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In Pennsylvania, Catholic assisted living facilities are very easy to find and they come in both affiliated and non-affiliated forms. Take St. Martha Villa as an example. This Catholic assisted living residence is an affiliate of the Catholic Health Group in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia but it isn’t staffed by ordained members of the church. Instead, care is delivered by trained caregivers that share the faith but are independent. Then there is Brookdale Mt. Lebanon, that is unaffiliated but still includes many devotional study programs for Catholic residents and other that want to become closer to God. So, there is quite a good mix for those looking for a center of faith that they can settle into.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Pennsylvania

Catholic assisted living facilities in PA are priced slightly below the national average for assisted living, at $3,913. That isn’t much of a difference when compared to the $4,000 per month US average but just a bit of searching and seniors will find some that are well below that price.  Starting out west in Pittsburgh, PA, rates drop down to $3,265 while Philadelphia in the east sees rates that climb to nearly $4,900 per month. Head north to Scranton to find the least expensive destination in this state with an average price of just $2,546. So, there is basically something for every budget in Pennsylvania.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Pennsylvania - Amenities

Catholic assisted living facilities don’t always have to be purely Catholic to be able to serve the Catholic faithful. They don’t have to be run by the church or by ordained nuns and priests either. But as first impressions go, those that are just feel more spiritual and thus, more inviting for faithful seniors looking for a welcoming place to call home. Look past those first impressions though, and seniors can find some great alternative options as well, that still allow them to grow in faith and love for Jesus.

For example, we found no Catholic assisted living facility that would accept service pets in residence. We did find Brookdale though, where both faith and pets are welcome. This is just one example, and for many, being pet friendly may not mean much, but it does point out a simple fact. You can still be faithful without giving up things that help add meaning to your life.

The other thing seniors will need to consider is how they will transition away their parish church. For many, the parish church is their touchstone. It is always there for them and they love being a part of that community. Transitioning from independent to assisted living is already a major adjustment. Add the anxiety of transitioning away from the parish may be a step too far. For these seniors the better alternative may be an assisted living center that is in close proximity to their parish so they can remain connected, even if it isn’t a Catholic assisted living facility.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Pennsylvania - Religious Amenities

Once again, the parish church is often the heart and soul of any community. The chapel in Catholic assisted living facilities have the same role to play for these micro communities. This is where daily mass is offered and the sacraments of bread and wine are received. This is where confessions are heard and penance is offered. This is where religious counseling takes place and where prayer, at any time of the day or night, can be offered. That make the chapel the first and most important amenity in a Catholic assisted living facility.

Amenities aren’t always physical things either. In a Catholic assisted living facility, the staff becomes a critically important amenity. When their faith guides their care for residents, it brings that care to a level that is very hard to match in any other home where faith doesn’t play as important a role. It’s also nice to have staff join the senior residents in worship because it creates a stronger community, and that strength benefits everyone equally.

Whether it’s a Catholic assisted living facility or not, most senior living centers have a chaplain either on staff or on call 24/7. These are God’s frontline soldiers bring comfort and guidance to the faithful. That makes them the next key amenity seniors will expect to find in Catholic assisted living facility and someone they will certainly want to get to know when they decide on a center they will settle into.

The next amenity is actually a set of activities that help seniors learn more and gain more from their Catholic faith. This will be bible study programs and prayer circles. It will be guest speakers and religious pilgrimages. It will be simple things like stopping before meals to say grace and pausing for the prayer of Divine Mercy and the Angelus, as a community. Seniors should pay special attention to the schedule of activities so they can be sure these things aren’t missed.

Finally, the seniors that share a Catholic assisted living facility are the most important amenity of all. Being surrounded by a faithful group of seniors, that openly celebrate that faith, is medicinal, both physically and spiritually. Seniors can witness what happens at 3:00 PM to gauge the commitment of those that call the Catholic assisted living residence home. Does most everyone pause for the prayer or does it pass unnoticed. If the world in that center stops for those few minutes, this senior community will be one of the strongest amenities of all.

Retirement Communities in PA - General Amenities

How many good news stories about assisted living facilities has anyone heard, ever? The most likely answer is none because good new isn’t news at all and there is a good reason for that. The reason is, most assisted living facilities do what they are designed to do. The problem is, when all anyone hears is bad news, the hesitation most seniors have about transitioning into a senior care facility is completely understandable. To combat this unbalanced perspective, seniors need to visit some of these assisted living facilities and talk with staff and residents. A far more accurate picture will soon come into focus and that hesitation may just turn into anticipation.

Assisted living facilities in PA offer seniors Assisted Daily Living Care or ADL’s. This is a group of direct support tasks that help seniors manage bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and moving about the center as each day unfolds. If manual dexterity is an issue, seniors will have a helping hand with eating too. This also includes medication management, either with reminders or direct administration of the needed meds.

Catholic Memory Care facilities as well as Catholic Nursing Homes are available for PA residents and provide not only the appropriate medical care of their residents but also serve to keep seniors spiritually engaged.

Assisted living facilities are communities and there is always something happening in these communities that offer seniors fun and excitement. It could be crafting classes or sewing circles, where seniors sit together a chat as they get creative. It could be a woodworking shop where seniors can create toy, for example, that they can share with grandkids or donate to those that are less fortunate. It could be an opportunity to join educational programs and seminar that offer the opportunity to learn something new with each new day. Whatever it is, these activities work to eliminate the isolation and boredom that can negatively impact both physical and mental health.

Meal time is also sharing time and these happen 3 times a day, every day. Menus provide variety, and trained culinary teams execute them brilliantly. They are nutritionally balanced as well, often under the watchful eye of a trained dietician that ensure their balance. Restaurant quality dining rooms complete the service where seniors can sit together and enjoy both the food and the company just as they would if they were off on a holiday.

Living quarters in Catholic assisted living facilities are typically spacious private spaces that give seniors a home-like experience, even while they are part of a larger community. They will choose between semi-private rooms, studio suites and one-bedroom apartments and then add their own personal touches that make this a real home they can settle into and relax.

Catholic assisted living in Pennsylvania offers some really excellent choices and a whole lot of variety so have faith. There is a great Catholic assisted living facility for everyone in this state.

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