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There are several very well regarded Catholic assisted living facilities spread out across the Hawaii islands. These faith-based senior living communities are mostly located on the Big Island and the northern most island of Kauai. These Catholic assisted living centers are well rated too, with most earning 4+ stars and a couple that have received a perfect 5 stars.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Hawaii

Catholic assisted living facilities in Hawaii are more expensive than the average for the US as a whole but that’s not surprising. Just about everything is a bit more expansive in the islands and with an average cost of $4,500 monthly, the difference isn’t as high as some might think. Assisted living prices are also fairly consistent up and down this island chain with just $200 separating the low from the high.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Hawaii - Amenities

As seniors reach retirement their relationship with their faith changes. Some will say that this is simply the result of being more aware of their own mortality but, for many, this is just a simple reflection of the fact that they now have the time to reconnect with their faith in a more meaningful way. Either way, Catholic assisted living facilities provide a nurturing environment where faith is consistently front and center. It is accessible, supported and most importantly, the Catholic faith is shared by all that call the faith-based assisted living center home.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Hawaii - Religious Amenities

Catholic assisted living facilities announce their faith the moment anyone walks through the front door and is greeted by the Cross and various form of religious art. One gets the impression that they are entering a rectory or seminary, rather than an assisted living facility. The next obvious sign that this isn’t just an assisted living facility comes when the staff greet visitors. The typical staff in a Catholic assisted living facility will be a mix of Nuns, Priests, and Lay Ministers, who are supported by medical and professional caregivers.

The next obvious difference will be in the chapel, where the Cross is prominent, as opposed to other homes there this would be a multidenominational space. Masses are held here, along with regular prayer sessions, especially praying the Rosary. This is also where confessions will be heard, vows can be renewed and even the occasional marriage ceremony can take place.

These Catholic assisted living facilities are, most importantly, a home where the faith of each individual comes into focus and is nurtured. This happens through various religious activities, like bible studies, prayer groups and various forms of religious outreach programs that help keep seniors connected with the church community, both in the home and out in the local parish.

Finally, many seniors feel a real loss when a move into an assisted living facility separates them from their neighborhood church community. Catholic assisted living facilities are especially sensitive to this and will make every effort to keep their residents connected with the church they are faithful too.

Catholic Senior Living in Hawaii - Amenities

When an elderly adult decides that an assisted living facility is a good choice it is because they are finding independent living a bit too difficult. It may be as simple as stiff joints that make it difficult to get up and down and around the house, or maybe an issue of balance and coordination that is creating the risk of a dangerous fall. It could be forgetfulness, isolation or just plain boredom. Whatever the case, faith based assisted living facilities are designed to help seniors continue to live fulfilling lives even after independent living is more than they can handle.

Care begins with the basics and those basics begin with housekeeping and maintenance. Seniors have better things to do than worry about sweeping, dusting and doing laundry. From there, it moves to food, and this is more than just putting 3 meals on the table. The best assisted living facilities offer great meals that are professionally prepared and presented, on the table 3 times a day, every day. Seniors also enjoy snacks during the day that are provide a healthy way to maintain energy and manage blood sugar. Most important of all is the personal assistance these assisted living centers provide. Seniors get direct help when needed with dressing, grooming, bathing and more so they can get through each day in comfort and safety.

Faith based assisted living facilities are designed to provide both private residential spaces, along with community spaces. Private residences will normally offer a mix of one- or two-bedrooms apartments, studio suites, and shared rooms that seniors can settle into at night or just for some occasional alone time. When they want to join the community, there are common dining rooms that feel a lot like restaurants, studios for activities like arts and craft, salons and barbershops, libraries, and of course, a chapel or other quite spaces for prayer and contemplation.

For those seniors in need, there is memory care that help manage them impact of Alzheimer’s. In these cases, the assisted living facility will have a space that is typically more secure, less hectic, more rigidly organized and centered around therapies that help stimulate recall. They often have separate dining facilities and menus as well that help develop good appetites, while being quick and easy to prepare since instant gratification for these seniors is often a key to keeping them happy. Not all assisted living facilities will have the skills and facilities to offer this level of care, and always comes with some price that is higher than standard rates, so seniors in need will have to look a bit more carefully for the right memory care center.

Pets do present a bit more of a care challenge for assisted living facilities but there are some that will welcome pet residents. For elderly adults, especially those that are dependent on service animals, these faith-based senior living homes provide an essential opportunity to remain connected with these pets. It can even be therapeutic for other seniors sharing the same assisted living center so even if a senior has no pet of their own, they may appreciate sharing a home where pets are welcomed.

Hawaii is often called paradise on earth. That’s a pretty interesting calling card for Catholic assisted living facilities that call these islands home.

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