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Do a search for Catholic assisted living in Michigan, and the list is nearly 10 pages long. If you’re a faithful Catholic looking to settle into a Catholic assisted living facility you might think you hit the jackpot, but no so fast. Unfortunately, many of these listed centers aren’t Catholic at all. Take Villa Marie, run by St’ Joseph’s Mercy Senior Communities. This is a very well rated assisted living facility but despite of the name, it isn’t Catholic at all.

The reality is, there are dozens of truly Catholic assisted living facilities in this state but seniors will need a bit of help sorting out those that are from those that aren’t truly Catholic.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Michigan

Cost wise, the average monthly rate for Catholic assisted living facilities in Michigan comes in at $4,000, which is exactly in line with the average across the US. For the most affordable rates, Jackson averages just $3,000 per month. At the opposite end of the scale are cities like Detroit and Monroe, MI, come in well above the state and US average at $4,600 and $5,300, respectively.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Michigan - Amenities

The first thing senior residents of Michigan will need to know is how to sort out the Catholic Living Facilities from all of the others most searches will turn up. As with St. Joseph’s, you can’t assume anything based on the name. That applies equally to assisted living centers with names that suggest they are Catholic and those where the names have nothing at all to do with the faith.

The best way to find Catholic assisted living facilities in Michigan is to focus on the religious orders that are most commonly associated with health and elderly care. For example, the Carmelites are renowned for their faith-based care. So are the Augustinians. Homes that are run by these and other religious orders can be counted on to keep the faith.

Even if the assisted living home isn’t run by a religious order it may still be truly Catholic. Review their calendar of events and look specifically for a time each day when mass of offered. If this is a daily event, seniors can once again count on the home staying true to the Catholic faith. If it isn’t or the religious service is non-denominational, this may not be what the faithful Catholics are looking from in a Catholic assisted living center.

If there are still doubts, contact the nearest parish office and ask their advice. They will be closely connected to Catholic assisted living facilities in their area, since they will most often be called upon to serve the faithful.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Michigan - Religious Amenities

The first and most important amenity seniors will find in a Catholic assisted living facility are its people. Whether ordained or not, the care they deliver, when guided by true faith, simply cannot be underestimated. Caregivers at Catholic retirement communities in Michigan do more than just care for the body. They feed the soul. So, the first amenity to consider, lives and breathes the faith and helps seniors do the same.

As the Catholic church is the center of faith in the community, the chapel is the center of faith in a Catholic assisted living facility. Daily mass is offered here, as is confession and religious counseling. This will also be a contemplative space for those that want to spend quite time talking with God, through prayer.

In addition to the chapel, there are various function spaces in Catholic assisted living centers that are used for religious activities, like seminars, prayer breakfasts, and various forms of community outreach programs. This is also where bible study groups often meet. These function spaces will serve multiple purposes but still, they are welcoming environments for the faithful.

Catholic Senior Living in Michigan - Amenities

As we age, our ability to do things for ourselves becomes increasingly limited. It’s at these times that assisted living facilities come to the rescue. Assisted living homes are designed to help senior residents continue to live actively while getting help with basic daily tasks that help make life livable.

Care begins with staff that handle the basics of housekeeping and maintenance. Other than maybe a bit of dusting in their personal spaces, seniors get to leave that daily drudgery behind when they enter one of these senior care centers.

This is coupled with Assisted Daily Living care (ADL’s), where caregivers provide direct assistance with toileting, bathing, grooming and dressing. They can also provide a helping hand with eating and they will remind seniors to take their meds or actually administer them as required.

Memory care is available in most homes for those seniors afflicted with any form of dementia. Not all retirement homes are equipped for this care but those that are have Memory Care Units and enhanced security features that help keep these residents safe. Memory Care Units in assisted living centers in Michigan deliver various forms of therapy, like music and pet therapy, that help stimulate memory retention and helps calm negative emotions.

Social seniors are happy seniors and happy seniors are healthier seniors. The way to make anyone happy is to offer them things to do that are fun and fulfilling. Assisted living centers and community organizer that focus on this by creating a broad range of activities that tap into a wide variety of interests. These can include arts and crafts, woodworking, educational opportunities, various types of presentations and guest speakers, games, fitness, dance, music and more.

Most of the better assisted living facilities take great pride in their restaurant-like dining facilities. With varied menus and professional chefs working the kitchen, meals are as good, if not better, that most restaurants seniors will have enjoyed in the past. This is true for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it even covers a range of snacks throughout the day.

Living in an assisted living facility will include some type of private space where seniors will sleep and enjoy quite time relaxing. These are typically offered in configurations that include semi-private rooms, studio or efficiency suites and one- or two-bedroom apartments. Monthly rate will vary based on the selected living space.

Faith is alive and need to be nurtured. Catholic assisted living facilities exist to nurture that faith while they care for the physical health of their residents. That is why these Catholic retirement communities in Michigan may be a great choice for the faithful as they look for a helping hand in their old age.

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