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Massachusetts provides seniors with a wide array of assisted living options. Of the 100+ listed assisted living facilities in Massachusetts, only about a dozen are Catholic assisted living facilities, run by ordained members of the church or by management teams that are truly committed to the faith.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Massachusetts

The average cost for Catholic assisted living facilities in Massachusetts are high compared to the rest of the US by more than $1,600 per month. With an average monthly rate of $5,600 this is actually one of the more expensive destinations for assisted living care. However, there are more reasonable prices to be found. For example, on the western border of the state, in Pittsfield, MA, the average monthly rate is just $3,013 so it is possible to find more budget friendly options in this state.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Massachusetts - Amenities

So, what tips can we offer that will help you identify Catholic assisted living facilities from all of the others? Let’s start with one you might be tempted to use but will not work. You can’t assume, based on the name, that the assisted living center is Catholic. Take St. Antoine Residence as an example. This is actually a multi-faith residence where many faiths are welcome. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it isn’t Catholic.

Look instead at who runs each of these centers. Catholic assisted living centers are most often run by members of various religious orders. Carmel Terraces is a good example. This Catholic assisted living facility is sponsored and directed by the Carmelite Sisters who have a long history of caring for the sick and the elderly. This won’t identify all of the Catholic assisted living facilities but it will uncover most of them.

The next thing seniors can review are activity calendars. A Catholic assisted living facility will celebrate mass every day so residents and staff can receive communion at the start of each new day. In other facilities, this might only be once a week on Sunday’s.

Many of the local parishes will have active relationships with assisted living facilities. This will be especially true for Catholic assisted living facilities. When in doubt about any particular residence, give the local parish a quick call and seniors can quickly uncover the truth about how committed they are to the faith.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Massachusetts - Religious Amenities

While most people think of amenities as the physical elements that make up and assisted living facility, think first about the people that run and provide care in these centers. In Catholic assisted living facilities, it is the staff that is the facility’s greatest asset and the “Amenity” that has the greatest influence on the quality of the faithful life seniors can expect to enjoy. For this reason, we count people first.

Like any faithful community, the church is the center of life Catholics. In Catholic assisted living facilities, it is the chapel that plays this important role. Here, masses are offered, confessions are heard, counseling is offered, and prayer and contemplation is encouraged. A Catholic assisted living facility cannot be catholic without this key element.

Like most parish churches, there are function spaces that support various religious groups and activities, like bible study, catechism classes and more. These may serve other purposes as well but in Catholic assisted living facilities, faith-based activities typically enjoy priority treatment.

Catholic Assisted Living in Massachusetts - Amenities

Assisted living facilities deliver ALD’s, otherwise known as Assisted Daily Living care. This includes helping seniors bathe, groom, dress and move about the residence as each day unfolds. It can also include assistance using the toilet when residents are bound to a wheelchair. Mediations are managed by the staff of caregivers, and may even be administered to ensure seniors get what they need to stay healthy. And, when hands become too unsteady to eat without embarrassment, caregivers will step in so meals continue to be enjoyable.

Memory care is offered by most assisted living facilities for dementia patients, especially those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. This includes providing a living space that is safer and more secure, and therapies that encourage memory recall and retention. Memory care also helps hold emotional issues like anxiety, frustration and depression in check, so emotional outbursts can be better managed.

Busy seniors thrive. Socially busy seniors do even better. For this reason, assisted living facilities design activities that address the things seniors most like to do and they offer these programs in social settings that encourages the development of strong social relationships their fellow residents and the care staff.

Most common among these activities is arts and crafts, needle work groups, maybe a woodworking shop, games (both indoor and outdoor), fitness and dance classes, and many other purely social activities built around special events. These are in addition to the faith-based activities that are unique to Catholic assisted living facilities.

Food plays an important role in all of our lives and for seniors, dining out with good friends is a joy they have often looked forward to. In well run assisted living facilities, this is a daily experience, three times a day. Most of the best rated assisted living facilities are well known for the quality of the food they serve and the diversity of the menus they offer. In fact, many invite seniors to invite friends and family into the dining room to enjoy these meals too.

Private living in assisted living facilities consists of a mix of one-bedroom apartments, studio suites, and semi-private rooms. In some cases, they will also offer companion apartments that include a common living and dining space, along with two bedrooms. Prices will vary based on the space selected.

All seniors have the opportunity to thrive in an assisted living facility. Faithful Catholics do more than just thrive in the right Catholic assisted living facility. They live inspired lives.

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