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Catholic assisted living facilities in this state are concentrated in Kansas City, and in total, there are less than one dozen Catholic senior living homes in this state.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Kansas

Catholic assisted living facilities in Kansas are for the most part, expensive when compared to the US average of $4,000 per month. The statewide average is $4,473, with a high of $5,450 in Laurence, KS and a low of $3,738 in Topeka, KS. Even Wichita, KS is higher than the state average at nearly $4,700 per month. It should be noted that these rates apply to both Catholic and secular assisted living facilities.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Kansas - Amenities

When looking for a Catholic assisted living facility, seniors will find those that are truly faith based and others that are either multidenominational or secular in nature. The name often says a lot about the faith of the center but even this isn’t foolproof. For example, The Plaza at Santa Marta sounds like a Catholic center, but take a closer look and they offer daily mass and interfaith services on campus, so this Catholic assisted living facility maintains a multidenominational environment where many seniors will feel welcome.

For Catholics it is worth noting and certainly worth considering when searching for an assisted living center that will help strengthen your faith in God.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Kansas - Religious Amenities

In a Catholic assisted living facility, it should be expected that the holy mass will be offered every day. Mass will typically be held in a chapel on campus and broadcast throughout the center so even those seniors that can’t get to the chapel can still celebrate their faith as part of their daily life. Mass is normally offered by local priests with support from nuns and lay ministers associated with the home and the local parish. These Catholic assisted living facilities will often have chaplains in-house as well that are able to attend to the faithful 24/7.

Their close association with parish churches and dioceses, Catholic assisted living facilities enjoy added support in the forms of community outreach. Seniors will have many opportunities to interact with the faith community, take part in church events and even get involved in volunteer programs that help make life a fulfilling adventure.

There are two things that are most clearly in focus in Catholic assisted living facilities. First is the presence of prayer in these senior living communities at the start of each day, at 3:00 PM for the prayer for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and at 6:00 PM for the Angelus. There will be a prayer of thanks before each meal as well. The second is the opportunity to study the bible deeply and to join in prayer circles. These are commonly happening in these Catholic assisted living facilities on a daily basis, so seniors have lots of opportunity to find a much deeper understanding of their faith and gain a much deeper relationship with God.

For those seniors that want to become even more deeply involved, there are church programs that allow seniors to become lectors and lay ministers. These typically require seniors to spend a fair amount of time outside the assisted living facility so this won’t be for everyone, but for those that feel they are being called to serve, Catholic assisted living facilities will certainly make every effort to help them answer that call.

Catholic Senior Living in Kansas - Amenities

Assisted living center are not “old age homes”. They are vibrant homes where seniors live active lives, while getting useful help dealing with daily tasks. They are full of laughter and always in motion as seniors enjoy the comradery of their fellow seniors, in a nurturing environment. Seniors can forget the stereotypes and start looking forward to living an easier life when their care team and the assisted living facility get to work doing what they do best, caring for seniors that are anxious to live life to the fullest.  

Care in these assisted living facilities starts with what are commonly known as ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living), and this includes direct assistance with many of the basics that are starting to become a bit too troublesome for aging adults. For example, seniors that are becoming forgetful and not taking the medications they need, benefit from having someone there to remind them about what they should be taking and delivering those meds when they are needed. When getting up and around sounds like opening a rusted door, a helping hand is there to help ease that effort. Showering, grooming and dressing are assisted too, so even the most basic tasks become easy once again. A good assisted living facility does all of this and more for their residents.

Assisted living facilities also make sure to feed their residents really well. In fact, each meal feels more like a fine dining experience in a favorite restaurant. Sit down to any meal and seniors will have a menu of choices, professionally prepared and presented, delicious, and nutritionally balanced so they can be enjoyed, guilt-free.

The next thing the best assisted living facilities do is to make life interesting with a wide range of activities that tap into the interests of all of their senior residents. So, for seniors that like knitting and needle work, there will be programs for that. For those that enjoy woodworking, many good assisted living facilities will have that covered too. There are fitness programs, dance programs, indoor and outdoor games, various forms of entertainment and all sorts of social activities that make these homes feel much more like close knit communities that are thriving.

Seniors don’t have to give up their privacy either when settling into an assisted living facility. With a combination of studio suites, one-bedroom apartments or shared rooms, seniors get to choose the amount and type of space they will call their own.

Catholic living facilities in Kansas aren’t vast in numbers but there are some really good choices worth considering, for those seniors that need a bit of assistance, and an environment that will keep them truly connected to their faith in God.

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