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In Oregon, Catholic assisted living is plentiful and carries with it a rich tradition of caring for seniors as a mission of faith. Just a quick search turns up some excellently rated centers like St. Anthony Village, Assumption Village and Villa St. Margaret, all independently owned and operated, and not directly affiliated with the church or any religious order. Additionally, there are affiliated Catholic assisted living centers like Maryville that is run by the Sister of Saint Mary or Mary’s Woods, that is run by the Holy Names of Jesus & Mary sisters. There are other Catholic retirement communities of course, but these offer a good insight into what can be found in Portland. 

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Oregon

Catholic assisted living facilities, in fact, all assisted living in Oregon are a bit more expensive when compared to the national average, but not by much, and there are many locations where prices are just about on the mark. Statewide, the average monthly rate of $4,499, so about $500 more than the national average but head down to Medford, OR and the rate drop to $3,950. Heading north to Portland, OR and the rates climb to just short of $5,000 per month.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Oregon - Amenities

Catholic assisted living facilities offer an interesting mix where both affiliated and non-affiliated facilities share the effort to care for seniors that are in a bit of need, and unlike general assisted living facilities, these centers are able to care for both the physical and spiritual health of their residents who share the faith that God will be there for them.

It can be reasonably argued that neither affiliated or non-affiliated Catholic assisted living centers are better, but for some, the presence of Catholic nuns adds a measure of comfort that they may miss in the non-affiliated homes. It is really just a matter of preference though since neither group is better rated than the other.

Transitioning into an assisted living facility can be difficult for some. For the faithful, transitioning into a Catholic assisted living facility makes that transition a bit less stressful. What could be even better is to transition into a Catholic assisted living facility in the same community as the parish they currently worship at. Seniors should ask at their local parish office to see if there are any good options in the local community that will provide greater continuity after the transition is done. 

Catholic Retirement Communities in Oregon - Religious Amenities

At the heart of every Catholic community is a church that is the heart and soul of that community. It is no different in a Catholic assisted living facility. In these mini communities it is the chapel that is the center of spiritual life. This is where daily mass is offered, where religious counseling is offered and where confessions are heard. This is a place of tranquil contemplation and prayer for seniors and their families that is always available. This make the chapel the first and most important religious amenity in these care centers.

The staff is the next most important amenity, and this goes beyond just being skilled caregivers. When the staff shares the faith, the care they offer will often go above and beyond what will be offered in many other assisted living centers. This is because Catholic assisted living residences are focused on caring for more than the physical health of their residents. They are equally focused on their spiritual health and that requires a level empathy and compassion that is hard to match when the caregivers don’t share the same faith as those they are caring for.

As mentioned above, being in a Catholic assisted living facility in the same community as the parish seniors have been worshiping in has clear benefits, so location has to also be counted as an amenity. But even if that parish isn’t right around the corner, Catholic assisted living facilities can help build bridges to those parishes, with a combination of transportation assistance and outreach, that brings members of that parish into the residence.

Fellow like-minded residents are another clear amenity. These are the church members that every senior will be worshiping with, so it is important that they are similarly committed to God and their faith. When they are, there are many opportunities, beyond daily mass, for building bonds and delving deeper into the faith as a true community.

Then there are the activities that the Catholic assisted living facility will be offering. These can include a mix of bible studies, prayer circles, guest presenters and pilgrim outings that add a richness to life in these centers that reaches far beyond what normal assisted living centers can offer, so again, these are a unique and wonderful amenity.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Oregon - General Amenities

There a comes a time in almost everyone’s life where a helping hand is needed. It may be an issue with mobility that is being impacted by various aches and pains, or may a diminish sense of balance and coordination that is making basic things feel a bit too risky. For some seniors, memory starts to let them down and just staying on track with medications seems like a losing battle.  This is when assisted living comes into play.

Assisted living facilities offer ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living care), that are focused on providing direct support with many of the basic things that make each day livable. This can include help using the toilet, bathing, and dressing. There will be help with grooming and eating. Helping hands will help seniors move around the residence confidently so there is much less risk of falling and suffering injuries.

In addition, assisted living facilities offer opportunities to interact with fellow seniors in ways that help keep life interesting and stimulating. We are all social beings and need social interactions if we are to remain sane. Simply put, isolation is bad for our health so assisted living facilities make sure no resident ever feels isolated.

For seniors dealing with various types of brain diseases, especially Alzheimer’s and related dementia’s, staying active and connect with the world becomes much tougher. For these seniors, assisted living facilities offer memory care; a well-defined set of therapies that can help slow the progress of these diseases while improving the overall quality of life these seniors are able to enjoy. Additional, assisted living centers add a layer of security for these seniors that helps keep them safely at home rather than out and lost somewhere in the community.

Catholic Nursing homes in Oregon offer the medical care and spiritual guidance that elderly with serious health conditions may need.

Sharing a great meal with good friends is a uniquely human pleasure that has countless benefits, but to fully benefit, the food must be great and the dining room has to be a warm and welcoming place that is conducive to easy going conversations. The best assisted living facilities take great pride in meeting both of these goals with menus that are expansive and professionally prepared and presented. They are served in very well-appointed dining rooms that have the look and feel of a top-quality restaurant. And all of this happens three times a day, every day.

When seniors aren’t sitting down to a great meal, they are engaged in great activities, like crafting and needle work, ceramics and painting, fitness and many types of water sports, gardening, and other outdoor activities, along with many educational programs and entertainment. Together, these create an atmosphere of fun and high energy that keeps everyone in these assisted living centers engaged in all of the things that excite them.

Private spaces take the form of semi-private rooms, studio suites and one- and two-bedroom apartment. The two-bedrooms apartments are aren’t always available and are also commonly known as companion suites.

Catholic assisted living in Oregon offers a great mix of faith-based centers. It’s just a matter of each senior deciding which best fits their needs and desires.

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