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In some ways Mississippi is very similar to most other states and in some ways, it is a very different place. While the search for a Catholic assisted living facility in the state of Mississippi can be a bit of a challenge, we can help you to locate a Catholic Retirement Community in your area absolutely free of charge.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Mississippi

Assuming there are Catholic assisted living facilities in the state, it is reasonable to assume that costs will mirror those of all other assisted living facilities in the state. The average monthly rate in Mississippi is $3,500 which represents a saving of about $500 when compared to the national average of $4,000. Jackson, MS, is the one destination that bucks this trend. Their average cost tops $4,150 per month. Check out Hattiesburg or Gulf Port, MS, for options that are more economical.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Mississippi - Amenities

Given the challenge of finding Catholic assisted living facilities in Mississippi, Carmelite Sisters and Sisters of the Poor are tow that most commonly have assisted living centers for seniors that are focused on the faith.

You can also check out the calendar of activities in each of the centers listed in the search for Catholic assisted living facilities. The tell-tale sign that they are Catholic will be the inclusion of the Holy Mass each day. If that’s missing from the calendar is certainly isn’t a dedicated Catholic assisted living facility.

Also look at the reviews for each of these senior homes. They will often uncover details about life in these facilities that will uncover the role faith plays. While not fool proof, it is a good place to search when there is little else available.

Talk to the folks in the Diocese offices in Jackson and Biloxi as well. If there are Catholic assisted living facilities anywhere in the state, they will know about them and will be able to point seniors in the right direction. Seniors can also contact their local parish office and get the same information.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Mississippi - Religious Amenities

In any care facility that is truly Catholic, the staff is the most important amenity. These are the care givers and their faith will be reflected in everything they do. Whether in a Catholic assisted living facility or any other faith-based assisted living center, seniors simply can’t underestimate the importance of these members of the care team. So, count people as the first and most valuable amenity in any assisted living facility.

The chapel is the next critically important amenity in a Catholic assisted living facility. If it is truly Catholic, this will be a consecrated space where mass is help, confessions are heard and religious counseling is offered. It cannot be a Catholic assisted living facility of these things are not true. And remember, it could be non-denominational, so don’t simply rely on the presence of a chapel alone.

Among the key amenities are another group of people that are unique to faith-based assisted living centers, and they are the Chaplain and various lay minsters that are typically available day and night to sever the needs of residents. While not unique to Catholic assisted living facilities, these centers are not complete without these key members of the faith.

Catholic Senior Living in Mississippi - Amenities

Old is not defined by the number of years that have passed. It is not defined by the number of aches and pains we’re suffering either. Age is may be defined by these things but old is all about attitude. If we believe we are old then we are. If we refuse to get old then we don’t and it doesn’t matter how much help is needed to get through the day. Every senior can live young by simply refusing to accept anything less. It’s Attitude, Attitude and more Attitude.

That doesn’t mean that help won’t be needed and that is where assisted living facilities and Assisted Daily Living come into play. First, they help seniors deal with the aches and pains that come with age. Seniors enjoy a helping hand bathing, grooming and dressing so they launch into each new day looking and feeling good. Seniors get help eating whenever needed so they can enjoy meals, minus any embarrassment. They appreciate a helping hand getting up and around as each day advances from meals to activities and more. This care helps seniors brush off the aches and pains and stay focused on all of the fun things life in an assisted living canter has to offer.

One of those fun things is enjoying restaurant quality meals three times a day, every day. Sit with friends around the table in a fine dining room and choose from a varied menu of great dishes. Then, sit back and wait for the chef to work his or her magic. Meals are delicious, and well presented, making everyone feel more like they are on a holiday rather than sitting for just another meal. And if that weren’t enough, seniors also enjoy snacks throughout the day just like they’d enjoy while staying at a top of the line resort.

In between these fine dining experiences, there are tons of activities that fill days and nights with a combination of fun, excitement, entertainment and opportunities to learn and experience new things. There are arts and crafts classes, music and dance programs, indoor and outdoor fitness activities, games and all sorts of fun social activities that keep life fun and fulfilling.

Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia create the need for special memory care that many assisted living facilities will offer as an additional service. As part of this package, seniors are offered a more secure living space where they are far less likely to wander off and get lost or into trouble. They then provide various therapies that help stimulate memory retention and recall while keeping anxiety, frustration, and depression in check.

Seniors enjoy private apartments when living in an assisted living facility. They just need to decide what type of apartment best suits their needs and fits their budget. Options include shared rooms, typically with 2 to 4 seniors per room, with studio suites and one-bedroom spaces that are for single occupancy. Some centers also offer companion apartments with a common living space and 2 bedrooms.

If there are Catholic assisted living facilities offered in Mississippi, they may not be all that easy to find but seniors can certainly find several Christian centers that should do almost a much for feeing their souls with God’s love.

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