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For the faithful, Kentucky offers a long list of Catholic assisted living facilities across the state that are solidly rated and truly immersive. Many, like Franciscan Health Care and Carmel Manor, are run by religious orders with a long history of providing care that addresses both the body and the soul. For seniors looking for a care center that is guided by God’s love, Kentucky’s list of assisted living centers is a great place to start that search.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Kentucky

Catholic assisted living facilities in Kentucky offer more good news, this time relating to the cost of care. At an average monthly rate of $3,497, these centers will save seniors about $500 per month over the monthly average for the US, where costs top $4,000 per month. Rates drop as low as $2,166 in Owensville but can also climb to nearly $4,300 in Lexington. Louisville rates are on par with the rest of the US at just about $4,060 per month.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Kentucky - Amenities

To be sure, some “Catholic assisted living facilities”, may be based on faith but are not truly Catholic. It would be fairer to describe them as Christian, and while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they are not as immersive as seniors might expect or desire.

The first sign that a Catholic assisted living facility is truly Catholic is most easily determined by looking at the group that runs the center and provides care. If these are run by religious orders, seniors can be reasonably assured that they are Catholic homes. The next best way to identify these homes it to look at their relationship with the diocese or local parish churches. The more closely linked they are, the more likely these are truly Catholic assisted living facilities.

Catholics can certainly thrive in a Christian center and likewise, Christians can thrive in a Catholic assisted living center, so most of these will be excellent choices for the faithful.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Kentucky - Religious Amenities

Life in a Catholic assisted living center begins with the offering of the Mass each day and is prayerful throughout the day. It’s full of opportunities for bible study, seminars and various types of community programs that make living the faith far easier and much more fulfilling. And, life in a Catholic assisted living facility takes time to stop at the most important times of each day, and remember God’s blessing, like at 3:00PM and 6:00PM.

Another important element of life in a Catholic assisted living facility, that helps stimulate minds, are group sessions of contemplation and meditation, that focuses on faith, and these do more than just deepen each individual’s relationship with God. They are shown to support better cognitive activity and better memory performance, while also helping to keep respiratory performance and blood pressure at healthy levels.

Catholic assisted living centers that are closely related to local parishes have the added advantage of offering a wider range of faith-based activities, including volunteerism, charitable programs and even group travel. For seniors, joining mentoring programs that are church sponsored can be the most rewarding, as seniors can help Catholic youth live richer and more faithful lives, with their seasoned guidance.

There is certainly more to life in a Catholic assisted living facility than faith alone, but as it’s foundation, seniors gain extraordinary benefits from care that brings them closer to God.

Catholic Assisted Living in Kentucky - Amenities

Assisted living facilities are all about Assisted Daily Living. This is where care teams help seniors do the things that used to be easy before age began to slow them down. It’s also where care teams relive these same seniors from the daily drudgery of cleaning house, doing laundry and making repairs. A senior that needs help getting up and around, or needs a helping hand bathing, grooming and dressing, ADL care will have them covered. For those becoming forgetful about taking medications or who are dealing with incontinence, care teams are there to help them stay on track.

Beyond ADL care, there is memory care for those seniors that are impacted by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. For these seniors, there are special programs that help stimulate memory and keep seniors safe and out of trouble. Memory care also focuses on minimizing the frustration, confusion and depression that often accompanies dementia.

The best assisted living facilities will talk proudly about the quality of the meals that seniors enjoy every day. Menus are well crafted to be both healthy and interesting. The food is most often prepared by professional chef’s and on-site professional kitchens. And, meals are communal events so seniors get to sit around the table, just as they would in any top restaurant, and enjoy their food with the good friends they have found in these assisted living centers.

Retirement home residents can share a wealth of activities with their fellow seniors too. In fact, the best assisted living facilities will have monthly event calendars that are chock-full of interesting things to do, both religious and otherwise, that make every day fun and exciting. For example, for gardeners, there are outdoor spaces that welcome green thumbs. For those that enjoy needle work and crafting, there are function spaces that will welcome them too. There are card games and bocce, fitness and dance, movie nights and guest entertainers. In short, there is always something happening that seniors can happily fill each day with.

Even with all there is to do in these assisted living facilities, there are times where a bit of privacy and quiet time is needed, not top mention a comfortable place to settle into for a good night’s sleep. For this, there are private rooms in a mix of shared spaces, studio suites and efficiency apartments with one- and two-bedrooms.

Catholic assisted living facilities in Kentucky offer a deep pool of choices for faithful seniors to consider, across the entire state, so finding one that feels right is pretty much guaranteed for those faithful seniors that need a helping hand.

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