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When it comes to Catholic assisted living facilities in Missouri it is surprisingly easy to find several very well-regarded Catholic retirement centers for seniors to consider. Just a simple search uncovers at least 10 on the first page of 20 listed senior homes. And, most of these retirement homes are run by religious orders that have long standing reputations for providing excellent care for seniors, at all stages of their lives. So, the good news is, faithful seniors will find some really great options in Missouri for Catholic assisted living centers, with very little effort.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Missouri

There is more good news when it comes to average prices. While the US average comes in at about $4,000 per month, Catholic assisted living facilities in Missouri average less than $3,000 per month. In fact, there isn’t a single city in the state that exceeds $3,500 per month so just about everywhere in this state provide economical options for Catholic assisted living centers.

Amenities in Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Missouri

With so many Catholic Retirement Communities in Missouri to choose from, seniors will need some help sorting out the truly Catholic assisted living facilities from all of the others, and in Missouri you can actually start that search based on the name and do a pretty good job of identifying Catholic assisted living centers. It isn’t foolproof though. In this mix you seniors will encounter non-denominational homes with Catholic sounding names.

So, after selecting based on the name, look at who runs each of the assisted living centers. If an assisted living community is run by one of the many religious orders that are known for caring for seniors, you will have identified a Catholic assisted living facility. Still, this isn’t foolproof either. There will be some assisted living facilities that are run by caring people that are not ordained and still provide a nurturing Catholic assisted living facility.

To identify Catholic Assisted Living homes, look at the calendar of their activities. If that includes the Holy Mass to start each day, seniors have most definitely found a Catholic assisted living facility. These assisted living centers may welcome people of other faiths but with the offering of mass, Catholics will find fulfillment in the practice of their faith.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Missouri - Religious Amenities

First and foremost, it’s all about the staff. Caring and well-trained staff are any senior homes’ greatest asset and most outstanding amenity. This is even more the case in Catholic assisted living facilities where the staff is guided by their faith in God and Jesus. For the faithful, there can be no more important amenity a Catholic assisted living facility can offer.

The next amenity and one that provides the very heart of any Catholic assisted living facility is the chapel, a consecrated space where Eucharistic Services are offered daily, where confessions are heard and where religious counseling is offered.

Catholic assisted living facilities will have a chaplain and lay ministers available 24/7 to provide for the religious needs of residents and this makes these members of the care team as important, (possibly more important), as the caregivers that tend to the physical health of residents.

Finally, activities that are specifically related to the faith are unique to Catholic assisted living facilities and these help seniors deepen their faith in God and their love for Jesus. The simple fact for the faithful is this. There is little value in great physical health where there is poor spiritual health. These activities help ensure equal attention is paid to the spirit.

Catholic Senior Living in Missouri - General Amenities

Seniors will notice changes as they age. Their loved ones will notice as well, often before the senior has recognized these changes. Some older adults become less active and even socially reclusive. They become forgetful about some of the most basic elements of life, like personal hygiene, proper eating and staying on top of their medications. They can become uncoordinated, suffering uncommon falls and suffering painful injuries as a result.  These are all signs that it’s time to consider an assisted living facility where all of these issues can be effectively addressed.

While some seniors will need customized care plans, all seniors will benefit from standard basic care that begins with ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living) care. This is where caregiver provide direct assistance with dressing and grooming, bathing and using the toilet, and moving about from apartment to the dining hall and all point in between, as each day develops.

Customized plans can include many individualized services that address the specific needs of individual seniors. Most common among these is memory care for seniors impacted by various forms of dementia. Seniors with memory issues need living spaces that are more secure and are more organized. They also need unique therapies that help stimulate memory retention while keeping emotional distress in check. This level of care will cost more but that additional cost can make a world of difference when it comes to the quality of life these seniors can enjoy.

Part of the basic care also includes three great meals a day, prepared by professional chefs that take great pride in delivering a restaurant-quality dining experience each and every day. Menus are varied too so every resident will find something interesting to enjoy at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between meals there are snacks available too, so no one ever goes hungry in these assisted living centers.

Seniors enjoy privacy in apartments that are varied in size, well-appointed and sully maintained by the housekeeping staff in these assisted living facilities. They will include one-bedroom apartment, efficiency units and shared rooms. In some cases, seniors will also find companion apartments that have two bedrooms so they can share their space with a friend or family member. Prices will vary based on the type of living space selected.

Some assisted living facilities are also pet-friendly and that means seniors will be able to share their personal space with a small dog or cat. There are only a few senior living homes though that will allow this, so seniors will have to look carefully if they want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Catholic assisted living facilities are more than just places for seniors to get a helping hand. They are nurturing environment where body and soul are offered equal care. The faithful can make no better choice than finding a truly Catholic assisted living center to call home.

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