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The state of Colorado has at least 42 Catholic assisted living facilities ready to care for the faithful that are at that stage in life where a helping hand is all they need to continue to live fulfilling lives. Catholic assisted living centers in Colorado can be found across the state but the largest concentrations of assisted living homes for Catholics are in Denver and Colorado Springs. With very few exceptions these senior living centers are well regarded, though in some cases, there aren’t very many reviews available. That means, the best approach to finding the right Catholic assisted living facility will be to visit those that seem most interesting.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Colorado

The average cost for Catholic assisted living facilities in Colorado is just slightly higher than the US average for these centers, at $4,095 per month.  Assisted living facilities in Fort Collins are the least expensive, at average $3,848 per month, while boulder is the most expensive at $4,850 per month. This includes assisted daily living services, plus meals and activities. Prices will be higher for customized care programs and memory care.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Colorado - Amenities

Catholic Assisted living facilities in Colorado offer all of the same basic care options seniors should expect from any assisted living facility, but with one key difference. Catholic faith based assisted living facilities will have added amenities, like a chapel and prayer room, that are specifically intended to help the faithful practice their religion. They are also commonly associated with a local church and parish priest, so services can be offered regularly, confessions can be heard, and communion can be offered. Seniors living in a Catholic assisted living facility should expect beliefs to be shared by all in the home, including the administration and the team of caregivers.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Colorado - Religious Amenities

Amenities in Catholic assisted living facilities are not that different from those of any assisted living facility, but with a few very important differences. First, faith based assisted living centers will have a chapel that has been blessed and that will serve as both a place of worship for the Holy Mass and as a sanctuary for prayer. Catholic Assisted Living Communities will also have a library that includes a range of works for the religious, that go well beyond the bible. There will be many other signs of religion, in both the public spaces and private rooms, that would seem odd in any secular home, and just as odd if they were not present in a Catholic assisted living facility.

Followers of the Catholic faith will appreciate programs that focus on that faith, so in addition to the typical arts & crafts things most facilities offer, Catholic assisted living centers will have things like pray meeting, bible study clubs, community outreach programs and more that help seniors deepen their faith and practice that faith in their daily lives. Programs that invite speakers and entertainers in the faith will also be a common part of what these Catholic retirement communities will offer, that most other senior living centers would not.

The local church community also plays an important role in helping senior residents remain valued members of the Catholic community through outreach programs, social activities, opportunities for volunteering, and more. If there isn’t a home parish on premises, these Catholic assisted living facilities will often arrange transportation so they can continue to be active in that parish, assuming it is reasonably close.

Catholic Senior Living in Colorado - Amenities

Whether Catholic or not, seniors are primarily looking at an assisted living facility because they are no longer able to confidently and safely live independently, and don’t wish to become a burden on others for their care. This typically happens when age begins to limit strength, flexibility, stamina and balance; when falls become a bit common, or holding a steady hand is practically impossible. When these kinds of health issues start having an impact, Catholic assisted living facilities come to the rescue.

ADL’s, (assisted daily living), typically define the basic care seniors can count on receiving when they settle into a Catholic assisted living facility. This is where caregivers provide direct assistance with daily tasks, like bathing, grooming and dressing. This is also where assistance using the toilet, or reminders to do so, come in. It’s also where caregivers will help seniors with their medications, either with reminders of direct administration. For those seniors dealing with weak or shaky hands and arms due to Parkinson’s or other health conditions, they will also get help eating and drinking.

On top of the ADL’s, there is memory care for dementia patients. This includes various types of programs that area designed to trigger past memories, maybe through music or scent, and help the brain create new memory pathways that allow seniors to recall and enjoy more of the world around them. These Catholic assisted living facilities will have also added layers of security that help keep these residents safe from wandering off into dangerous spaces, or getting out of the facility and getting lost. Finally, staff will be prepared to help these seniors deal with emotional distress that can be created by memory loss and sometimes lead to violent episodes.

These assisted living facilities offer seniors a mix of private spaces that range from shared rooms, to full one- and two-bedroom apartments, with studio suites in the middle. This will be true whether Catholic or secular. This mix of spaces allow seniors to decide how much privacy they want and how much their budget can afford. This is typically referred to as the rental expense, that is then added to with any additional services a senior resident may require.

Food is one of the most basic things for a healthy life but being healthy alone isn’t enough.  Meals also need to be great tasting, well prepared, well presented, and varied, to prevent boredom. This is the same in a Catholic Assisted Living Facility as it would be in a retirement home for chefs. We all love great food and these facilities have dedicated teams of dieticians, cooks and chefs that help deliver memorable eating experiences. For seniors that have been on a cruise, that is the way dining should be in the best of these assisted living facilities. Snacks are offered to residents throughout the day that are both fun and healthy.

Beyond the daily religious activities that will make each day in a Catholic assisted living facility, there are a wide range of other activities, like arts & crafts, knitting and crochet, maybe some carpentry, lots of games, fitness programs, educational seminars and social activities, that will help that will keep every resident actively engaged in the community and anxious to get up and into the doings of each new day.

As mentioned above, rating for just about every Catholic assisted living facility in Colorado is well rated, with at least 4 stars. CHI Living Facilities, with Catholic assisted living centers in 7 states, including Colorado, is one of these, with a solid 4.5-star rating, and several dozen published reviews. Others, like Little Sisters of the Poor, appear to be quite good as well, and most certainly are centered in the Catholic faith, but they are essentially unrated, so for these a visit sill be required before any assessment can be made.

Catholic assisted living facilities in Colorado are many so for the faithful, there should be a good fit that will help seniors avoid sacrificing care, in the name of staying true to the faith.

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