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Assisted living facilities in North Carolina are most likely Christian rather than Catholic but still, they are nurturing environments where Catholics can feel right at home. That doesn’t mean there are none that support Catholic spiritual care. We are happy to help you find the most suitable Catholic assisted living facility in North Carolina or in other nearby states.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in North Carolina

The cost for all assisted living facilities, including those that are Christian and Catholic, are spot on with the national monthly average rate of $4,000 per month. However, many communities come in at much less. Consider Burlington, NC, with an average monthly rate of $2,600 or Goldsboro, NC, that is even cheaper at $2,500 per month. Raleigh, NC, is at the high end of the scale, with prices that top $5,300 per month with everything else falling in the range of $3,500 and $4,500 per month.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in North Carolina - Amenities

Take time to visit and talk with the current residents of the Catholic assisted living facilities you are interested in. They will be the best barometer for the depth of faith both residents and staff share. Catholic seniors do best when they are in an immersive Catholic environment and that means everyone needs to be actively involved in Glorifying God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Once seniors find a Catholic assisted living facility they like, it is a very good idea to compare them against Christian assisted living facilities with an open mind. Given that the options for Christian living are so much greater in NC, it may mean that there will be centers that are a good fit for seniors that may need more unique care features such as Catholic Memory Care Facilities and Nursing Homes.

Catholic Retirement in North Carolina - Religious Amenities

When thinking about amenities most think about the physical feature of a Catholic assisted living facility but that misses the most important feature of all; the care teams that treat seniors like family and work diligently to ensure each and every one of them live a fulfilling and happy life in their care. These are an irreplaceable amenity that simply cannot not undervalued so they are at the top of our list.

Next is the chapel. Whether a Catholic assisted living facility or a Christian faith care center, this is the very heart of these faith based communities, just as they were when seniors had the strength to live independently. In these facilities, this is where worship happens. In Catholic assisted living centers this is also where confessions are heard and the Holy Sacraments are offered. In all types of faith-based care centers, this is where religious counseling is offered as well. There are other important spaces in an assisted living facility but none are more important that these mini houses of worship.

These faith-based assisted living facilities will have a dedicated Chaplain on staff, and this will be true whether it’s a Catholic assisted living facility or a Christian assisted living facility.  The only real difference  is that a Catholic Chaplain will be an ordained member of the Catholic church where other Chaplains will more likely be ordained ministers in one for the Christian denominations. In either case, they will be dedicated to serving God and his flock so either will serve Catholics well. They will just need to call on others to offer the Eucharist if they are not members of the Catholic church.

Both types of homes will have extensive religious programs and related activities that help grow the faith. Bible studies are often at the core of these programs so seniors will always have the opportunity to dig deeply into their faith and strengthen their commitment to God.

Catholic Retirement Communities - General Amenities

When our bodies age, they begin to work on our minds too. With each new ache and pain and each new wrinkle, our bodies are encouraging us to accept being old. In fact, it called growing old “gracefully”. For active seniors, this is a load of hogwash. There is nothing graceful about giving up and getting old. Instead, there is power in the fight to stay active and to live a life that is adventurous and fulfilling. Sometimes it just takes a helping hand to make seniors see the truth so they can seize the right tool and start effectively fighting back.

This is where assisted living facilities come into play. They encourage seniors to do more by helping them do the things they often took for granted before age started knocking them back. SO, when seniors wake in the morning, they’ll have help available when getting out of bed and into the bathroom to begin their day with a nice shower or bath. They’ll have a helping hand as they groom and dress for the day. They’ll have a companion to help them get from place to place as the adventure of each new day is unwrapped. With these basics, they help seniors stop worrying about what they can’t do so they can start enjoying all of the many things they can do.

For seniors that have the additional challenges that come with dementia, many assisted living facilities offer memory care. Memory care centers offer a set of security features that help keep these seniors from wandering off, along with therapies that help them retain better and find greater enjoyment in each day. These memory care therapies also work to mitigate the typical feelings of anxiety, frustration and depression that can lead to dangerous emotional outburst.

For all of the resident, 3 meals a day are more like a celebration dinner at a favorite restaurant than any institutional type hospital meal that does little to excite the taste buds. There are a wide variety of dishes, prepared by professionals, and enjoyed in the company of friends around a well-dressed table.

In between meals, days are filled with a range of activities that every senior is encourage to experience and enjoy. They include common things like arts & crafts and some uncommon things like woodworking shops. They are educational and entertaining. They are social, physical and invigorating. Days in these assisted living facilities are rarely boring except on those odd days when a senior might just want to take a break and just relax for a while.

When seniors want some private time, they can head to their personal apartment. These are normally offered in configurations of semi-private rooms and private studios and one-bedroom apartment. Some assisted living facilities also offer two-bedroom or companion apartments for those that want to share with a close friend or family member.

Catholic assisted living facilities and Christian assisted living facilities in North Carolina certainly have a lot to offer seniors that are ready to fight back and live the life they want and not the life age is trying to force on them.

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