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Finding a Catholic assisted living facility in Nebraska shouldn’t be difficult. Just a simple search turns up several affiliated and non-affiliated Catholic assisted living facilities, all with very solid ratings. Interestingly, most of these Catholic assisted living facilities are not run directly by any religious orders, though that is unlikely to make any real difference on whether the care they provide or their commitment to the faith. It may suggest that these ALFs (Assisted Living Facilities) are more inter-denominational so faithful seniors may get the opportunity to share their faith with a more diverse group of fellow seniors.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Nebraska

The statewide monthly average of rates for Catholic assisted living facilitates in Nebraska comes in at about $200 less than the national average of $4,000. Both Grand Island and Omaha, NE have rates that are right on that $4,000 per month average but in Lincoln, the monthly rate jumps to over $5,600, putting it well above both the state and national averages. There are other locations as well where rates are lower but the highest concentration of Catholic assisted living facilities are centered in these three cities.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Nebraska - Amenities

The Catholic assisted living facilities in Nebraska offer all of the faith related amenities seniors need to maintain their relationship with God, even without some of the support that would exist if these centers were run by religious order.  That does not mean that the care teams in these centers is any less important as a key amenity. It just means their care will be delivered from a different place in the faith. Seniors can still expect a compassionate and skilled team of professionals that are committed to caring for both the body and the soul of their residents.

Religious Amenities in Catholic Retirement Communities in Nebraska

Catholic assisted living facilities are clearly Catholic from the moment a senior or family member walks through the front door, where Jesus, Mary and other patron Saints greet them.  That continues to be obvious as they tour the residences along with a pastor of chaplain who will be pointing out various religious elements of the center.

The most important of these will be the chapel where mass will be held. This will not be true in all of these homes but, the most focused Catholic assisted living facilities will offer Eucharistic Mass every day, and for those seniors that can’t attend and wish to receive the sacrament, ministers will visit them in their apartments so they can receive the Host as well.

This is also where prayer services will be held, where confessions will be heard and where faith related counseling will be offered. These are most often consecrated spaces, with a sacristy, so the Host is always present.

Since most of the Catholic assisted living facilities are not run by Catholic orders, seniors can expect to fins those of other Christian faith joining them is residence and that means the Chapel will be a shared space and some of the religious programs offered will encompass these other denominations.  For seniors that are will to explore and be exposed to other seniors of faith that follow a different denomination, this could be a great opportunity.

Catholic assisted living facilities are especially focused on religious learning. The deeper seniors understand the faith the deeper their relationship with God, and the more positive will be the impact this has on their overall health. For this reason, these centers will have some number of faith groups, supported by local pastors and lay ministers, that focus on bible study

These centers also have various forms of community outreach so seniors have the opportunity to be truly connected to the Catholic community that is home to these Catholic assisted living centers. Some of this includes welcoming visitors from the local parish and beyond, into these assisted living centers, so all can enjoy interactions that bring everyone closer.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Nebraska - General Amenities

Every senior comes to a point in life where they have a serious choice to make. They need to decide if getting older will make them old or just a bit slower and a bit more challenged. This decision is the one most important sign of how they’re lives in old age will unfold. Will they be fulfilling and exciting or will they be a story of decline? Seniors that choose fulfilling excitement will love the benefits of an assisted living center and especially love the value of a Catholic assisted living facility.

Assisted living centers are designed to help seniors deal with those things that are slowing them down so they can remain focused on the things they love. That could mean a direct hand with bathing, dressing and grooming. It could mean having someone to help them get from one fun activity to the next or from their room to a great meal shared with friends. It certainly means reminder out medications and regular health monitoring. These are all known as ADL’s or Assisted Daily Living.

Getting back to the meals, assisted living centers, Catholic or otherwise, take great pride in bring great food to the table, three times a day. These are restaurant quality menus, professionally prepared dishes and absolutely a joy to experience, especially when meals are shared with friends.

Apartment living is the rule of the day in assisted living facilities. These are normally organized in 3 or 4 sizes that range from semi-private rooms to two-bedroom apartments, with studios and one-bedroom units in between. Not all centers offer the two-bedroom configuration, designed to be shared with a family member or friend.

Some assisted living centers are pet-friendly. This means seniors that have or may require a service pet will be able to live together with them without a worry.

Catholic assisted living facilities in Nebraska are an interesting mix of centers that offer the faithful many really good choices worth exploring.

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