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Catholic assisted living facilities in Alaska are often set in assisted living centers that are denominational rather than exclusively Catholic, but still, they offer a healthy focus on faith that is a refreshing change from those facilities where faith plays no role at all. While being Catholic focuses on Christ as the way and the light, it is the act of praying devoutly that offers measurable physical health benefits, and spiritual healing. So, for Catholics that are committed to living the faith, Catholic faith-based assisted living facilities will feed your soul while caring for your body.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Alaska

Costs for all assisted living facilities in Alaska, whether faith based or not, are high compared to almost any other location in the Continental United States. While the national average hoovers around $4,000, the average cost of Assisted living in Alaska tops $6,000 per month, and in many of the larger cities, it can jump to as high as $8,000 per month. Anchorage is the least expensive city in Alaska for assisted living facilities while Fairbanks comes in a lot closer to $7,000 per month, and in the state capitol, rates jump to $8,000+.

Amenities in Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Alaska

Faith-based assisted living facilities in Alaska have two categories of service they provide for seniors, general care and assistance, and faith related services and activities. But the fact is, almost everything that happens in a Catholic assisted living facility is infused with some measure of worship. This helps to create an immersive environment the faithful residents of Catholic retirement communities will appreciate.

Catholic Assisted Living Centers in Alaska - Religious Amenities

Catholic Assisted living homes will typically have a dedicated chapel. This space may be specifically Catholic, or as in the case of Providence Health Care in Anchorage, it may be a multi denominational space where various faiths share the chapel, both separately and together with other denominations. In this particular assisted living facility that is a combination of various cottages, there are additional spaces in each cottage dedicated to prayer and bible study.

For Catholics, there are specific times during the day when activities take a pause and everyone stops to pray. Typically, these happen at 3 and 6 PM. Senior residents will find that Catholic assisted living facilities follow this. It will also be common to have a community pray at the start of each day and Grace before each meal.

Every day will include specific faith-based activities that may include praying the rosery, or spending time studying the bible. Assisted living facilities that are faith based also include events such as guest speakers and seminars that will help elderly residents find a deeper understanding of their faith.

A Catholic assisted living facility will encourage its resident seniors to remain connected with their home parish and the parish community, or to from bonds with the local parish church, priests and community. This offers an opportunity for elderly adults to enjoy time outside of the assisted living facility and may also provide opportunities to perform volunteer work within the community that helps create a greater attachment to their faith.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Alaska - Amenities

These assisted living facilities are all about ADL’s, (Assisted Daily Living), care. It is the primary reason most seniors seek out a care facility. They feel unsteady on their feet and may have suffered falls that have sapped their confidence. Bathing, grooming and dressing are no longer as easy to accomplish either, especially when things like arthritis start effecting grip and the ability to hold things steadily. Even eating can become challenging, especially when diseases like Parkinson’s or disabilities resulting from strokes impair mobility. This is when the caregivers in assisted living facilities play their most important role. They provide hands-on support so seniors can once again accomplish all of this confidently, knowing they have a supporting hand at the ready.

Then there are those seniors that are suffering from some form of dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease, where memory becomes seriously impaired. Seniors with memory problems need an additional layer of care that specifically addresses their need for greater security, and a less distracting environment. Older people with memory issues need emotional support as well since they are prone to suffering bouts of anxiety, depression, extreme agitation and depression. Together, this care is commonly known as memory care, and it requires a special environment and trained staff that will be available in only certain assisted living facilities.

Private rooms in assisted living facilities vary in size and style but for the most part, seniors will find shared rooms with 2 to 4 seniors, studio suites and one-bedroom apartments. Some facilities also offer two-bedroom “companion” apartments. Prices will vary based on the living arrangements each senior selects.

Menus in these assisted living facilities are especially important as well. First, they have to be sensitive to the faith, which means different menus will be offered during Lent. Catholic assisted living homes also need to take into account the dietary restrictions that may be prescribed for individual seniors, like low sodium and low-fat diets. Together with these considerations, menus need to offer great variety, and be exceptionally well prepared. Seniors should absolutely expect these things from any well run Catholic assisted living facility.

In addition to the faith-based activities mentioned above, there will be a long list of other things that will help make each day fun and interesting, like arts and crafts, maybe some woodworking, games, both indoors and outdoors, educational programs, entertainment programs and various social activities that provide a source of entertainment as well as keep seniors active.

Assisted living facilities that are pet-friendly are a bit rare but possible to locate in each of the larger communities around Alaska. For example, there are 13 pet-friendly assisted living facilities in and around Anchorage, AK. Not all of these will be faith-based though. Hope – West 42nd is a well-respected home that is both faith oriented and pet friendly. In Fairbanks, Alaska, Emmanuel Residential care in another example where faith and pets come together.

The two assisted living facilities mentioned above are well rated examples of Catholic assisted living facilities. Another that is very well rates is Aimaagvik Assisted Living in Barrow and the aforementioned Providence Health & Services in Anchorage.

Catholic retirement communities in Alaska offer the faithful some wonderful opportunities to get the help they need, both physically and spiritually. Embrace the care and your faith in these seniors’ communities.

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