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Finding a Catholic assisted living facility in Nevada may be a challenge. There are several Catholic Retirement Communities in Nevada that are faith-based and non-denominational. This means Catholic seniors will need to find contentment in faith-based centers that are open to a wide range of Judeo-Christian religions.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Nevada

The cost for all assisted living facilities, whether faith based or not, average a good deal less than the average in the US, by about $600 per month. Carson City and Las Vegas are a bit more expensive, but still, at about $3,600 per month, they are still about $400 cheaper than the national average. Reno, NV, is even cheaper, with a monthly rate that averages $3,250. Most of the assisted living facilities are center in these three cities but there are others dotted throughout the state, at rates that can be even more economical.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Nevada - Amenities

People that provide care in these assisted living centers are likely to be as faithful as their residents and can be expected to live that faith as they deliver care. This make them the most important amenity these assisted living centers have to offer.

For Catholics, there are three key times in each day where prayer plays an essential role. The morning mass is the first of these and in these multi-faith centers, the mass will like be offered only once each week. On the other days, seniors can take part in the mass by tuning into the Catholic TV station that run by the Diocese of Las Vegas. The next important time is at 3:00 PM when Catholics stop to offer the prayer for Divine Mercy. Seniors can ask staff to remind them stop for this. They can also be reminded about the Angelus at 6:00 PM.

It may also be possible to find a home that is close enough to a local parish where seniors can make a short journey there for mass and for confession on a regular basis. It may even be possible to organize transportation with a local church group so seniors can become truly active members of the church, while they enjoy all of the other benefits of life in an assisted living facility.

Faith-based assisted living facilities of all faiths will have religious study as one of their core activities, and this will be equally true for non-denominational centers as well as Catholic assisted living facilities.  Seniors will join together at times that are both scheduled by the center and other times where they simply set their own agendas. These may be held in a community space or in any of the residential spaces members of the group will invite groupmates into. So even though the center is not specifically a Catholic assisted living facility, it can be a nurturing Catholic environment.

Most assisted living centers will have a chapel and a chaplain that can offer faithful guidance and comfort and even while they are not necessarily ordained in the church, they still offer seniors a caring and soulful service. Seniors will want to get to know this person well, no matter what type of home they decide to settle into.

While we were unable to identify any specifically Catholic assisted living facilities in Nevada, that doesn’t mean there are none available. They may simply be too small to show up in searches but could be well known in local parishes. The best way to identify these will be to talk with the rector at the diocese office. If there any to be found, they will know where they are.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Nevada - General Amenities

You have probably heard the old adage, “None of us gets out of here alive”. That’s true but it doesn’t mean seniors can’t enjoy a fulfilling life with each and every new day they are blessed with. They can get help to deal with the annoying aches and pains that come with old age. Seniors can have reminders so things like taking medications don’t fall through the cracks. What most seniors really want is a bit of a helping hand each day along with the potential for fun, for learning, for play, and for faith, that pushes age into the background while living once again, takes the lead.

Assisted living facilities are designed to make life worth living by take an active role in helping seniors deal with the annoying aches, pains and memory lapses that can be so depressing. Help starts at the beginning of each new day where seniors can count on a helping hand to get out of bed and make use of the toilet. They will have a compassionate assistant that can help them bathe, groom and dress. When needed, then can even get help eating so they can once again really enjoy their meals.

Speaking of meals, there are 3 a day, and they are all well designed to be both healthy and enjoyable. Menus are varied and most assisted living centers employ qualified chefs and dieticians that make breakfast, lunch and dinner, a fun time that can be shared with new friends and visiting family. In between meals, most assisted living centers offer snacks all day and there are more than a few that have cafes where seniors can sit and enjoy a hot cup of Joe and a nice spot of tea.

Many of these assisted living facilities also offer salons and barber shops. Some retirement communities offer massage therapies. All will have some number of fitness programs, many of which include water-based activities for low-impact exercise. And, many will also have great outdoor spaces for walking a jogging for those seniors that want to take their activities outdoors.

Private spaces are offered for all residents in a few different forms. Seniors can choose a semi-private room that will be share with a total of 2 to 4 seniors or they can opt for a studio suite or one-bedroom apartment. Some will have two bedroom or companion apartments as well for those seniors that want to share a space with a family member or friend. 

Seniors in Nevada can find some very interesting faith-based homes that with help nurture their faith in God.

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