit of creativity and commitment.

The vast majority of Catholic and non-denominational assisted living facilities in South Dakota are privately owned and operated. This means they have no formal affiliation with any church or religious community but it doesn’t mean they are faithless. The staff in these senior’s residences are likely to share the same faith and be guided by the same moral compass that guide the seniors they care for. They will also be likely to support those seniors as they seek ways to explore and live their faith in meaningful ways. Even in these secular care centers, it would not be surprising to see staff stop for a moment to share a prayer or to offer a blessing.

Christian assisted living centers can be as spiritually fulfilling as Catholic assisted living facilities but it will require some outreach to a local parish.

The fact that most searches turn up no alternatives for Catholic assisted living facilities doesn’t mean there aren’t any. It may just mean that those available senior living centers may just be too small or too discreet to show up.

Catholic Assisted Living in South Dakota - Religious Amenities

Even assisted living that have no focus on faith will often have a chapel for residents that need that spiritual retreat as the worship. This space is a like the local church. It offers a respite from life’s daily challenges and an opportunity to focus purely on God, in prayer. If this space is missing in any assisted living facility it falls well short of what Catholics will have wanted from a Catholic assisted living facility and certainly doesn’t meet even the most minimal requirements for any faithful destination.

Catholic assisted living facilities and Christian assisted living facilities will have a chaplain, either on staff or on call, to administer on the spiritual care of the center’s residents. In a Catholic assisted living facility this person is likely to be an ordained minister of the Catholic church. In Cristian centers this is also like to be someone that has been ordained into one of the Christian faiths. Even in assisted living centers that are not faith-oriented, seniors should expect to find a chaplain available and that chaplain should be ordained by one of the Christian faiths if they aren’t Catholic.

Catholic assisted living centers will have bible studies (catechism), and Christian centers will have bible readings, normally as a way to begin the day or as an afternoon activity. In other residences seniors will likely have to form their own groups and be self-guided in their bible studies and prayer meetings.

Catholic Assisted Living in South Dakota - General Amenities

Age is a funny thing.  When we were young, we wished we could be older so we could do all the things the adults around us got to do. The we got older and finally stated enjoying some of those things only to fall in love, get married and have children. Now we began to see the real meaning of being an adult, with all of the responsibilities that came with it. We began wishing for the day when the kids would be grown and on their own so we could get to being retired and having fun again. Then, when we finally get there, our age starts catching up with us and now, instead of having fun, we’re fighting to get through the basics of each day. If that is you or a senior you know, it’s time to get a bit of assistance so you can get back to the fun things in life.

Assisted living facilities and their ADL care offer that assistance and a great opportunity to get past the aches and pains.  It starts with personal assistance with getting up and around, bathing, dressing and grooming. When needed, there is help using the toilet too. When memory lapses make staying on top of medications a problem, seniors can relax knowing their care team will be there to keep them in track. And, if unsteady limbs are making it difficult to eat without embarrassment, seniors will be able to count on a helping hand so they can enjoy their meals.

And as far as meals are concerned, many assisted living homes make the 3 meals each day feel more like a fine dining experience they can share with friends. Menus are balanced, varied and delicious. They are served in restaurant-type settings, surrounded by friends. Meal plans are guided by dieticians as well so they are healthy, as well as delicious.  This certainly isn’t hospital fare and seniors will immediately appreciate the difference.

Activities make daily life exciting, educational and fun. Every assisted living facility will offer a variety of programs that tap the interests of all residents, so everyone finds great things to do, even if those things are as simple as relaxing with a good book and then joining fellow seniors in a book club to share what you’ve read. There are arts and crafts, woodworking (not all homes), music programs, educational sessions, games, social activities, and a variety of fitness activities. Seniors can choose what they want or don’t want to do but, in the end, boredom has no room to take root in these assisted living residences.

Assisted living facilities provide private apartments that seniors will be able to comfortably call home. They come in 4 typical variations, beginning with semi-private suites that are share with a maximum of 3 other seniors (typically with room for 2). Then there are studio suites, and one- and two-bedroom apartments. The two-bedroom apartments are also known as companion suites are a meant for those that want to share with a family member or other companion.

Catholic and Christian assisted living in South Dakota may be challenging to find, but they do exist, and even where they do not, seniors can take control and drive their own spiritual exploration, along with their fellow seniors in residence.

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