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Catholic assisted living facilities are plentiful in the State of Ohio. Just a simple search identifies a dozen of great Catholic retirement communities, and they are spread across the state, so senior won’t have to look very far to find an option they will be happy settling into.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Ohio

Catholic assisted living facilities across Ohio are a bit more expense, compared to the national average of $4,000 but not by much and there are several locations in this state that are well below the average. Take Cleveland and Youngstown as examples, where the monthly rate is closer to $3,600 per month, meaning there are some in those cities that will be even cheaper. Toledo, OH, up on the border with Michigan is the most expensive city in the state, with average rates that top $5,000 per month.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Ohio - Amenities

Catholic assisted living in Ohio has a rich tradition and many of the religious orders best known for providing senior care, have centers that are very well regarded in this state. That’s a great place to start for faithful seniors that want to ensure a deeper spiritual life in retirement.

There are also some assisted living facilities that are not run by Catholic organizations but adhere to the faith, like Springview Manor, where inspirational services are a key component of daily like. This isn’t purely Catholic but for the faithful, it can still offer an interesting opportunity.

So, for seniors that want to live a spiritual life where they can become closer to God, these Catholic assisted living facilities offer a lot of alternatives and a very clear path to a life built on faith in God.

Catholic assisted living in Ohio - Religious Amenities

Faithful seniors will be coming to these Catholic assisted living facilities from parish communities where they were most likely known. For many, these communities are really extensions of their family and being separated from that family will be challenging. Catholic assisted living centers and their care teams will clearly recognize this and work in two ways to offset that pain of separation.

First, when possible, they will help seniors remain active in their home parish with assisted outings and with invitations to community member to come into the facility where they can play an active role helping seniors with things like bible study.

Next is the way the develop their own chapels. As the parish church is the heart and soul of a Catholic community, the chapel is the heart and soul of the Catholic assisted living community. Daily Eucharistic mass is offered here and often attended by both residents and staff. Confessions are heard and spiritual counseling is offered. Prayer services are held, Catholic High Holy Days are observed, and life for the faithful is enriched.

The combination of these two things help senior transition to assisted living with much less stress. Catholic seniors can continue living a full spiritual life in Catholic assisted living communities which is one of the most important amenities Catholic assisted living facilities provide.

Every assisted living facility that earns that title has a maintenance team, groundskeepers, culinary experts, and care professionals. In a Catholic assisted living facility they add a spiritual support team, normally lead by a Chaplain, that offers constant support for the faithful seniors that will call their facility home. They are the constant human face that delivers the spiritual services each of the Catholic assisted living facilities offer.

Finally, this list of amenities would not be complete without recognizing the numerous opportunities for bible study and other activities that help senior gain a better understanding of their faith and help them develop a stronger relationship with God. Beside the daily mass, this could be the most important amenity seniors will encounter in a Catholic assisted living facility that make them unique from all other assisted living facilities.

Catholic retirement communities in Ohio - General Amenities

Aging is both a fact of life and an art. It is a fact that we are all getting older from the moment we are conceived, until the time we are called back by God. It is inevitable and unstoppable. The best we can hope for is a long and healthy life that is filled with faith, love and family. The art of aging determines how we respond to the increasing challenges our age forces us to deal with. For those that understand the art of positive thinking, supported by faith in God, aging can be beautiful. For those that don’t life is an unending battle they are destined to lose.

Assisted living facilities are designed to help seniors age artfully, so they can live happily no matter how tough the challenges of age may become. Assisted living is considered intermediate care and when that care is delivered well, seniors have much less to worry about.

For example, when senior residents of assisted living facilities wake in the morning, there is someone there to help them out of bed, into and out of the bath, get dressed, get groomed and ready for a great day. During the day, the care staff helps manage medications, provides reminders that help manage incontinence and works to ensure seniors can actively participate in all of the activities that make life in these centers so comfortable for residents.

During meal times, culinary team takes over and delivers scrumptious meals, professionally prepared and presented, in a restaurant setting that is perfect for sharing time around the table with old and new friends that also call the assisted living facility home. Seniors can even share with friends and family, especially during the holidays and other special times.

If seniors are dealing with the additional challenges of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, assisted living facilities offer memory care. Memory care centers include unique areas of the assisted living center that are more secure, less distracting and less confusing. Special therapies, like music and pet therapy, that help these special seniors retain more, better manage their emotions, and even slow down the progress of these diseases.

Seniors benefit tremendously from interacting with and caring for pets. Unfortunately, only very few assisted living facilities are equipped to accept a pet into their facilities. For pet lovers, finding those few can be critically important, so find homes like the Village at St. Edward, where faith and pets are both welcome.

Seniors do not give up privacy when they choose to live in an assisted living facility. They will have the opportunity to choose an apartment that will become their own personal space when they just want some alone time. Spaces come in three common sizes, semi-private suites, studio units and one-bedroom apartments. Some assisted living facilitates add two-bedroom suites where companions can share and save a bit over individual one-bedroom spaces.

Catholic assisted living in Ohio is a really great option for the faithful, with many well-regarded Catholic retirement communities to choose from.

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