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Do a search for Catholic assisted living facilities in Indiana and seniors will encounter a list that includes dozens of assisted living centers that may be immersed in the faith or that offer nothing more than a non-denominational chapel and maybe a bible study group. In Indianapolis for example, there are more than 50 assisted living facilities available but only 4 are specifically listed by the Archdiocese as Catholic assisted living facilities.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Indiana

Catholic assisted living facilities in Indiana are a bit most expensive than the US average of $4,000 per month and the price range in this state is especially wide. The average is $4,100 per month but in many places, including most of the cities across the southern half of the state, costs less than $3,700.  With the exception of Fort Wayne, all of the cities in the northern half of the state are well over $4,100, with Muncie topping the list at a whopping $5,685 per month. Indianapolis hits the average exactly.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Indiana - Amenities

Catholic assisted living facilities in Indiana are a breed apart. To start with, most are run by nuns from specific orders, so those providing the care seniors need, share their faith in Jesus. That’s a great place to start. These assisted living centers are also closely associated with the local dioceses offices as well, so the faithful are assure that these Catholic assisted living centers are exactly what they claim to be.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Indiana - Religious Amenities

In common assisted living facilities, chapels are often one of the amenities offered, but these are non-denominational, and are often not the center of much activity. In a Catholic assisted living center, these chapels are at the heart of the home, with daily mass being offered. These centers will also have daily prayer session so seniors can join together to pray the Rosary and stop for the 3:00 PM prayer of Devine Mercy and the 6:00 PM Angelus. In most Catholic assisted living centers, these masses and prayer sessions are broadcast throughout the home so even those seniors that can’t get to the chapel can participate.

Like any parish church, the chapel in a Catholic assisted living facility offer more than just daily masses. Confessions are heard here too and this is where both staff and residents can take advantage of religious counseling that helps them deal with specific personal issues that are impacting their lives. This is especially helpful for seniors just transitioning into assisted living, where making the adjustment from an independent life can have a serious impact on mental health.

For whatever reason, and there are many to consider, people grow closer to their faith in God as they grow older. Just look at those people that are most committed to the church to see the truth of this. Seniors in particular, become significantly more attached and involved in their local parish community. This can often become a complicating factor when the time comes to search for an assisted living facility that may separate them from that parish community. Catholic assisted living facilities will recognize this challenge and make every effort to either help seniors remain active in their parish or help them become equally active and comfortable in a new parish community.

One of the ways this happens is through community outreach where seniors are given the chance to get out into the parish and where members of the parish are actively encouraged to come into the assisted living center and interact in fun and fulfilling ways with the residents.

Catholic Senior Living in Indiana - Amenities

It is rare for seniors to find the idea of an assisted living facility exciting. For most, the idea that independent living is simply not a good idea any longer is like say “I give up”. But, when seniors start to explore the quality of life they can enjoy in a well-run assisted living facility, that reticence often softens and can even become a sense or real excitement and anticipation.  This is especially true when it comes to Catholic assisted living facilities where faith help seniors transition into a care facility with much greater ease.

Direct assistance with personal care tasks is they first and direct assistance seniors will enjoy in these care centers. This care help seniors deal with the basics of bathing, dressing, grooming and getting up and around the center. These are normally referred to as ADL’s or assisted daily living. In addition, most daily housekeeping, including laundry service, linen service and building maintenance are handled by the staff.

Meals are also provided 3 times a day, and in most decent assisted living facilities, these are restaurant quality meals. They are also nutritionally balanced and appropriate based on individual dietary requirements. These are accompanied by all-day snacks that are equally nutritious and that help maintain energy levels and metabolism rates.

Activities are the next key ingredient in the daily routines of these assisted living facilities. Beyond bible study and prayer groups, there are things like knitting circles, arts and crafts programs, ceramics and woodworking, fitness, dance, games, and a host of outdoor activities that keep things interesting all day, every day. Add to these, various educational programs, seminars, entertainment and special events and there is barely a day that goes by where something exciting isn’t on the schedule.

Seniors will have the option to live in privacy, with studio suites, or one- and two-bedroom apartments or they can choose a semi-private setting where they will share a room with one or more other seniors. These shared rooms are typically limited to 4 seniors but most are organized for 2 to a room.

There are choices up and down the state for Catholic assisted living in Indiana where your choice and your faith will be in complete harmony.

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