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North Dakota offers many opportunities for seniors who want to receive spiritual care in assisted living facilities to find Christian faith-based assisted living as well as Catholic assisted living facilities. A great example of Catholic Retirement Community in ND is the Benedictine Living Community of Ada, where even retired priests come to enjoy retirement with a helping hand. Catholic assisted living is alive and well in North Dakota.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in North Dakota

All assisted living, including Catholic assisted living centers carry an average monthly rate that is about $600 less than the national average, with Bismarck, ND, setting the target at $3,400 per month. It gets even better. Grand Forks, ND, costs less than $2,000 per month for similar care. Fargo, ND, is the most expensive city in the state but even there, prices are right at the national average of $4,000 per month so nothing in North Dakota is out of line with the rest of the nation.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in North Dakota - Amenities

If seniors are committed to finding a strictly Catholic assisted living facility, it will be a bit harder in North Dakota. There are many more that are Christian. However, if seniors are really just concerned with finding a home where faith plays a major role, then consider Christian assisted living facilities as well and there will be a long list of opportunities to be immersed in faith.

Most of the Catholic and Christian assisted living homes you will find in this state will be privately owned and operated, but there are some Catholic assisted living facilities that are run by traditional religious orders like the Benedictines and the Carmelite Sisters that deliver faithful care that may be a bit more focus and a bit better supported. For example, the Carmelites have different locations across the country that give them a depth of experience that is hard to match and that could be uniquely beneficial for faithful seniors.

Especially in the Catholic and Christian assisted living centers that are privately owned, seniors need to be sure to talk to some of the current residents about the care they receive and the various ways their faith is reflected in those centers. Not doing so risks setting into an assisted living facility that is faithful in name only.

Catholic Retirement Communities in North Dakota - Religious Amenities

No matter what denomination, the heart and soul of every faithful community is its church. This is most certainly true in Catholic or Christian assisted living centers where the Chapel offers a gathering space where faith is shared and God is glorified. For this reason, seniors will want to pay special attention to the chapel, to those that offer religious service in those chapels and to the other seniors that will that form the faithful community they will become a part of.

All of these assisted living facilities offer regular and in-depth bible study so for those seniors that want to deepen their understanding of the faith, there are significant opportunities to do exactly that. Seniors will also benefit from various religious outings and opportunities to get involved in volunteer work that will help them build stronger bonds with the religious community as they actively live their faith.

Catholic Retirement Communities in ND - General Amenities

If we could only age without getting old there’d be no need for assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, our bodies tire, aches and pains develop, stiff joints make the simplest of tasks frustratingly more difficult, and just remembering why we got up and went to the kitchen can get almost comical. Seniors need a bit of help to deal with these challenges and that’s where assisted living facilities come to the rescue.

Assisted living facilities provide Assisted Daily Living Care (ADL’s), that address each of these challenges with direct and hands-on assistance. That includes help bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and getting safely up and around the center throughout the day. When manual dexterity is an issue, seniors will get help eating as well. Plus, most housekeeping and all of the home maintenance is handled by the care team so seniors are free to relax and enjoy their days, among friends.

Great meals are served 3 times a day, that are well balanced, professionally prepared and presented, and are simply delicious. Meal times feel much more like a trip to a favorite restaurant when enjoyed in an assisted living facility and shared with fellow residents. In between meals, seniors typically enjoy healthy all-day snacks, along with coffee and tea services.

Days are chock full of fun activities that keep things interesting and active. They can include many different things but are almost always anchored by games, social activities, arts & crafts programs and fitness sessions. Some assisted living facilities also offer special programs like woodworking and gardening for those that like projects that are more tactile in nature. There will be offers of educational programs and a variety of interesting seminars as well since learning new things is one of the best ways to keep aging brains sharp.

Private living in these communal assisted living facilities comes in the form of apartments, in sizes that range from semi-private rooms, to studio and one-bedroom apartments. Some also offer companion suites with two separate bedrooms and a common living room and kitchenette that a couple of friends or family members can share.

Catholic and Christian assisted living in North Dakota is plentiful and reasonably inexpensive when compared to costs of assisted living facilities in other states. It will just take a bit of exploration to find the best senior living option for each senior. We will be happy to help you find the right Catholic Assisted Living in your area.

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