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For the faithful, Louisiana offers a long list of Catholic assisted living facilities, and following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, many have been rebuilt or have been moved to new locations.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Louisiana

Catholic assisted living facilities in Louisiana, beside being relatively new, is also relatively inexpensive. The average for the state is about $350 less per month than the average across the US, where prices typically to $4,000 per month. With the exception of New Orleans, every city in the state comes in at $3,700 or less per month, with Hammond, LA coming in at just a hair over $3,000 per month. New Orleans drives the state’s average up significantly, with an average monthly rate of $4,700.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Louisiana - Amenities

When searching for Catholic assisted living facilities, it can be tough to differentiate those that are predominantly Catholic and those that are non-denominational centers where faithful living is supported. For those seniors that want a truly immersive Catholic living experience, it will be through assisted living centers, like St. Anthony's Gardens, run by the Archdiocese of New Orleans, and others that are run by religious orders of priests and nuns.

Another sure way to know that a Catholic assisted living facility is truly Catholic is to look at the daily schedule to see if Mass is offered every day. Centers that serve many faiths may only offer mass on Sundays or may only offer multi-faith services. Seniors should also take note of how those that cannot make it to the chapel for mass will be served. A Catholic assisted living facility visit these seniors in their rooms so no one is ever left behind when it comes to hearting confessions and receiving Holy Communion.

If you can visit a home at 3:00 in the afternoon or 6:00 in the evening, you can also see if the centers stop to pray. A truly Catholic assisted living facility and its residents take a moment at these important times to pray for Devine Mercy or to offer the Angelus.

Catholic Retirement Community in Louisiana - Religious Amenities

The first and most important amenity in a Catholic assisted living facility is its staff and management team. They will either be members of the church or practicing Catholics that are committed to caring for both body and soul. They will be active participants in the mass, they will join in prayer and they will deliver care that is guided by their faith in Jesus.

Religious activities are the next element that is unique to a Catholic assisted living facility. Bible studies, guided by member of the church, will help seniors gain a deeper understanding of their faith and developer a stringer relationship with God. In the process, they also help keep seniors stay mentally active, as each experience learning that exercises their minds. And, the process of learning to pray more deeply also have a positive effect on mental attitudes and physical health, especially related to stress related illnesses.

Just as unique, will be the strong bonds these Catholic assisted living facilities have with their local parishes. In many cases, they are extensions of the parish community and seniors are actively encouraged to become active members in all aspects of life in these parishes.

Catholic Assisted Living in Louisiana - Amenities

Assisted living facilities offer support aging adults needs when independent living has become a bit too much to handle. This care is focused on allowing seniors to continue to live active lives but with a helping hand when it comes to housekeeping and maintenance, as well as help with basic personal care like bathing, grooming and dressing. They will even get help with laundry so none of the basics are left out.

For those that are suffering with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, Memory care will be available. This care includes a greater level of attentive care, greater security, and much more structure in the way each day unfolds. Memory care often includes things like pet and music therapy that helps stimulate memory retention while better managing frustration, anxiety and depression that can lead to violent episodes that put both the senior and others at risk.

Assisted living facilities take great pride in making meals a really enjoyable part of each day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, with varied menus that are professionally prepared and presented and that are really delicious. These meals are shared with others, in a restaurant setting that is relaxed and often filled with laughter.

Most of these assisted living facilities also have great outdoor amenities that invited seniors to get out and about. Patios and porches make great places to relax in with a good book or great company. They also provide opportunities to exercise in the fresh air. And, when seniors need to head out to the doctor, these assisted living facilities are often equipped to provide transportation to and from the doctor’s office or medical center.

Private living spaces come in various sizes and shapes so seniors can determine the best setting for their private space. Typically, these are a mix of shared rooms, One-bedroom apartments and studio suites. Some will even offer two-bedroom apartments so seniors can share these with their companions. In pet-friendly homes, small dogs and cats will be welcome in these apartments as well.

Activities are the last and quite possibly the best thing on the list of great services assisted living facilities provide. They are varied to so everyone in the center will find things to do that tap into their personal interests. Many are hands-on type activities, while others are more educational. Most are held in-house but there are many that involve getting out as well.  In short, there is something for everyone one so life in these assisted living facilities never gets boring.

Catholic assisted living facilities in Louisiana offer a lot of choices so for seniors looking to stay closely connected to their faith, there will be a center they can happily call home.

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